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Session 43: The Current State of Play on the Transportation Bill in Washington DC
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Session 43: The Current State of Play on the Transportation Bill in Washington DC


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This session focused on the current news from Capitol Hill on the Reauthorization of the US Transportation bill and other bicycling and walking issues.

This session focused on the current news from Capitol Hill on the Reauthorization of the US Transportation bill and other bicycling and walking issues.

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  • Who is America Bikes-America Bikes is a coalition of 8 national biking organizations that come together around the transportation billACA- focuses on bike touringABW-coalition of 160 state and local groups, focuses on building capacityAPBP- engineers, planners as well as advocatesIMBA- everything from advocating for MB access on public lands, to building urban jump parks in US citiesLAB- The oldest of US Bike Adv. Groups. Bike Friendly Amer. Where cities, towns and business apply for bike friendly designationNCBW- premier newsletter on b/w, host the pro Walk/pro bike –lgst N. A. bike/ped symposium, implementaitonRTC-abandoned rail lines to bike paths. Now goal of 90% of Americans w/in 3 m/5 k of a path
  • The US Congress first created funding programs for bicycling and walking in 1991, and the bicycle groups created Bikes Belong/America Bikes in the mid 1990s for the second authorization transportation bill. As you can see we have been successful in increasing funding for bicycling and walking.The dips in the chart show times between authorizations, where the current authorization ran out and the next one has not been written by Congress. During these times the US DOT runs on short term extensions, which means that there is no long term guarantee on funding. Funding for all transportation projects dip during this time, including bicycling and walking.The Red in the chart indicates funding from the 2008 Recovery Act or stimulus which President Obama signed in early 2008. This was a one time infusion in cash which pushed spending on bicycling and walking to the 1.2 Billion mark. Even without this influx though 2008 was a record year.
  • This chart shows the same data in number of projects built. TIM- do you know why we saw a dip in 2005-06? I’ll look into it.
  • Transcript

