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A template made by the ACA for instructor trainers.

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Aca icw presentation_2012_sa

  1. 1. Welcome Instructor Trainers / ITEs: ACA Instructor Certification Workshop Date: March, 2012In a continuing effort to provide useful resources, this presentation was developed to assist you in certain aspects of conducting an Instructor Certification Workshop.Feel free to use all or some of the slides (or add your own), and incorporate them appropriately into your individual certification courses. If you have a different method of appropriately conveying the following information, that is fine as well.This powerpoint is a sample presentation and intended to be an additional resource for ITs and ITEs.If you have suggestions for improving this presentation, please let us know.Thank you for your continued support of the ACA and paddlesports. SEI Department
  2. 2. Instructor Certification Workshop Date: Instructor Trainer(s):Education. Recreation. Stewardship. Competition
  3. 3. Who is the ACA?ACA Instructor Certification Workshop• Founded in 1880, the American Canoe Association (ACA) is a national, nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization serving the broader paddling public by providing EDUCATION related to all aspects of paddling; STEWARDSHIP support to help protect paddling environments; and sanctioning of programs and events to promote paddlesport RECREATION and COMPETITION.
  4. 4. ACA History ACA Instructor Certification Workshop• 1880: Established on August 3rd by twenty-three notable canoeists on Lake George, NY• 1903: Purchased Sugar Island in Canada• 1927: Incorporated in NY• 1944: Women given the right to vote in ACA• 1978: ACA Slalom & Wildwater Teams win World Championships!• 1980: Susan Chamberlin is the first woman to be elected Commodore• 1990’s: Clean Water Act enforcement (24 cases)• 2004: Strategic Tenets of the ACA defined• 2008: Founded the National Paddlesports Conference• 2010: Rapid Media becomes official magazine partner
  5. 5. Education ACA Instructor Certification Workshop• National Paddlesports Instruction Program• Safety Education & Instruction Council• Learn to Paddle Initiative• Youth Development Program• Extensive Paddlesports Safety Education Information• Courses: Skills, Assessments, Certifications
  6. 6. ACA Instructor Certification Program ACA Instructor Certification Workshop• Established 1972 5500 certified Instructors – 250 certified Instructor Trainers • Canoe (Touring & River) • Kayak (River, Coastal, Surf, Sit-on-Top) • Raft • Safety & Rescue • Adaptive Paddling • Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)• Estimated 809,000 students taught annually
  7. 7. Stewardship ACA Instructor Certification Workshop• Water Trails Database• L.L.Bean Stewardship Grants• Local, Regional & National Initiatives• Founding Member - Outdoor Alliance• Enhance water quality• Support local waterway access projects
  8. 8. Recreation ACA Instructor Certification Workshop• Supported 1,400 events in 2011• Promote paddlesports events across the nation• Sanctioned over 200 races• Provide insurance for club events and festivals• Support the development of new initiatives for paddlesports recreation opportunities
  9. 9. Competition ACA Instructor Certification Workshop• FreeStyle Canoeing• Canoe Sailing• Canoe Poling• Open Canoe Slalom• Collegiate Canoe & Kayak Championship Race Series• Whitewater Open Canoe Downriver
  10. 10. What’s New at the ACA?ACA Instructor Certification Workshop- New Website- National Paddlesports Conference- SUP Summit- Journal of Paddlesports Education- Online / Smartphone Reporting! Additional info can be found online or in the latest SEI Focus
  11. 11. ACA Instructor CertificationACA Instructor Certification Workshop Paperwork & Procedures
  12. 12. Terminology ACA Instructor Certification Workshop• ACA – American Canoe Association• SEI – Safety Education & Instruction Department• SEIC – Safety Education & Instruction Council• IDW – Instructor Development Workshop• ICE – Instructor Candidate Exam• ICW – Instructor Certification Workshop (IDW & ICE)• U – Instructor Update• END – Instructor Endorsement• IT – Instructor Trainer• ITE – Instructor Trainer Educator
  13. 13. Instructor Certification Requirements ACA Instructor Certification WorkshopTo Become Certified: – You must be at least 18 years old – Be or become a full member of the ACA – Acquire the ACA Instructor’s Manual – Successfully complete an IDW & an ICE at the appropriate levelUpon Certification: – Register with the SEIC ($25)
