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Sela Powerpoint


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. • SELA Means to meditate or think upon. Hence theterm, “Think About Your Health” was coined toemphasize its importance. We want to help people allover the world focus on their health.• SELA is a Healthy Energy Beverage that was designed toimprove the body’s ability to increase its energynaturally.• SELA Healthy Energy provides the body naturally with atleast 4 Hours of Energy• SELA Healthy Energy emphasizes a "Natural EnergyBoost”SELA HEALTHY ENERGYWhat’s SELA ?
  • 2. Vitamin BcomplexProbioticVitamin CSteviaExtractElectolytesColostrumSELA HEALTHY ENERGY
  • 3. SELA HEALTHY ENERGYNO• Outside Stimulus Like:SugarCaffeineTaurineGinseng ExtractGreen Tea Extract
  • 4. SELA HEALTHY ENERGYI was pleasantly surprised athow good this was. I can seemyself buying it quite a bit inthe future. It gave me thatextra boost to get my daygoing.Jermy McClecseSela has a really great tasteto it. It has a little bit of thatvitamin taste to it, like aFlintstone kids vitamin, but Ilove that. Drinks that areover-sugary make me feelsort of blah, even if its a no-calorie sugar substitute. Itsjust the right amount ofsweetness. It also keeps mefocused; my mind doesntrace and I dont get theshakes.Faith. SpencerI am a 3rd shift charge nurse andloved the way your Sela packetmade me feel...more energetic andfocused. I like the natural "boost"without the jitters from too muchcaffeine.Debbie Dunagan Fry
  • 5. SELA HEALTHY ENERGYSELA BENEFITSPROBIOTIC• Helps Build & Promote a Healthy Digestive System• Helps Promote Intestinal Health• Helps Maintain Peak Energy & Healthy ColonBOVINE COLOSTRUM•Boosts Immune System•Increase Lean Body Mass•Increase Strength and Stamina•Colostrum has Anti-Inflammatory Activity•Colostrum Detoxifies the Gastrointestinal Tract
  • 6. SELA HEALTHY ENERGYVITAMIN B COMPLEX•Supports & Promotes Energy Metabolism•Helps Maintain a Healthy Nervous System•B12- The Most Important For Increasing Your Energy Level& Proper Digestion•B9-Important For the Body to Form Hemoglobin•B7-Helps Assist the Release of Energy from Carbohydrates
  • 7. SELA HEALTHY ENERGYVITAMIN B COMPLEX•B6-Helps Increase Energy by Assisting the Body to Absorb &Metabolize Amino Acids•B5-Helps Increase Energy by Metabolizing Fats, Carbohydrates,& Proteins•B3-Helps Release Energy From Nutrients and Reduce CholesterolLevel•B2-Increases Energy by Metabolizing Fats, Carbs & RespiratoryProteins•B1-Increases Energy by Synthesize Nerve-Regulating Substances
  • 8. SELA HEALTHY ENERGYVITAMIN C•Protects AgainstDamaging Free Radicals•Supports Structure forBones, Teeth, Skin &TendonVITAMIN E•Promotes CirculatoryFunction•Helps Promote MetabolicFunctioning to Fight AgainstFree Radicals•Helps Maintain a HealthyHeartVITAMIN D•Arms The ImmuneSystem Against DisordersLike the Common Cold•Plays a Role In Bone,Teeth & Immune HealthSTEVIA EXTRACT•100% Leaf-DerivedSweetener•FDA Approved
  • 9. SELA HEALTHY ENERGYSELA TASTE TESTIn November 2011 a blind test was conducted with 25,000 users from AsiaEurope and the US on Sela Energy Health Drink. Participants were asked tocomplete a survey of this product. The results are as follows:1. How do you rate this product?The respondents rated the product 9 out of 102. What do you like most about this product?90% responded they liked the taste and the way it made them feel3. Will you use this product?93% will use this product daily or as recommendedMost importantly 85% wanted to know where to purchase this product.