Continuous Monitoring and Real Time Risk Scoring
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Continuous Monitoring and Real Time Risk Scoring






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Continuous Monitoring and Real Time Risk Scoring Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Continuous Monitoringand Real Time RiskScoringErich Baumgartner, VP FederalQ1 Labs – An IBM CompanyJ.R. Cunningham, Director ofFederal StrategyAccuvant
  • 2. Meeting the Information Requirements ofFederal Agencies Two-phased compliance and security timeline 2
  • 3. Security Intelligence for Continuous Monitoring Monitors network changes to detect vulnerabilities in the network  Changes may be potential threats and policy/compliance violations, resulting in security gaps Compares configuration data from network security devices with layer 7 network activity analysis  Continuously checks rule policy effectiveness and raises alerts Provides single console view of risk exposure needed to meet continuous monitoring requirements (risk management, log management, SIEM, network behavior analysis) 3
  • 4. Continuously Manage Risk with Security Intelligence Move beyond traditionally reactive security management Multi-vendor network Automated compliance Predictive threatconfiguration monitoring & and risk assessment modeling & simulation audit Risk Indicators Configuration/  Topology Network  Activity Vulnerability  Management Network &  vulnerability context 4
  • 5. Accuvant & Q1 Labs Traditional SVARs Technology DrivenTraditional ConsultingAudit/Compliance Driven 5
  • 6. J.R. Cunningham Accuvant 6
  • 7. What is Continuous Monitoring?“…determine if thecomplete set ofplanned, required,and deployedsecurity controlswithinan informationsystem orinherited by thesystem continueto be effectiveover time…” NISTSP 800-37 7
  • 8. Why is Continuous Monitoring Critical? (Beyond the Obvious Answer – “It’s Required”)Intelligent Cyber Security- Applyingcountermeasures to only systems needing thosecontrolsThreat Intelligence – Understanding as muchabout the enemy and threat vectors as possibleAcquisition excellence – find the “big ROI”Situational Awareness – decision superioritydelivered with “speed of need”“If an agency has $1 to spend today, whereshould they spend it and why?” 8
  • 9. Continuous Monitoring and Situational Awareness Endpoint Protection Network Defenses Encryption DLP SIEM Countermeasure RBAC SituationalThreat Awareness Malware Insider Threat Device/Data Theft Leakage DDoS Espionage 9
  • 10. Choosing Meaningful MetricsOrganizational Data • AccurateVulnerability & Patch • Repeatable • Potential for Risk Relevance ManagementSoftware & Data Asset (either alone or with other Management data) Network & Configuration • Should be known in industry Management • Not Necessarily Actionable Compliance & Audit • Can sometimes validate or Management invalidate other dataSecurity Information & Event Management 10
  • 11. Industry Standard Metrics( 11
  • 12. Finding the Risk Relevant DataOrganizational DataVulnerability & Patch ManagementSoftware & Data Asset • Some level of aggregation Management • Also a repeatable process Risk Relevant • Begins to inform SA Network & Data • Not necessarily actionable Configuration Management • Centrally managed Compliance & Audit ManagementSecurity Information & Event Management 12
  • 13. Security Intelligence Across theInfrastructure – Anomaly Detection 13
  • 14. Squelching the Noise 14
  • 15. Informative and Actionable OutputQ1 Report Screen Here 15
  • 16. Pre-built NIST reporting 16
  • 17. Risk Based Decisions * NIST SP 800-39 17
  • 18. What to do next? Watch our recent webcasts center/media-center.aspx Download the “Gartner SIEM Critical Capabilities” report reports/details.aspx?id=17 Download the “Continuous Monitoring for Government Agencies” paper papers/details.aspx?id=137 Read our blog Follow us on Twitter: @q1labs @ibmsecurity 18
  • 19. Thank You!More info: info@Q1Labs.comTwitter: @q1labs @accuvantBlog: 19