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Avid school presentation Avid school presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Public Education:Free or Not?Quinton FisherAVID
  • The Fun Stuff in SchoolWhat were your most favorite activities to do in school?Mine weren’t filling in worksheets or packets of work everyday, instead they were fieldtrips, participating in cool science experiments and labs, etc.
  • FREE Public Education is Introduced!
  • Problems with Free EducationA new state law has banned schools from askingparents for fees."As a teacher, we alreadyget nothing for ourclassrooms. I spend about$2500 annually forsupplies for my kids in myclassroom...this is just sadbecause it will lessen theexposure to materialswhich will then lessen thequality of the education...I guess we get what wepay for, right?"As a result, fees have been replaced by askingfor donations.
  • Money Problems The state would have to give more money to schools to coveritems if schools can’t ask parents to pay The general method to do that is by taxingthe state Is this any different then paying funds foryour child’s education out of your pocket?
  • The Reasons Jeffrey Sachs argues “that the cost of makingall public higher education free in Americawould be between fifteen and thirtybillion dollars” in his book The Price ofCivilization. "Currently, only 30% ofAmericans who startcollege or university end upgraduating.” If public colleges werefree, what would stop astudent from dropping outif they’re too lazy to do thework?
  • The Reasons Less funding means less schoolsSchools with no funding will shut down inquality, orIts quality will decrease The United States would need a highereducated workforce to compensate A student who’s parents had to pay fortheir school will be more dedicated tofinish.
  • The Benefits of Free Education The United States needs moreeducated citizens As colleges are defunded, theyhave to slash their enrollmentsand raise their fees. Result is that everyone actuallypays more, and we produce fewergraduates.
  • In Conclusion… It would be nice to have free education, but it isn’t realistic intoday’s society. College education is not a right, but a privilege you mustearn.