World War Ii


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World War Ii

  1. 1. World War II in Poland By Ewa S (Poland) Junior High School No. 4
  2. 2. What was it? World War II- the biggest armed conflict In the whole history of the World. It last ed from 1 September 1939 to 2 September 1945 (in Europe to 8 May 1945). This war stared in Poland, with Westerplatte attack. The War included almo s t the whole Europe, Eastern and Southern Asia, Northern Afric a , the East and all oceans. This war included almost all countries in Europe, main countries in North America and South America, Australia and Asia.
  3. 3. That was the saddest and the most tragic event in my country. When in 1939 the German s attacked , we were trying to repel them. Our soldiers i n Weterplatte fought for seven days. There is a monument in memory of the defenders . The Monument of Westerplatte Defenders .
  4. 4. My grandfather My grandfather lived in Wilno but when he was seven he couldn’t go to school- it was 1 September, World War II started. His father was called up and my great grandmother was hiding with my grandpa and his two brothers. They were terrified. My great gran d father had to escape to England, because Germans wanted to kill him. When he was gone my gran d father who was 8 or 9 took care of his mother and family. They all survived but I didn’t have any chance to meet my great grandparents and one of my grandpa ’ s brother.
  5. 5. My grandmother When my grandma was talking to me about my grandpa, she told me that she remember ed something. She said that when she was a young child she remember ed how she with her family were hiding in fields because of German planes whi c h wanted to kill as many people as they could. She told me that she was very frightened about th a t, and she didn’t really understand why these people were so bad.
  6. 6. Movies There are some Polish films about World War II. Th e movies I a m talking about weren’t documenta ry . For example “How I started World War II” is a commedy, or “Four of an armoured regiment and a dog” (they had a tank number 102) is an adventure soap just like “Captain Kloss”. My favourite is “Four of an armoured regiment and a dog”, firt I saw it when I was 6, and I love it till now. “ Four of an armoured regiment and a dog” (up) Captain Kloss (down)
  7. 7. Monuments There are a lot of many different monuments which commemorate pe o ple who died during World War II. The most popular in my country is Monument of Unknown Soldier, which is in our capital- Warsaw. I n my discrit there are monuments too. The one I know really well is a monument of children who died in defence of Gdynia or its different name is Scouts Monument , this children were about 12-16 years old. Monument of Unknown Soldier
  8. 8. In my country about 6.000.000 people w ere killed . We suffered very hard damages.
  9. 9. . Sources:; The end