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Ganesha on the roadway to success
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Ganesha on the roadway to success


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Ganesha's life and helping us reach the path of success. Scientifically explained how he managed even the greatest disasters.

Ganesha's life and helping us reach the path of success. Scientifically explained how he managed even the greatest disasters.

Published in: Spiritual, Health & Medicine

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  • 1. Success Mantra from the life of Ganesha
    • Do you respect Lord Ganesha?
    • Yes! Do read
    • No! Still read
  • 2. May Ganesha bless us
    • Worshipped first
    • Revered first
    • Most auspicious
    • Most respected
    • How he managed?
  • 3. Physique of Ganesha
    • Elephant headed
    • Elephant belly
    • Vakratund (twisted trunk)
    • Still world famous GOD – how this miracle was done?
  • 4. Logic of elephant
    • The biggest mammal on earth
    • Has huge ears and negligibly small tongue
    • Moral: Listen much more than you do speak
    • Trunk smells and takes water
    • Senses and actions through one organ!! Miracle!
    • Moral: Keep perfect balance between your actions and knowledge
  • 5. Elephant belly
    • Huge and big belly
    • Eats a lot
    • But never fell ill due to inability to digest it.
    • Even Ganesha eats too much MODAK but never got diabetes
    • Hence,
    • Capable of eating & digesting anything
    • Moral: Digest or swallow even your sorrows and pains
  • 6. Ganesha’s vehicle
    • A Huge demon terrifying the world
    • So what ! negativity terrifies us!
    • Ganesha made him rat and do sit on him
    • Moral: Control negativity and overpower it.
  • 7. Ganesha’s fearlessness
    • Fought with Lord Shiv
    • Got his head cut
    • Parvati’s cry invoked Shiv’s passion
    • Ganesha was given life
    • Made Ganesha as 1 st worship able
    • Achieved even the impossible afterwards
    • Moral:
    • Prove that you are right
    • Challenge even GOD and keep on trying unless GOD makes you successful
    • No pains = No gains
    • Confidence must be infinite
    • Over confidence must be zero
  • 8. Ganesha’s marriage
    • Told to revolve round the entire Earth.
    • Brother Murugan went to do so while Ganesha revolved round his parents
    • Instantly won and got married
    • Moral: What a clear conscience of mind – Appreciate? You have to appreciate
    • Try to be witty
  • 9.  
  • 10. 8 incarnations
    • Each incarnation to do great tasks
    • Mayureshvar – kill Sindhu
    • Vallareshvar – save Vallara
    • Sidhivinayak – remove troubles of Vishnu
    • Girijatmaja – gratify Parvati
    • Mahaganpati – kill tripurasur
    • Chintamani – finish sorrows
    • Varadvinayak – help sages
    • Vighneshvar – control death
  • 11. Ashtavinayak explanations
    • Sindhu represents ocean of sorrows drowning us
    • Ganesha dried it and killed
    • Moral: Dry up the ocean of sorrows
    • Optimist devotee Vallara having huge faith in Ganesha
    • Ganesha saved him all the time.
    • Moral: GOD supports optimist
    • Vishnu requested Ganesha to kill Madhu and Kaitab
    • Moral: GOD wants great people to do great tasks so, grab the opportunity
  • 12.
    • Parvati gave life to dust of her body
    • That became Girijatmaja
    • Moral: Remember! We all are image of GOD
    • Shiv requested Ganesha to help killing Tripurasura
    • Moral: Grab right opportunity and be determined
    • Ganesha appeared as Chintamani to save his devotees
    • Moral: Enhance your positive qualities
  • 13.
    • Several sages insulted 1 sage
    • Ganesha appeared as varad vinayak to help him
    • For this he was forced to teach a lesson to his own devotees for the sake of dharma
    • Moral: Turn your weakness into your strength by behaving ethically right
    • Ganesha became Vighneshvar to overpower cycles of death
    • Moral:
    • Fools fear of death
    • Champions know how to make death fear them
  • 14. Ganesha and Kubera
    • Arrogant Kubera praised himself in front of Shiv
    • Shiv told him to take Ganesha with him and feed him
    • Kubera failed to satisfy Ganesha’s hunger
    • Ganesha cursed him and left
    • Moral:
    • Teach over smart person the right way
    • To remove ego of someone, you must not be arrogant
  • 15. Ganesha and Saturn
    • Scholars say that Ganesha’s head was cut due to Saturn’s sight
    • Some even comment that Saturn made Ganesha’s belly huge
    • Still Ganesha happily survived without fighting with Saturn
    • This is only achievable by learning through mistakes, being optimist, positive thinking, carelessness towards negativity and proper confidence level.
  • 16. Writing Mahabharata
    • Ved Vyas requested Ganesha to write Mahabharata
    • Ganesha told Ved Vyas to speak without pause
    • Ved Vyas requested Ganesha to understand b4 writing
    • Thus, Mahabharata began
    • Moral:
    • Listen but do memorize and act too
    • Achieve impossible.
  • 17. Ganesha and Ravana
    • Ravana planning to take Vaidyanath into Lanka
    • Ganesha deliberately put that on ground
    • Ravana failed to lift that and was demoralized
    • Moral:
    • Strategy must be advanced
    • Teach your enemy the lesson by making him friend and taking into confidence.
  • 18. Ganesha’s life was taken as reference from these standard texts
    • Shivpuran (By Ved Vyas)
    • Ganesha Puran (By Ved Vyas)
    • Ashtavinayak Mahatmya
    • Famous folklores
    • Even GOD has to pass certain tests to become successful
    • Wish you all the best for the rest of your journey