How to market your day care and pre school


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How To Market Your Day Care and Preschool, shares practical strategies for attracting and retaining clients. This slide show will help entrepreneurs in the child care to create a viable brand that will make their daycare different and the locally preferred care giver for the early childhood development of babies, toddlers and pre-preschoolers.

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How to market your day care and pre school

  1. 1. Daycare Success Marketing Seminar Strategies for attracting and retaining clients Facilitated by Troy Holder
  2. 2. What is most important to your clients? Do you really know? Have you asked them? It’s not to late, start asking next week
  3. 3. Why are you in Business? Are you being truthfully with yourself?
  4. 4. What make your daycare different? What is the one thing you do better or offer that others don’t?
  5. 5. What is the direct value of each client? $9,100* ($70 x 52 weeks) x 2.5 years = $9,100
  6. 6. How To Attract Your Ideal Clients STOP trying to please everyone with a child
  7. 7. How To Attract Your Ideal Clients Targeting Prospects is Key •Primary – Read to buy •Secondary –Will buy in the near future •Tertiary - Will buy in the distant future
  8. 8. MEDIA 3M’s of Marketing Success
  9. 9. How To Find New Clients •Existing Clients •Neo & Postnatal Clinics •Communities- Off/online (Commercial & Residential Dev.)
  10. 10. How To Keep Your Clients •Ongoing Communication •Add value to your service •Progress Reports •Become an expert of early childhood care
  11. 11. Ideas to consider •Direct marketing/ Personalize your communication •In-house raffles/ competitions/ give a ways •Baby Scholarships/ community Involvement •Parenting skills & early child care. Never assume all parents know how to care for a new born •Working with the labour ward & intensive care units (Good Cause, Good Public Relations, Good Promotion Tie-In).
  12. 12. Ideas to consider •Create a list of preferred support services/prod pediatricians, stores, brands etc. •Keep clients informed of the developments within your business and the industry. •PTA type committees are good for fundraising and idea generation. •Share your success, via media & internet Press release, Facebook, newsletters, tradeshows
  13. 13. What’s your next Move? Review all your marketing & promotional materials, ads, flyers, yellow page ads, etc. for 3M Match Remember: Market, Message & Media
  14. 14. Then What? • 1. Set Goals & Objectives • 2. Set Deadlines • 3. Plan • 4. Implement • 5. Evaluate • 6. Repeat 1-5
  15. 15. Any Questions? Connect with Troy Holder (246)256-1804 www.