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Sales and marketing 2.0 platform


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  • 1. Sales and Marketing Insights Platform
    Paul Wilson
  • 2. Sales and Marketing Ecosystem
    Clsoed loop Sales and Marketing
    From anonymous site
    traffic on
    data continues through the
    Inbound and Automation platforms
    through to
  • 3. Main Components of Lead Development
    Ongoing Development
    Conversion tools for New Visitors
    Campaigns to Source New Database Names
    Email delivery and tracking
    Lead Nurture Plan
    • Multi-step segmented process
    • 4. Uses all channels of approach
    • 5. Leverages marketing assets
    Landing Pages
    Targeted Banner Ads
    Social Media Presence
    • Blog, Twitter, LinkedIn
    Email Outreach
    • Complete tracking
    • 6. Integrated follow up
    • 7. Behavioural scoring
  • Hubspot Overview
  • 8. Hubspot Overview
    How does your site stack up against the Competition?
    Compare Overall Website Grades for SEO effectiveness with the Competition
    • Monitor the overall effectiveness of your strategy vs the competition
    • 9. Measure the improvements gained through brand/marketing investment
  • Hubspot Overview
    Are you getting more pages ranked by Google?
    Compare Number of Pages Ranked for SEO against the Competition
    • Add more content to increase the draw to your site
    • 10. Monitor the completion for changes in tactic
  • Hubspot Overview
    Is the volume of traffic to your site growing?
    Compare Traffic Ranks
    • The real measure is in the traffic
    • 11. In this measure the lower the score – the better (measure is the site’s rank vs others)
  • Hubspot Overview
    How effective are your Marketing Campaigns?
    Direct Traffic Compared to Leads
    • Are the visitors to the site “converting” by completing forms on the site
    • 12. Conversion % (right hand axis) demonstrates the effectiveness of calls to action
    • 13. Direct Visit Traffic trending (non-search) measures marketing campaigns like banners
  • Hubspot Overview
    Are your SEO tactics paying off?
    Organic Search Traffic Compared to Leads
    • Measures the effectiveness of SEO optimizing in improving the “Get Found” factor
    • 14. Leveraging Hubspot to create real SEO traction would create an ever increasing trendline
    • 15. Overlay of conversion % indicates that some more dynamic calls to action are needed
  • Hubspot Overview
    Are you attracting readers to your Blog?
    Blog RSS subscribers
    • Corporate Blogs are the primary engine for dynamic SEO rich content
    • 16. Posts (flagged with #’s) impact subscribers
    • 17. Measure of comments indicates the relevance of the Blog post content
  • Hubspot Overview
    Is your reach growing?
    Measure of Reach
    • Hubspot integrates access to corporate Social Media Accounts to measure overall Reach
    • 18. Social Media monitoring provides support to execute an effective 2.0 Marketing Presence
  • Marketing Automation Overview
  • 19. Marketing Automation Platform
    Are you getting more names?
    Integrated Landing Pages
    • Calls to action connect to Landing Pages with marketing offers
    • 20. Integrations to ensure complete Lead data visibility
  • Marketing Automation Platform
    Do you have Lead Development Programs?
    Multi step Lead Development Offerings
    • Leads are enrolled by segment and score into appropriate Lead Development Campaigns
    • 21. Multi channel connections mean seamless flow of data on web, email, and social media activites
  • Marketing Automation Platform
    Are your email messages working?
    Email Delivery and Management
    • HTML emails delivered based on segments, score or other criteria
    • 22. Full insight into the effectiveness of the message based on full behavioural analytics for opens, clicks, etc.
  • 23. Campaign Information
    Is ROI a 4 letter word?
    Campaign Analytics
    • Aggregate all the key performance indicators on your Campaigns
    • 24. Using Campaign Hierarchies provide roll up insight on all your KPI’s
  • Detailed Lead Data
    Does your Sales Team know whoe the Real Prospects are?
    Lead / Contact level data
    • Arm your sales teams with real time data on all engagement activities of Leads and Contacts
    • 25. Create relevant scoring and grading methodologies within
    • 26. Customize workflows to ensure that your best prospects are ensured the proper sales attention
  • Insights Dashboard