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We are the world ppt



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  • 1. How can we be caring members of the global community? Anita Goh (2) and Binita Saha (4) Secondary 4E6
  • 2. Did you know? Across the affected countries, more than 2.34 million children are suffering from malnutrition of which more than 566,000 are severely malnourished and at risk of death. Lack of food and Malnutrition are just some issues affecting the Global Community. What are we doing to help them?
  • 4. According to us, it refers to the bonding that people allover the world share through social connections.One common reason that keeps all of us bondedtogether is the fact that we all are humans. Even thoughwe may have different hair colour, facial tone or speakdifferent languages, at the end of the day we defineourselves as humans.Hence, the members of the global community are us, thepeople, the nations, and the world. In order to maintainour relation, we have to ensure that we work hand inhand and lead the community to great heights together.
  • 5. Who are themembers of theglobal community?
  • 6. The Global community plays a significant role inour daily lives. We are connected to people fromother nations in the world through moderntechnologies and telecommunication, hencecalled a community. We consider it to be the global communitybecause we all share the same place to live in, theworld, thus we are related to each other as globalcommunity members.Hence, the members of the global communityare us, the people, the nations, and the world.
  • 7. What are the issues thataffect the globalcommunity?
  • 8. Poverty•E.g. Bangladesh and Africa•Cause: Overpopulation•Hinders development of countryPoor Sanitation and Lack of Health Facilities•Water is not clean enough•Spread of diseases•Few hospitals and Clinics•Standard of Living goes down E.g. Sub-Saharan Countries: SudanLack of Food•Famine•Malnutrition
  • 9. Environmental Sustainability•Misuse or Overuse of Resources E.g. Deforestation, Over-fishing•Climate Change E.g. Global WarmingCorruption•People who contribute in corruption through bribery orother methods•The government employees and officials who are involvedin corruption.•E.g. PakistanEducation•Lack of education in developing countries•This prevents the country from developing
  • 10. How do International AidAgencies support the globalcommunity?
  • 11. Some Examples of such AgenciesNational United Kingdom - Department for International Development (DFID) United States Agency for International Development(USAID)Multilateral or International United Nations(UN) World BankNon-governmental organizations World Vision International International Red Cross
  • 12. United NationsGoals of the United Nations are:1) to keep world peace2) to help countries get along3) to improve living conditions for people all over the world4) and to make the world a better place
  • 13. Successes First and foremost, it has prevented the occurrence of any further world wars. It has been instrumental in the maintenance of international balance of power. Since 1945, the UN has been credited with negotiating 172 peaceful settlements that have ended regional conflicts. A number of peace missions in Africa has done reasonably well to control the situation there. UN led in the discussion and agreement for the protection of human rights of the people of the world, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948.
  • 14. Failures•Failed to generate a universal consensus to protectthe deteriorating world climate, even at Copenhagenin 2009.•No emphatic role in crisis of worst kinds like theCuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam crisis etc•Number of nuclear powers in the world has kept onincreasing. UN failed to control the horizontalexpansion and proliferation of weapons and arms.
  • 15. How can WE becaring members?
  • 16. To be a caring member of this globalcommunity, we have to bear in mind theword HUMANITY. Humanity has twomeanings, the first is human species. Itrefers to the entire world population. Itssecond meaning is human nature that allpeople should have in common. A key valueof human nature is empathy. In order toappreciate the global benefits that we areblessed with, we have to empathize withother people and feel what they go through.
  • 17. In order to be caring for theglobal community, we must trypractical methods that wouldtruly help the environmentand society, and hence ourworld would be a better placefor us to live in.
  • 18. •Switch off your lights when they are not needed. This will save fossil fuel from being burnt for electricity; this combustion process harms our earth’s layer of atmosphere that is causing our global community to face GLOBAL WARMING. If our world is safe, we are safe, and so is our peace•Plant as many trees as you can in your garden or yard. Some mightthink that by just planting a tree it won’t make a big difference.However, if all of us contribute one tree, in total there will be6,840,507,000 trees planted. Hence, it does make a difference.•Stop corruption, do not participate in activities like bribery and crimessuch as theft and robbery as such issues are strictly the cause forconflicts to occur and ruin peace.•It is important to use eco friendly products because we have to ensurethat the mother nature is not harmed•Be fair and treat everyone equally. Everyone has the right to betreated normally, regardless of their looks or status. We should notmake less privileged feel their lacking as it will bring about differencesbetween people. It plays a vital role in enhancing world peace becauseeveryone will feel that they are all equal. They will not grow hatredagainst anyone and hence no conflicts will occur.
  • 19.  Donate money E.g. Sponsor a child Go on Overseas CIP trips, Mission Trips Be appreciative for all that we are fortunate enough to have Spread the word!
  • 20. "Give a man a fish and youfeed him for a day. Teach aman to fish and you can feedhim for a lifetime.” ~ A Chinese Proverb
  • 21. Resources http://www.undispatch.com/today-in-famine-facts- and-figures-somalia-famine http://www.un.org/en/ http://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Nations http://dilipchandra12.hubpages.com/hub/Successes- and-Failures-of-the-United-Nations http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-AjDuT- IQLJk/TtIJ6yfF8_I/AAAAAAAABcE/T1ojlQP_gUw/s16 00/HungerPoverty.jpg http://www.aquaculturewithoutfrontiers.org/donation s-2/
  • 22. Thank You!We are pretty sure he will appreciate your help too! 