Ppt application of second law thermodynamic


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Ppt application of second law thermodynamic

  1. 1. Presented by Group 8th Rully EfriadiMariatul Kibtiah Suryaman
  2. 2. HEAT ENGINEApplication of Second LawThermodynamic
  3. 3. The concept of thesecond law ofthermodynamicsapplied to heat engineis equally applicable onthe internal combustionengines used in ourcars, motorcycles,ships, airplanes, etc.Heat Engine
  4. 4. A heat engine takes in some works fluidaccros a cycle process where abouts (1) theheat is absorbed of one high temperaturesources, increasing energy in machine; (2 )change partly energies in this goes tomechanical effort; and (3) discardingresiduary energy as a heat goes to lowtemperature source. Q Q1 Q2 W Q1 Q2Heat Engine
  5. 5. The basic principle of a cooler engine is flowing heat from the cool reservoir T2 to the hot reservoir T1 by exerting external effort on the system. This principle is opposite to that of in aheat engine.Cooler Engine
  6. 6. The magnitude of external work needed in a coolerengine is formulated as follows W = Q1 – Q2Q1 = heat absorbed from low temperatureQ2 = heat given at high temperatureIf the process happening in the color engine isreversible, then it is called a carnot cooler (idealcooler) where the following equation applies Q2 T2 Q1 T1Cooler Engine
  7. 7. The example of cooler engine are refrigerator and airconditionerIn refrigerator, what function as the cool reservoir isthe refrigerator’s interior (place to store foods) andwhat function as the hot reservoir is the external airaround the refrigerator. The external work used totransfer heat from the refrigerator’s interior to theexternal air is obtained from the electric currentrunning in the system.In an air condition, what functions as the cool reservoiris the inside of the air conditioner, while what functionas the hot reservoir is the air outside the air conditionermagchine.Cooler Engine
  8. 8. If the performance of a heat engine is shownby the efficiency of the engine, theperformance of a cooler engine is shown by itscoefficient of performance. Coefficient ofperformance is defined as the ratio of values ofthe heat in the cool reservoir to the workapplied in the system. In equation form,coefficient of performanceis written as follow. Q2 Q2 T2 CP W Q1 Q2 T1 T2Cooler Engine
  9. 9. The other application of thermodynamicsecond law is steam engine in the train.Heat produced through the coalcombustion is changed into mechanicalenergy that can moves the train wheel.The principle of Steam engine is samewith heat engine.Steam Engine
  10. 10. Picture of Steam Engine
  11. 11.  Mention the application of 2nd law of thermodynamic! Explain the difference of basic principple among the heat engine and the cooler engine! Which is object that the functions as the cool reservoir and the hot reservoir in the refrigerator and in the air conditioner?Exercise
  12. 12. Thanks For You’reAttention