QASA - The Best Trade Marketing and Distribution Performance 2010


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Retail environment in Indonesia has entered a new phase marked by the rise of competition found in almost every product category, both in traditional markets especially in the modern market. 5-10 years ago when consumers go to the store to buy a product, not many brands and packaging options available. Now, consumers are spoiled with many brands.

Therefore, trademark owners are competing to win the competition at the retail level by trying to think hard to change the "Purchase Intent" consumers into "Actual Purchase". In our opinion, this is where the term comes down to trade marketing .... Improvisation in this case is very diverse....

Regardless of trade marketing activities carried out, in the end ... who want to achieve is an increase in sales through the sale of the right product, the right packaging, at the right price, supported by promotional materials and display the right product at the right outlet type .. ..

Survey which is used as the basis for assessing the "Best Trade Marketing and Distribution 2010" was conducted on 11 product categories are most active, ie: cigarettes, bar soap, shampoo, instant noodles, coffee powder, milk, isotonic RTD, RTD Green, RTD juice, cold medicine, cough medicine. Survey that we did in 7 major cities, reflect toughest challenge execution programs Retail Activation. Those are DKI Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Medan and Makassar. Survey conducted to retailers at large grocery store category, a small grocery store, and kiosk located outside and inside the traditional market.

The selection of respondents in the survey conducted on an interval with "Stratified Random Sampling" with the number of samples amounted to 1.222 outlets. The number of these samples represent the entire population of outlets with a standard error of 2.9%. (Calculations in the context of the "Large Population" or if using 240.500 total universe of outlets in 6 cities of his AC Nielsen's - 2003)

Selection of respondents in the field carried out at random by using a 200m interval, which means the minimum distance between the respondent sample is 200m.

Field survey conducted in April 2010 simultaneously in 7 cities, involving no less than 40 Interviewers.
They are skilled and experienced interviewer in conducting retail audit conducted through face-to-face interviews with the shop owner or person in-charge of the store with the list of questions that previously had been tested and experimented.

To maintain data quality, we use the independent quality control team to check on the quality of field survey conducted by random as much as 15%. in addition, the witness by the supervisors conducted on 15% of the total respondents. further, we also use layered on stage checking of data processing - from manual coding, manual checking, auto-screening data entry system, and 100% computerized data checking to ensure consistency of answers and the validity of the collected data.

The more intense competition in the market today have made players to make "strengths" better in the "retail environment" in a more holistic. We believe that there are at least three force to be reckoned with stakeholders, there are:
• Traders' point of view
• Consumers' point of view
• In-outlet dynamics

by taking into account the dynamics of variables that reflects the interests of stakeholders will enable us to see the problems better and strategically to determine the remediation efforts to be able to win the competition.

The variables that we use to measure the index of trade marketing are:
• Brand availability
• Pack availability
• Retail price
• Pop materials availability

while for the "account management" we conducted an audit using the following indicators:
salesman service level, namely the assessment of service salesman retailers (distributors and agents)
in-store salesman in activity, ie activity in assisting the store salesman to do displays, rotating products, and merchandising
call frequency: the

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