    • 1. The Current State of Play on the Transportation Bill
    • 2. America Bikes
      Adventure Cycling Association
      Alliance for Biking & Walking
      Association of Pedestrian and Bicycling Professionals
      Bikes Belong
      International Mountain Biking Association
      League of American Bicyclists
      National Center for Bicycling and Walking
      Rails-to-Trails Conservancy
    • 3. Partner Organizations
    • 4. America Bikes Platform
      Complete Streets
      Increased Investment in biking and walking
      Safe Routes to School
      Fair share for Safety
    • 5. Federal funding for Bicycling and Walking
    • 6. Bicycle and Pedestrian Projects
    • 7. 2009- 2010 – Good News
      Recovery Act
      Transportation Enhancement Set Aside
      TIGER Program
      Oberstar Bill
      Surface Transportation Authorization Act
      Secretary LaHood
      Bicycle and Pedestrian Policy
      Health Bill
    • 8. Obama Proposal
      $50 Billion for Infrastructure / jobs
      Rebuild Roads
      Invest in Rail and Transit
      Repair Airports and Update technology
      Innovative Financing
      Performance Measures
      “Jump Start on a 6 year transportation bill”
    • 9. Challenges
      Highway Trust Fund
      Partisan politics
    • 10. Complete Streets
      Requires that ALL potential users of our streets and roads–including bicyclists – are taken into account in the planning, design, operation, and maintenance of ALL federally funded projects.
    • 11. Complete Streets -Why do we need it ?
      Although endorsed by FHWA in 1999, no federal leadership or oversight for guidance
      Bicycle and pedestrian investment is only about 1.5% of federal transportation budget.
      Crucial to ensure a balance for all modes
    • 12. Complete Streets -STAA
      Comprehensive Street Design policies and principles (CSD)
      Federal Code
      Be consistent with CSD
      Provide Adequate Accommodation
      Office of Livability
      Encourages states to adopt policies
      Collects and shares best practices
      Does not require states to adopt a policy
      Does not include elements of a
      complete streets policy.
    • 13. Complete Streets
      S.584: Introduced by Senator Harkin (D-IA) 14 Cosponsors
      H.R. 1443: Introduced by Congresswoman Matsui (D-CA) –58 co-sponsors.
      Requires states and MPOs to adopt complete streets policies,
      Insure policies are flexible and cost-effective, allowing exemptions
      Directs USDOT to track and report on Compliance
      Includes penalty for non- compliance
    • 14. Complete Streets
      Cost Concerns
      Rural Compliance
      Penalty Provision
      Over 20 states and 130 communities have adopted policies
      Emphasis on Performance Measures
    • 15. Build ActiveTransportation Systems
      Infrastructure themes in America Bikes platform:
      Focused investment: systems shift trips
      Enhance existing funding programs
      Emerging policy opportunities and designs
    • 16. Active TransportationInvestment Fund
      Active Communities Transportation Act ACT Act, H.R. 4722
      focused federal investment
      Ave. $400M/year for 5 years
      Competitive multi-year grants: $25M-$75M/cmty
      complete integrated systems
      mode shift
    • 17. Cleveland, OH
      Active Transportation plan will put all residents within 10 minute bike ride of trail linked to major employment and activity centers
    • 18. 27% of all trips are <1 mile
      48% of all trips are <3 miles
      87% of all trips are <15 miles
      Trip Length
      Short Trips Dominate:
      ¼ within 20 minute walk, ½ within 20 minute bicycle ride
    • 19. Progress and Challenges
      Broad support for ACT Act
      Blumenauer + 67 House cosponsors
      53 community case statements
      400 organizations and local elected officials
      Senate counterpart, champion
      Partisanship on Hill (not in communities)
    • 20. U.S. Bike Route System
      Proposed national network of bike routes between communities
      Signed (#) routes using existing facilities
      Adventure Cycling/AASHTO
      Seek recognition and implementation
    • 21. Bread and Butter Programs
      Transportation Enhancements
      Recreational Trails
      Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program (CMAQ)
      Authorization levels/Reforms/Rescissions
    • 22. Emerging Opportunities
      Climate: “CLEAN-TEA”
      Economy: Stimulus/jobs
      Health: Prevention and Public Health Fund
      Community Transformation Grants
    • 23. Innovative Design
      Enable communities to experiment with innovative active transportation designs
      Innovative Design Summit (Bikes Belong/RTC)
      NACTO Urban Bikeway Design Guide
    • 24. 1992:
      83 miles of bikeways
      2,850 daily trips
      263 miles of bikeways
      ~12,000 daily trips
      Build It, They Will Come:Portland, OR Alta/PedNet
      Bridge Bicycle Traffic
      Bikeway Miles
      Cyclists Per Day
      Bridge Bicycle Traffic
      Bikeway Miles
    • 25. Safe Routes to School America Bikes Platform
      Reauthorize SRTS at a “substantially higher” level
      3x as many applicants requesting 4x funds available now
      Just 6% of schools nationwide will receive a grant
      Would take $17 billion to award just 1 grant to every K-8 school
      Expand to include high schools
      17.6% of high school students are obese;activity levels low
      Would help transition to life-long habits
    • 26. Safe Routes to School America Bikes Platform
      Improve project delivery and reduce overhead
      Reduce challenges and delays from “title 23” highwayregulations
      Exempt non-infrastructure projects from these regulations
      Require FHWA and State DOTs to use existing practicesand precedents that will speed implementation of infrastructure projects
      Ensure a fair balance of funding to all types of communities, urban, suburban and rural
    • 27. Current Status - Senate
      Senate bill introduced, S. 1156
      Encompasses all aspects of the platform, plus $600 million funding level and setaside for research and evaluation
      Introduced by 5 Senators: Harkin (D-IA), Burr (R-NC), Sanders (I-VT), Collins (R-ME), and Merkley (D-OR)
      Now have 25 total Senators as sponsors
      SRTSNP Director Deb Hubsmith invited by EPW Chairman Boxer to testify about safety and SRTS
      Ranking Member Inhofe (R-OK) is not supportive but understands there is broad support in the Senate
    • 28. Current Status - House
      House T&I Committee’s STAA draft
      Chairman Oberstar (D-MN) is the creator of Safe Routes to School
      Includes recommendations to improve project delivery and reduce overhead
      Strengthens data collection and evaluation
      Charges a new FHWA Office of Livability with administering SRTS
      Makes a number of technical changes to strengthen the program
      H.R. 4021 – Safe Routes to High Schools
      Oberstar is not supportive of expanding to high schoolsat this time; this standalone legislation is meant to build support
      Introduced by Rep. Blumenauer (D-OR) and Rep. Bono Mack (R-CA) with 8 other cosponsors
      Now have 44 total cosponsors
    • 29. What’s likely? (If a transportation bill moves forward…)
      An increase in funding—but not likely as ambitious as we hope
      Language that reduces overhead and simplifies project delivery
      Stronger language on research and evaluation
      Language requiring state DOTs to track income and geographic distribution of their SRTS grants
      Potential for expansion to high schoolsdepends on overall funding level
    • 30. Building Support and Addressing Concerns
      In summer 2010, House Republican Whip Eric Cantor included SRTS in his “YouCut” initiative
      SRTS was not selected either time by the voters
      Advocates placed over 1500 calls and emails to Members of Congress in support of SRTS in 36 hours
      SRTSNP has met with a number of House Republicans since then to shore up support
      The program does have bipartisan support
      Twenty state networks are holding educational Member site visits during October 2010, with a focus particularly on Republican Members of Congress
    • 31. Fair Share for Safety
      Fair Share for Safety
      13% fatalities = 13% of funding
      Explicit bicycle and pedestrian
      safety goals
    • 32. Safety Goals
      A [___] percent reduction..of highway fatalities ...
      A [__] percent reduction.. of serious injuries...
      A [__] percent reduction … in the annual number of crashes
    • 42. Safety: STAA
      NHTSA section 402
      Changes of goals to include specific modes
      HSIP (Highway Safety Improvement Program)
      Better planning requirements
      More teeth related to performance goals
      No specific bike/ped mention in the goals
    • 43. Safety- Next Steps
      Marker bill?
      National Transportation Objectives Act
      Reduction of Crashes as safety goal
      Performance measures
    • 44. Livability- Promoting Biking and Walking
      Consolidation of Bike/Ped projects
      Improved data and research
      Education and Encouragement
    • 45. Livability - STAA
      Office of Livability
      Federal Highway Administration
      Home for all bike/ped programs, including US Bike Route System
      Clearinghouse for best practices, better research and data
      Requires Mode Share Goal to be set
      Role of Office is to Promote and Encourage. Unclear actual influence, staff or funding
    • 46. Livability
      DOT/ HUD/EPA partnership
      Performance Measure under Obama Proposal
      DOT strategic plan
      Discretionary funding – TIGER, FTA, etc.
      Funding From Congress
      FY 2011- House – Office of Livability
      FY 2011- Senate – Funding for Livability Grants
      Livable Communities Act
    • 47. Next Steps
      November- December 2010
      Lame Duck Session
      Extension expires December 31, 2010
      Shorter bill
      Debt Commission Report
      January –August 2011
    • 48. Questions
      Walter Finch
      League of American Bicyclists
      Kevin Mills
      Rails-to-Trails Conservancy
      Margo Pedroso
      Safe Routes to School National Partnership
      Caron Whitaker
      America Bikes