7 instant improvements to build trust


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7 instant improvements to build trust

  1. 1. 7 Instant Improvements to Build TrustTrusts are essential to the creation of any relationship. Nothing will build a long lastingrelationship quicker than trust. In marketing and sales, there are techniques that will be used tobuild trust over time, and there are techniques that will be used to create instant trust with acustomer. Let’s look at 7 instant improvements, to build trust.1. The Power of PersuasionYou don’t have a lot of time upon that initial contact with the customer to build trust. The powerof persuasion allows you to create trust instantly with customers. In marketing and sales, it’sextremely important to be able to create that instant trust. To make a sale you need to be able tobuild a relationship, and that’s based on trust.©2011 Trusted Business.com. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. 2. Your AppearanceFirst impressions are important, and how you appear can build instant trust. Research has shownthat people will form an impression of your appearance within seconds of seeing you. Thisapplies whether your customer is standing in a store looking at a salesperson or staff member, orlooking at your website. A professional appearance will evoke feelings of trust and confidence.3. Transaction GuaranteesOne way to build instant trust is to take away any concerns a customer might have about makinga purchase. For example, “No questions asked return policy,” or “price match.” Many times it’snot the transaction that concerns the customer it’s how things are handled afterwards, such aswarranty or return policies. Alleviating these worries builds instant trust.4. EndorsementsIf you want to build instant trust, have someone that’s well known and respected, as yourspokesperson. Look what Trevor Linden has done for the company Clearly Contacts, which wasonce seen with skepticism because of its rock bottom prices. Instead, now they are a companythat millions trust with their eye wear.5. Be ApproachableIf you are approachable, customers will want to talk to you and ask questions. Your bodylanguage will tell the customer far more than your words – your facial expressions and yourposture are key. An employee can instantly build trust with a customer by being approachable atall levels.6. Learn to ListenThe most basic human need is to be understood, so be sure you know how to listen. To listen,you need to stop speaking. Listen to what the customer has to say then ask questions. The simpletask of listening can build trust.©2011 Trusted Business.com. All Rights Reserved.
  3. 3. 7. Learn to be DirectDon’t talk in riddles to the customer, and don’t beat around the bush. Tell it like it is. If youdon’t have the answer, then find someone who does. Your customer will respect you for yourhonesty, and that creates trust. No one likes to have their time wasted.We’ve given you 7 instant improvements that you can do to improve the building of trust. Thereare plenty of others, but this is a good start.©2011 Trusted Business.com. All Rights Reserved.