Toronto Charrette - Sustainable Tourism Design


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Toronto Charrette - Sustainable Tourism Design

  1. 1. Agenda Going abroad with KEA The College & the InstituteThe Charrette Project & Process
  2. 2. Lydia Nicolai Lærke Age: 29 Age: 24 Age: 25 Background: Graduated as Multi Background: High school, Background: Graduated as media Designer 2010 at KEA Traveling around the world E-designer 2010 at KEA Now: BA in E-concept Now: BA in Architectural Now: BA in Communication development Technology Design
  3. 3. Agenda Going abroad with KEA The College & the InstituteThe Charrette Project & Process
  4. 4. Going abroad with KEA DenmarkToronto Lota
  5. 5. The Grants A little story from 3 students at KEA“Three students won the trip to Canada as part of the KEA sharing arrangement ‘KEA going abroad’ at the end of november, which was distributed three scholarships of 10,000 DKK for participating in the workshop”
  6. 6. DIYFlight bookingHotel booking etc. etc.
  7. 7. Sightseeing in Toronto
  8. 8. ... But it wasn’t all about sightseeing ...
  9. 9. The School & the Institute INSTITUTE WITHOUT BOUNDARIES
  10. 10. School of Design & InnovationAt the George Brown College School of Design, you’ll not onlylearn design – you will live and breathe it. Your design educationtakes place in a brand new, state-of-the-art learning space in down-town Toronto. Here you’ll be immersed in the design community,and expected to apply your natural skills to actual design projects.You’ll be more than ready to step into this competitive workforcewith lots career options.For more information look in our brochureor take a look at the
  11. 11. The Institute without BoundariesThe Institute without Boundaries is a Toronto-based studio that workstowards collaborative design action and seeks to achieve social,ecological and economic innovation.Founded in 2003, the Institute consists of a post-graduate programthat teaches collaborative design strategy to professionals fromdiverse backgrounds, a research division that develops projectsaround curriculum projects and a commercial division that deliversprofessional design consultation based on Institute methods.At the Institute we see the designer as a problem solver with theability to effect positive change for humanity. We are a placewhere students, teachers, industry and community experts cancome together not only as creators and designers, but asambassadors of hope. We imagine how to live, learn, work,and play together as a global community and seek alternativedevelopment patterns and a viable path to a bright future.
  12. 12. The Charrette 9 Teams 103 Students 6 Different Schools 9 Different Countries 38 Expert Advisors
  13. 13. Project Description Develop a tourism-based economy in Lota, Chile Designing a variety of tourist attractions Take avantage of existing heritage, local culture & enviroment
  14. 14. Lota 50.000 inhabitants in Lota 10.000 without a home Mining business shut down in 1997 Destroyed by earthquake in 2010 20 % unemployment rate Non existing infrastructure
  15. 15. We were adressed to 3different teams & tasks ... Lydia Tourist Destination Market Nicolai Tourist Information and Community Centre with Public Spaces Lærke Restaurant built on Industrial Ruins
  16. 16. We worked together with ... Interior designers Graphic designers Architects Project managers Arhcitectural technologists Industrial designers
  17. 17. Schedule of the CharretteMonday Adventure researchTuesday Summary presentationsWednesday
  18. 18. Summary Presentations
  19. 19. Schedule of the CharretteThursday BrainstormFriday Models Guest lectures Concepts External advisor feedbackSaturday Discussions
  20. 20. External Advisor Feedback
  21. 21. Bruce Mau Guest Lectures Chandi Jayawardena
  22. 22. Schedule of the CharretteSaturday Presentation development Working-like-crazy-day
  23. 23. Schedule of the Charrette The Final DaySunday Final presentation Panel (feedback)
  24. 24. Closing Reception & Certificates ...
  25. 25. Going abroadwith KEA ?