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Klsc company profile

  1. 1. InnovativeInvestmentsAdvancingHealthcare
  2. 2. CEO’S MESSAGE Aspirations 7 INTRODUCTION Birth 9 ROAD MAP Code 11 Path 11 Secret 13 BUSINESS FOCUS Investments 15 Newbridge pharmceuticals 17Contents Clinart 19 Orzone 21 Medical Technologies 23 Life Science Academy 25 CONTACT 27
  3. 3. CEO’S MESSAGE ASPIRATIONS “ The Gulf region and greater Middle East is currently ripe for opportunities and potential growth, but with challenges. KLSC is uniquely positioned to help various regional and international companies capture lucrative opportunities, accommodate the inherent challenges and reap the great “ rewards that come with them Qais Marafie Chief Executive Officer 7
  4. 4. Introduction Birth • Kuwait Life Sciences Company is fully owned by Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA) and its subsidiary National Technology Enterprises Company (NTEC). KLSC is capitalized at 9 million Kuwaiti Dinars. KLSC supports both public and private sectors to access emerging technologies and adopt best practices prevailing in today’s healthcare systems • Kuwait Life Sciences Company is fully owned by National Technology Enterprises Company (NTEC). KLSC supports both public and private sectors to access emerging technologies and adopt best practices prevailing in today’s healthcare systems • NTEC which was established in 2004 by ‘Kuwait Council of Ministers’, fully owned by the Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA) and mandated to transfer technology and know-how to Kuwait by creating and investing in projects with advanced technologies 9
  5. 5. Road Map Code • To engage in a unique role of developing and advancing the local & regional healthcare systems and services • To accelerate the transfer of best in-class technologies and innovative business models practiced globally to match the needs and demands of Kuwait & the Gulf region • To present healthcare professionals with distinguished opportunities for development and growth in synchronization with international standards and modern practices Path • KLSC integrates unique solutions for unmet medical need • KLSC transmigrate international business opportunities and technologies to contribute to the development of the region and enhance the skills and capabilities of healthcare professionals and leaders • KLSC lives among distinguished partners, capable allies, and renowned experts to breed significant value to the life sciences industry 11
  6. 6. Road Map Secret • Innovation: We continue to build an internal environment of innovation to couple unique initiatives, technologies or intellects. • Synergy: We connect the dots and strive to Synergize ideas, concepts, teams and projects • Passion: We seek to hire and work with those who have passion for excellence, differentiation, and superior performance • Vitality: We live our day dream as a team and execute our responsibilities with Vitality • Integrity: We inhabit ethics in our relationships with healthcare professionals, patients and community and processes science and education with Integrity 13
  7. 7. Business Focus Investments • KLSC has a broad international network of venture capital and private equity funds, technology transfer centers, multinational pharmaceutical companies, and scientific experts across various life science fields. KLSC leverages on the exposure and expertise of its parent company NTEC and also the vast network & strengths of KIA to actively invest in innovative companies and bright teams • KLSC looks for opportunities from start-up projects requiring seed capital to established businesses looking for growth capital. KLSC is a medium to long term investor leading or co-leading regional projects in the MENA region • KLSC major areas of investment are in medical technology, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals and healthcare services which address critical and prevalent diseases • KLSC also works actively with the its portfolio management team to accelerate product penetration into the Gulf and Middle East, finding and expanding the right team and the overall execution of the strategy • KLSC has successful investments in several international companies at early and late stage. Among which are Immatics Biotechnologies GmbH (Germany), Oxford Immunotec (UK), StemCyte Inc. (USA), MTM Laboratories AG. (Germany & USA), Median Technologies (France), Orzone (Sweden) • KLSC invested in reputed life sciences funds like Wellington Partners (Germany), Burrill & Co. (USA) , CMEA (USA). Regional Investments include: NewBridge Pharmaceuticals and Clinart MENA 15