  14. 14. Instructor Certification Requirements (con’t.) ACA Instructor Certification Workshop• Instructor Candidates must be able to demonstrate their proficiency at each level in: – Technical knowledge – Paddling ability – Teaching ability – Rescue ability• Exhibit good judgment & group management• Exhibit positive interpersonal skills
  15. 15. Attendance does not mean Certification ACA Instructor Certification Workshop• At the conclusion of an ICE, an Instructor Candidate can either: – Pass (receive certification at a certain level) – Be Continued (must address specific deficiencies prior to receiving certification: an appropriate course of action will be developed with the facilitating Instructor Trainer) – Fail (must retake either the IDW or ICE, or both)• An Instructor Candidate continued at one level can be awarded a lower level of certification if earned. (Aka an Instructor Candidate can earn a Level 1 certification in a Level 3 certification course)
  16. 16. Instructor Maintenance Requirements ACA Instructor Certification WorkshopInstructor Certification is valid for 4 years provided:• Maintain annual ACA Membership & SEIC Registration• Teach & properly report at least two classes with at least one being at your highest level of certification• Successfully complete an Instructor Update• Instructors should obtain and maintain appropriate first aid, CPR and rescue trainingPlease note: Certifications expire on 12/31 of the fourth full year after your initial certification, then every four years thereafter.
  17. 17. Instructor Updates ACA Instructor Certification WorkshopChoose one of the following options every 4 years:1. Complete a formal Instructor Update course2. Co-teach and IDW or ICE with an IT or ITE3. Co-teach a skills course, at your highest level of certification, with an IT or ITE4. Take an IDW or ICE in your discipline at your highest certification level5. Take an Endorsement (must have SEI pre-approval as on as only certain endorsements qualify as an Update)
  18. 18. PaperworkACA Instructor Certification Workshop• Skills Course Registration Forms - Calendar - Insurance• Skills Course Report Forms - Skills Course Report Form - EZ Skills Course Report Form - Online & Smartphone Reporting! - Insurance ($, Original Signed Waivers)
  19. 19. Additional Topics: ACA Instructor Certification Workshop• ACA Instructor Manual• SEIC Policy Manual (revised version 9/16/09)• Instructors can teach the body of knowledge contained within the respective course outlines• Course Types: Skills, Assessments, Endorsements, Certifications• always has the up to date, currently approved course outlines
  20. 20. Additional Topics continued: ACA Instructor Certification Workshop• If possible, report all courses taught, not just the required two• Participation Cards for students• Comprehensive Instructor Resources can be found at:• Other: _____
  21. 21. What is my extra $25 SEIC Registration for?ACA Instructor Certification Workshop
  22. 22. What is my extra $25 SEIC Registration for? ACA Instructor Certification Workshop• Office Support• National Paddlesports Instruction Program management• Grant Projects• Curriculum development• Outreach at events & conferences nationwide• Represent paddlers interests to various organizations and regulatory entities• Educational Resources – Canoeing – Human Kinetics – Kayaking – Human Kinetics – Paddle Safe, Paddle Smart Curriculum – Paddling 101 (Award Winning) – Know Your Limits – Coastal & River Kayaking Wall Charts – Paddlesports Safety DVD’s – Waterproof Paddlesports Placards• For more information, visit
  23. 23. ACA Instructor CertificationACA Instructor Certification Workshop Learning Theory
  24. 24. Characteristics of an Effective Instructor ACA Instructor Certification Workshop• Knowledge of Paddlesport• Enthusiastic• Program Organization• Positive Attitude• Physical Setting• Ability to Model Effective Technique• Leadership Ability and Good Judgment• Appropriate Equipment• Ability to effectively convey knowledge to a range of students
  25. 25. How to Teach a Skill ACA Instructor Certification Workshop1. Sell It • Prepare and Motivate • Create in your students a receptive attitude and a desire to learn a skill
  26. 26. How to Teach a Skill ACA Instructor Certification Workshop1. Sell It • Prepare and Motivate • Create in your students a receptive attitude and a desire to learn a skill2. Show It • Presentation, Demonstration • Arrange in such a way that the students can easily follow
