Agile EE2011 holistic devployment


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Your agile team has built great software, only to find out it cannot work in production?

Agile has taken the development community by storm. It has improved our everyday lives. It enables us to build great working software in all kinds of environments. But for many companies, covering the last mile, bringing an application into production is the biggest obstacle to being truly agile. Prescribed processes and skill-sets in operations lag behind a decade. We have created cross-functional teams, excluding one of the most important aspects of software – it needs to run in production!

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Agile EE2011 holistic devployment

  1. holistic devploymentwhy the last mile is the longestPiotr Żołnierek @pzol
  2. anixe
  3. cowboy deployment process anixe
  4. anti-patterns ad-hoc releases production patching service monolith lack of automation anixe
  5. the sheriff is in town anixe
  6. separation of concerns Technology Operations deployment web applications infrastructure versioning software architecture Software QA shared applications Development technical analysis 24x7 supportresearch & development systems & app administration QA anixe
  7. conflict of interests Software Technology Development Operations change preservationnew features release is riskrelease often availability stability reliability anixe
  8. anixe
  9. anti-patterns ad-hoc releases production patching service monolith lack of automation over the wall deployment anixe
  10. solution 1: upgrade admins to devops Software Technology Development Operations devops = sysadmins with coding knowledge pros cons + ops can lookup code - silos + ops can automate platform install/deploy - dev not responsible for production + ops can better understand app + ops can write tests anixe
  11. solution 2: no-ops Software Development & Technology Operations one really cross-functional team pros cons+ all understand app - 24x7 support+ common responsibility - dev must know hardware/infrastructure - dev must know all customer configs anixe
  12. solution 3: cloud deploymentapp administration infrastructure web applications Software Technology technical analysis versioning software architecture Development Operations 24x7 support systems administration shared applicationsresearch & development pros cons + internal/outsource infrastructure doesn’t - silos matter - support difficult, lack of knowledge of app + devs responsible for production done anixe
  13. how far have we come? our current solution: cloud windows linuxdevs build, test and write deploy scripts devs build, test and deployops run deploy scripts devs deploy via scriptsdbs do db migrations via script scripts do db migrations devs write app management scripts anixe
  14. good devployment patterns automation composite deployment self-check code-data split adaptive deployment anixe
  15. thanks! Piotr Żołnierek @pzol anixe