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  • 1. Goggle is an Americanmultinational corporationthat provides internetrelated products andservices, including softwareand advertisingtechnology.
  • 2. Google began in January1996 as a research project byLarry page and Sergey Brinwhen they were both PhDstudents at Stamford Universityin California.
  • 4. The domain name for Googlewas registered on September15, 1997 and the companywas incorporated onSeptember 4, 1998 in agarage and its initial publicoffering followed on August19, 2004
  • 5. In May 2011, the number ofmonthly unique visitors toGoogle surpassed onebillion. In January of 2013Google announced it hadearned $50 billion in annualrevenue for the year of
  • 6.  Google Search is a web searchengine owned by Google.Google Search is the most-usedsearch engine on the WorldWide Web receiving severalhundred million queries eachday through its various services
  • 7. As you can see, just type the keyword or phrase and click search
  • 8.  doodles are thefun, surprising, and sometimeschanges that are made tothe Google logo to celebrateholidays, anniversaries, andthe lives of famousartists, pioneers and scientists.
  • 9. Google inc, introduceddifferent products. The mostpopular ones are:Google mail/GmailGoggle chromeGoogle plus/Google +
  • 10. Google translateGoogle mapGoogle Talks and manymore.
  • 11.  Gmail is a free, supported Emailservice provided by Google. Usersmay access Gmail as securewebmail. Gmail was launched as aninvitation-only on April 1, 2004and it became available to thegeneral public on February
  • 12.  Google+/Google Plus, sometimesabbreviated as G+ is a socialnetworking and identity serviceowned and operated by GoogleInc. It was launched on June28, 2011. As of December 2012, ithas a total of 500 millionregistered users of whom 235million are active on a monthlybasis.
  • 13. Google Chrome is a webbrowser developed by Googlethat uses the layout engine. It was released as a beta versionfor Microsoft Windows onSeptember 2, 2008, and as astable public release onDecember 11, 2008.
  • 14. As of February2013, according to StarCounter, Google Chromehas a 37% worldwide usageshare of web browsersmaking it the most widelyused web browser in theworld.
  • 15.  Google Translateis a free statisticalmultilingual machinetranslation serviceprovided by Google Inc. totranslate written text fromone language into another.
  • 16. Google Maps is a webmapping service applicationand technology provided byGoogle, that powers manymap-based services, includingthe Google Mapswebsite, Google RideFinder, Google Transit and
  • 17. Google Talk is also the nameof the client applicationsoffered by Google.Google Talk is an instantmessaging service thatprovides both text and voicecommunication
  • 18.  Google is computing with othercompanies in the world. Major competitors of Googleare Baidu and Soso.comin China and South Korea;Naver.com and DaumCommunications, in SouthKorea; Yandex in Russia;Seznam.cz in Czech Republic; Yahooin Japan and Taiwan.