  8. 8. Strategic Investments NEWBRIDGE PHARMACEUTICALS NewBridge Pharmaceuticals (NBP), headquartered in Dubai, is a first-inclass specialty therapeutics company focused on innovative pharmaceuticals and biotechnological medicines. NBP specializes in licensing, registering and commercializing FDA, EMA/ European and Japanese (PMDA) approved therapeutics, to address the unmet medical needs of diseases with high regional prevalence in the Middle East, Africa, Turkey and Caspian (AFMET) regions. NewBridge focuses on products for oncology and supportive care, metabolic disorders, gastrointestinal conditions and other specialty segments. Planned future expansion includes establishing NBP own branded products through the establishment of manufacturing and R&D capabilities. www.nbpharma.com 17
  9. 9. Strategic Investments CLINART MENA ClinArt is a full service Contract Research Organization (CRO), headquartered in Dubai Health Care City, which brings an international clinical research expertise and quality services to the Middle East region in line with local cultures and customs. Clinart MNEA has a proven track record of successful clinical trials covering phase II, III and phase IV; also known as post-marketing studies. The company has strong relationships with various multinational pharmaceutical companies which become permanent clients perceiving that Clinart is the right vendor for the MENA region. Clinical research awareness is among the prime objectives of Clinart & to foster clinical research culture and infrastructure in the MENA region. ClinArt has offices in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon, through which it operates in the broader Middle East. www.clinart.net 19
  10. 10. Strategic Investments Orzone Orzone is a medical training company that focus on improving medical outcome by developing creative tools, which support training and assessments of medical skills. Orzone products are based on e-learning and advanced simulation technology for individuals or teams. Orzone is committed to improve healthcare quality and minimize the risk of medical errors by facilitating medical training. Orzone was founded by leading industry experts. The Orzone team is an innovative force globally and has experience from over 500 training installations and its use in 200 published scientific peer-reviewed studies. Orzone is based in Gothenburg, Sweden. In February 2013 the first GCC regional office was establish in Dubai. www.orzone.com 21
  11. 11. Business Focus Medical Technologies • KLSC commercializes innovative medical technologies companies which enhance the quality and speed of diagnostics, through the retail of high tech. medical instruments, consumables and reagents • KLSC provides vital services aiming to combat majority of critical clinical areas in this emerging region. Our broad range of innovative diagnostic tests and systems play a vital role in the area of integrated healthcare solutions and cover the early detection, targeted screening, evaluation and monitoring of disease • KLSC fully supports its partners and suppliers who are located worldwide spanning over the US, Canada, central Europe and South Asia, by a proffesional team of sales, marketing and technical support; to further penetrate Middle Eastern countries and contribute to the advancement of healthcare services • Medical technologies department specializes in; laboratory diagnostics, surgical & Imaging, mobile Health and screening programmes (Diabetes & Cancer) 23
  12. 12. Business Focus Life Science Academy • KLSC established the first healthcare academy in the GCC region that provides revolutionary knowledge, education and professional development programs across all healthcare sectors • Life Science Academy offers a unique platform for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programs and lucrative opportunity to be abreast of international practices. The Life Science Academy aims to facilitate the transfer of latest technologies & practices in healthcare services and bridges the strategic gap in know-how and best practices sought by local & regional healthcare community • Life Science Academy functions in collaboration and affiliation of international medical universities, reputed academies & recognized institutes whether for profit or non-profit organizations • Life Science Academy courses are targeted towards nurses, pharmacists, physicians, surgeons, biomedical engineers as well as leaders & managers across sectors of healthcare industry 25
  13. 13. Contact Address Kuwait Life Sciences Company KIPCO Tower 27th floor, Al Shohadaa Street, Block 9, Kuwait City, Kuwait P.O. Box 25363, Safat 13114, Kuwait Telephone +965 22490969 – 22479787 Fax +965 22490959 Website www.klsc.com.kw 27
  14. 14. Innovative Investments Advancing Healthcare ‫�شركة مملوكة بالكامل للوطنية مل�شاريع التكنولوجيا �ش م ك م‬ Fully owned by the National Technology Enterprises Company KCSC