  27. 27. How to Teach a Skill ACA Instructor Certification Workshop1. Sell It • Prepare and Motivate • Create in your students a receptive attitude and a desire to learn a skill2. Show It • Presentation, Demonstration • Arrange in such a way that the students can easily follow3. Do It • Application, Practice • Make use of group, partners, and individual methods of class organization according to the type of skill, size of class, and types of learners
  28. 28. How to Teach a Skill ACA Instructor Certification Workshop1. Sell It • Prepare and Motivate • Create in your students a receptive attitude and a desire to learn a skill2. Show It • Presentation, Demonstration • Arrange in such a way that the students can easily follow3. Do It • Application, Practice • Make use of group, partners, and individual methods of class organization according to the type of skill, size of class, and types of learners4. Use It • Follow up, Adaptation • The law of use and disuse states that a skill which is used frequently becomes habit
  29. 29. Teaching Techniques ACA Instructor Certification Workshop• Whole part Whole• Demonstration / Modeling• Lecture• Reciprocal• Role Playing / Scenarios• Progression• Guided Discovery• Teachable Moment• Others…
  30. 30. Factors that Affect Learning ACA Instructor Certification Workshop• Physical Characteristics• Age• Motivation• Fear• Environmental Concerns• Intellectual Development• Personality• Communication• Others…
  31. 31. Different Learning Styles ACA Instructor Certification Workshop• The Thinker• The Doer• The Watcher• The Feeler• Combinations• Others…
  32. 32. Lesson Plans / Outlines ACA Instructor Certification Workshop• Why? – They help you prepare and arrive prepared – Demonstrates a level of professionalism – Keeps you and the course focused on a progression of events – Allows you to look back to see what worked, what did not, and what was actually covered
  33. 33. Lesson Plans / Outlines ACA Instructor Certification Workshop• How? – Set out goals for a particular unit, section, or module (remember “known to unknown”) – Create an Outline (Area you plan to use, equipment needs, key topics to cover) – Include: • Sell the topic • Presentation • Demonstration • Practice • Review
  34. 34. The 6 P’s ACA Instructor Certification Workshop• Prior• Proper• Planning• Prevents• Poor• Performance
  35. 35. ACA Instructor CertificationACA Instructor Certification Workshop General Information continued
  36. 36. Paddle Safe – Paddle Smart (PS2)ACA Instructor Certification Workshop National research-based educational curriculum designed for any educator to teach the joys and skills of paddling a canoe and kayak to youth.
  37. 37. Paddlesports Participation – Trends in theIndustryACA Instructor Certification Workshop • Paddlesport participation is at it’s highest levels in the history of the sport. • The paddlesport community needs to expand it’s entry level education opportunities for paddlers.
  38. 38. National Paddlesports Conference Charleston, SC November 2 - 4, 2012• SUP, Kayak, & Canoe Courses• Race• Instructor Certification Workshops• Educational Sessions• Family Paddling Trips• Keynote Speaker• Reel Paddling Film Festival• Silent Auction• ACA Annual Membership Meeting• Fun!
  39. 39. ConnectThe ACA & YOU!
  40. 40. Thoughtful Quote: ACA Instructor Certification WorkshopYOU are the decisive element in an ACA course. It is YOUR personalapproach that creates the climate. It is YOUR mood that makes theweather.As an ACA instructor YOU possess tremendous power to make a student’spaddling experience miserable or joyous. YOU can be a tool of torture or aninstrument of inspiration. You can humiliate, humor, hurt or heal. In allsituations it is YOUR response to student failure and success that determinewhether or not a student leaves YOUR course a safer, better paddler,happier, more committed to the sport or depressed, angry and likely to giveup paddling.YOU have great power. Use it wisely.Adapted by Mark Molina from Kids Don’t Care What your Know Until They KnowThat You Care by Dr. Hiam Ghott
  41. 41. Personal Contact InformationACA Instructor Certification Workshop Insert Your Personal Contact Information Here:
  42. 42. Pertinent Regional InformationACA Instructor Certification Workshop Insert Regional Information Here: For example, area clubs and other organizations contact information
  43. 43. Contact InformationThe ACA & YOU! ACACanoe • Kayak • SUP • Raft • Rescue 108 Hanover St. Fredericksburg, VA 22401 540-907-4460 888-229-3792 [fax]
  44. 44. Blank SlideACA Instructor Certification Workshop
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