How To Create Your Social Media Marketing Plan And Brand In Minutes


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This presentation will teach you how to navigate and market your brand on the top social media platforms (Facebook, Google Plus, Linkedin etc) online in minutes . Learn how to define and reach your target audience using social media, drive traffic to your website and increase your online visibility.

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How To Create Your Social Media Marketing Plan And Brand In Minutes

  1. 1. Social Media TrainingHow to engage your Audience By Khufere Qhamata
  2. 2. 10 Things you will learn1. What is Social Media?2. Why is Social Media so Popular?3. How can Social Media be used to advance your career?4. What are the benefits of Social Media Marketing forbusiness?5. How to create a Social Media Marketing plan6. How to build engagement7. Choosing a Social Media Platform, Facebook or Twitter?8. How to create a Social Meida Ad Campaign9. What is Automation?10. Measuring Results
  3. 3. What is Social Media?Social Media is an online world that fosters communicationbetween individuals, groups, religions, families, businesses,and communities. It has become the most successful form ofnetworking and communicating online. Replacing email andonline chatting as the first option for online communication,Social Media has become the new standard for interaction andnetworking on the web.
  4. 4. Why is it so addictive?
  5. 5. 8 ways Social Media can help yourCareer1. Instant Online Presence2. Helps Maintain Relationships3. Generates Job Leads4. Market Yourself Easier5. Creates Advancement Opportunities6. Opens up Networking7. Can position you as a thought leader8. Give you a more professional profile
  6. 6. Why does my business need SocialMedia?Here are 8 reasons:1. To Create or Strengthen your Online Presence2. Market Research3. To Stay in Front of your Customers4. To Generate Brand Awareness5. New Sales Opportunites6. Lower Marketing Cost7. Create Brand Loyalty8. Reduce customer service questions
  7. 7. Your Social Media Marketing Plan The Four Ps of Social Media1. Purpose- Why are you using social media? What do youwant from it?2. Proposition- What are you offering? Why should anyonecare? What makes it different?3. Prospects- Whose your audience? Which social media dothey use? What are their age, sex, locale, interests, relationshipstatues and disposable income? Favorite conversations?4. Promotion- how do you plan to engage your audience? Whatconversations will you start? How will you get their attention?How will you keep them coming back?
  8. 8. Choosing a Social Media Platform1. FACEBOOK2. Linkedin3. Twitter4. Google Plus5. Pinterest6. Groupon7. Foursqaure8. YouTube9. Tumblr10. Flickr
  9. 9. Building Strategy & Engagement8 Tips1. Find relevant topics to share with your audience2. Join in conversations where you can add value3. Start conversations not about your product or cause4. Add share buttons to your website or blog5. Introduce your product or cause when relevant6. Offer something free7. Post interesting pictures that capture your product orcause8. Incorporate videos that solve a problem
  10. 10. How to start a Campaign
  11. 11. Campaign Blueprint....1. Name of your Campaign2. Create an Ad of 20 characters of less3. Create customer profiles (Demographics)4. Map out where you want your ad seen5. Decide Ad format, CPC or CPM?6. Choose how to measure results7. Set a budget ( Daily or Monthly)8. Find youre advocates ( Whose going to vouch for you)9. Decide where you want to drive the traffic10. Create Fan page or Company page11. Start a Group or Community
  12. 12. What is Automation?According to Automation is:“ the creation and application of technology to monitor andcontrol the production and delivery of products and services.”
  13. 13. Automation & Social MediaTop Automation Services for Social Media1. Hootsuite2. Tweetdeck3. Tweetbeep4. Ping FM5. Gist6. SocialOomph7. Nimble
  14. 14. Measuring resultsWhat to look for?