Why paying for an online invoicing tool is a bad idea


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Why paying for an online invoicing tool is a bad idea

  1. 1. Why paying for an online invoicing tool is abad idea?When your business grows, so does the number of clients. Hence, it becomes difficult to keeptrack of accounts. Companies have separate departments doing the billing; however, freelancerscannot afford to have such a facility. There may even be loss of income due to poor managementof accounts. Web based invoicing software has come as a boon to freelancers, which support andcontrol their commercial growth.These invoicing applications are loaded with several features and functions. It is importa nt toselect the right invoicing software. Once freelancers adopt invoicing software, it will becomedifficult to migrate to another with ease. There are many online invoicing tools that are availablefor free, as well as everything you would need for invoicing process. Apptivo’s online invoiceapplication is just the thing that freelancers require.Shoestring BudgetGenerally, freelancers are on a tight budget where they may not be able to afford the cost of paidonline invoicing tools. Free invoicing software is a great advantage to freelancers. The wholeprocess of billing their customers becomes streamlined and easy. They are able to sendprofessional and elegant looking invoices without having to spend a dime. With the help of freeonline invoicing tools, they are able to send bill reminders to forgetful clients. Freelancers areable to receive payments through various channels such as Paypal and in multiple currencies.The invoicing tool has a simple and easy to use user interface which a layman can even use.Extra BaggageToday, most invoicing tools come with a bundle of features and functions, some whichfreelancer may not even use. Why pay for the software when you are only using a select fewfeatures and functions? You should only pay for what you use.Trial PeriodFreelancers may eventually decide to pay a nominal amount for using the online invoicing tool.After all, invoicing companies have to make money somehow. Freelancers should return thefavor for benefiting financially and using the tools. However, it is a risk buying invoicing andbilling software before evaluating it. Thankfully, several invoicing companies offer freelancersthe opportunity of using their software for a limited period of time, free of charge. If the featuresare what the freelancer is looking for, they have the option of buying the software. So if you area freelancer, this is a viable and practical option. You pay after you are satisfied with the product.The element of risk involved is thus, minimized.Want to use a FREE Online Invoicing Tool? Check out Apptivo’s Online Invoicing Software© 2011 Apptivo Inc. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Finally, with so many free quality online invoicing tools available, freelancers are confrontedwith the luxury of choice. They can pick and choose the best deal for themselves.Have you found an online invoicing software you prefer? Which is it? Why?Maya Pillai is passionate about helping small businesses and professionals. She is a blogger forApptivos Small Business University.© 2011 Apptivo Inc. All rights reserved.