Why Does Toilet Pipes Make Noise When Flushing?


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Why Does Toilet Pipes Make Noise When Flushing?

  1. 1. Why Does Toilet Pipes Make Noise When Flushing?Are you getting really disturbed by the noise coming from your toilet pipes when youreflushing it? You cannot just imagine how embarrassing it can be when your guests notice it.So what really causes the banging noise? Read ahead.There are a number of different factors why the toilet pipes are moaning right after you flushit. Primarily, it is the air that causes the noise which usually purges after using the fixtures.Another thing is that the pressure reducing valve that has a screen in them needs to becleaned regularly and should be taken care. This valve is usually installed where the waterenters the house.However, the most common reason could be the toilet or the ballcock itself. What happens isthat the anti siphon device they have in them could get debris that will cause it to producedisturbing noises and will probably make the pipes to vibrate.Are the pipes makes persistent and groaning sound? If the noise travels through the pipes awhile after flushing, this could be because of the water supply that takes in some air. Therecould be a restriction in the flow as well. You should see check the valve and make sure it isopen all the way that there are any kind of kinks along the line to the toilet. If the valve isclogged up, you need to replace it. This solution is among the most inexpensive ones youcan do.If you happen to have another toilet at home, that could be another reason. It isrecommended to isolate the other toilet by shutting it off in order to determine which onecauses the noise.When you decide to install a new toilet, you should make sure to run the supply into a bucketright before you hook it up to the toilet itself. This is because when you shut the water off,there will always be debris present in the pipes that can cause a problem.There are few steps you should know when installing a new toilet:Make sure the toilet allow only one and one half gallons of water in a one time flush.You need to shut off the water before you remove the old toilet.Remove the tank once you have disconnected the water supply.Call the professional plumber to install a new fixture where there has been no fixture before.Supply line pipes will be needed to be installed.When attaching the tank, it should come with a mounting cushion.If you want to know more about 24 hour Plumbing Service visitwww.emergencyplumbingrepairservice.com to know about it.