Year10 5/12/07
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Year10 5/12/07






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    Year10 5/12/07 Year10 5/12/07 Presentation Transcript

    • Objectives:
      • To be able to complete your posters to help promote your film
      • To understand techniques used in teaser and main cinema trailers
    • AQA GCSE Media Studies COURSEWORK EXAM 4 Pieces. For one you plan & create a media production. The other 3 can be written or practical or a mixture of both One ‘timed test’ (3 hrs). This will be on And you will get some info beforehand 50% 50% 120marks 100 marks
    • Teaser Trailers?
      • Usually released a long time before the film is due (could be over a year)
      • Build anticipation, early ‘buzz’
      • Therefore, similar to teaser posters
      • Will often be specially filmed; ie: the footage may never actually appear in the film…
      • Sometimes use unusual approaches…
    • TASK: For each teaser, use the sheet to analyse the techniques used and the effects achieved…
    • ICT Task One:
      • BIG QUESTION: Who makes film trailers? Which institutions create them? How are they made? What input does the actual director of the film have? Who decides what goes into them?
      • You need to investigate the above questions and produce 3 Powerpoint slides to show your findings
      • One or more slides should contain a Hyperlink to a particularly interesting or effective film trailer
      • Another slide should link to a web site where people investigating film trailers could visit to help them with their research
    • ICT Task Two:
      • Find a teaser trailer for a forthcoming film
      • Watch it a few times and consider the things we discussed in class
      • Create a Publisher page about this trailer, using a mixture of text and images
      • Explain why it is effective and what it conveys about this film
      • Print and submit
    • Period 5 Task:
      • Brainstorm some ideas for your first teaser trailer
      • Begin to bullet point the basic ‘structure’ of the trailer
      • This is a major part of your coursework; it is not something you rush through. Don’t be satisfied with your first ideas – come up with lots and develop the best one!
      • Be ready to feedback ideas in about 25 minutes…