Importance of branding for small businesses


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Importance of branding for small businesses

  1. 1. Importance of Branding for Small BusinessesPosted on December 7, 2011 by Maya PillaiOne of the most powerful elements of any business is branding. It is a misconception amongmany that creating a brand for a company just ends with the company logo. It is worthmentioning that logo is only the beginning of your branding exercise. The reason is that theconsumers identify your products or services by the logo, which portrays the vision, mission,values and the goals of your company.Why is Branding Important?Branding is a strategic ingredient of your business because it helps to identify yourproducts/services. It is worth mentioning that branding is not about forcing theconsumers to make hasty buying decisions. It is more about creating awareness about yourcompany’s goods and services, the benefits and the values of your business. One thing all smallbusinesses have to keep in mind while building a brand is that their product/services should beeasy to recognize, respected and they must create an impression in the minds of the people.© 2011 Apptivo Inc. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Companies should emphasize on branding because-* Branding help consumers identify your product/service. If you offer quality services andproducts, you can convert them into your loyal customers. This leads to repeated purchase.* Remember, word-of-mouth publicity forms an important element of marketing. When youbrand your goods and services, it will be easier for your current customers to refer yourproducts/services to their peers and acquaintances.* Branding sends a strong message about the quality of your products/services to consumers. Ithelps them know what to expect. In brief, branding adds value to your business.How Consumers Help in Branding?Until you have a customer, you don’t have a business. Keep this in mind, always. If you have tochoose between lead generation and branding, it is always better to opt for leads. The reason isleads generation is expensive and leads can help you in turning your business, which in turn canbuild your brand.You very well know that ‘customer is king’ and the success of your business depends on howwell you treat your customers. The impression that your services and products create in theirminds should last beyond a single transaction. If your services are exceptionally good and if thecustomers are emotionally satisfied with your services/products, they help in building your brandby becoming your loyal customers, giving repeat business and spreading word-of-mouthpublicity for your company. When you sell your products,ensure that the value of goods/servicesis equivalent to the price you charge. Branding goes beyond company logo, website and businesscards. Branding is important to connect your products/services with the potential customers.Strong branding adds value to your core business.The current trend is branding through social media. You can create brand awareness throughvarious social media channels such as twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google + and otherplatforms. If you are running your business on a shoestring budget, branding through socialmedia is the best option, as information sharing and social interaction with your clients andpotential customers is possible without spending much. Leverage the social media channels togrow your business, increase your revenue and customer loyalty.Proper branding is critical to the long term success of your business.If you are a small business owner, feel free to share your experience on how branding helped inthe growth of your business. We look forward to your valuable comments and feedback.© 2011 Apptivo Inc. All rights reserved.