How mobile apps help boost your business


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How mobile apps help boost your business

  1. 1. How Mobile Apps help Boost your BusinessTimes have changed and it is important to keep pace with the latest developments. This is moreapplicable to technology adoption among small/medium businesses, who, in order to succeed,have to keep pace with the latest Internet technologies. Businesses, whether small, medium orlarge, are becoming more mobile and it has become important for business owners andfreelancers to take advantage of the applications available for mobile devices. If you want toincrease the productivity of your business and remain competitive, you need to have mobileapplications that will help you conduct business as though you were in office. Let’s take a look athow mobile apps can help boost your business.• Use Mobile Apps to brand your business - Branding is an important aspect of any type ofbusiness. Ask your application developer to include your business logo of the app window. Youcan also have the mission and vision statement of your business displayed prominently. This willensure that the users of the application will know about your company and the products/servicesthe company deals with.• You can access your files and folders while on move - If you have to make frequent businesstravels, it is wise to synchronize your smart phone with your desktop. This will enable you toretrieve the required documents, task lists and the calendars. Synchronizing your smart phonewith the database will enable you to manage your customers better. There are CRM apps formobile devices which will make it easy for you to link calls, emails and to keep in constant touchwith your customers when you are outside your office.• Mobile Apps makes it easy to process payments - For the freelancers, who work fromanywhere at any time, and those who sell goods/services without a traditional storefront, smartphones will make it easy to process the bills and invoices. They can process their debit/creditcard payments from their mobile device directly and send it to their clients in no time. Using aportable printer, you can also get the printout of receipts.• Monitor billable time - Installing apps which will report and track the duration of emails orcalls, and also automatically assigning the client and project code will enable you to bill yourclient.• Mobile Apps help to keep in touch with your customers/clients - The success of yourbusiness depends on your customers. Therefore it is always a good idea to keep in constant touchwith them either through emails or mailers. When you send a seasonal greetings or birthday© 2011 Apptivo Inc. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. wishes from your mobile apps, he/she will know what you care about him/her. Whenever yousend him regular updates of your products and services, he/she will realize that you care forhis/her experience with the application. In the long run, the customer will be your loyal client.• Helps in data collection - There are a wide range of industry specific survey forms availablefor mobile applications. As a small business owner, if you want to conduct a business survey,you can ask your employee to collect the accurate data by filling out the forms in their mobiledevices. There are forms which will even allow you to add photos and geographic location of theinformation. Once thedata is collected, it can be emailed to the department concerned from themobile device.Remember that the world has become one small global village and the economy we live in is an"anywhere economy". In this type of economy, the smart phones help in increasing theproductivity of your business because of the flexible web access.Mobile devices and its applications are here to stay. Therefore make use of this technology topropel your business ahead.Share your success story on how Mobile Apps helped your business grow. We look forward to your valuablecomments and feedback.© 2011 Apptivo Inc. All rights reserved.