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DyKnow workshop slides

DyKnow workshop slides

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  • 1. “Before you can be an influence, you have to have a relationship.”(Pastor Hower, St. John’s Lutheran Church)
  • 2. Where are we going today?
    Introduce components of DyKnow (30 min.)
    Break (5 min.)
    Participate in a DyKnow session (45 min.)
    Break (10 min.)
    Create a DyKnow notebook with 4-5 panels (45-60 min.)
    Lunch (11:30 – 12:30)
    Finish notebook & teach (1.5 hrs.)
  • 3. What is DyKnow?
    Very little student activity
    Postponed assessment of student understanding
    Unable to monitor student activity on computer
    DYKNOW ©
    Students can be constantly engaged in the lesson using higher order thinking skills
    Immediate assessment of student understanding
    Ability to monitor student activity on computer
  • 4. DyKnow and Its Components(The Bells and Whistles)
    Created by:
    Patrick Woessner
    Modified by:
    Brian Coco
  • 5. Student View
    Viewer: Includes Private Notes, Chat, Filmstrip
    Private Notes: Only visible to student
    Chat: Whole class or person-to-person
    Filmstrip: Thumbnail view of panels
  • 6. Creating a Notebook= Making Panels
    Home, Insert, and Authoring Tabs allow you to create material on each panel
  • 7. Home Tab
    • Pen—utilizes stylus to write
    • 8. Full Panel Text—treats panel as a word doc.
    • 9. Selection—allows you to double click and remove or move material
    • 10. Answer box—place for student answers
    • 11. Text box—movable box that contains text
  • Insert Tab
    Allows you to insert panels, objects, input boxes, and shapes
    Screen Grab: Capture/paste screen selection
    Link: Link to webpage or file
    Web Page: Embeds the page on the screen
    Background: Maps, graph paper, etc.
  • 12. Authoring Tab
  • 13. Session Tab
    Interaction section of the ribbon: poll participants and request status
    Broadcast Screen: Projects teacher screen to students’ computers
    Timer: Displays on teacher screen
    Pointer Tool: Pin points on students’ screen
  • 14. Session Tab
    Follow Me: Students’ panel moves as teacher moves
    Poll Participants: Multiple choice, T/F, Y/N.
    Manage Panels: Collect, organize, and save student panels in order to teacher to grade student work
  • 15. Session Tab
    Share Control: Makes a student(s) the moderator
    Request Status: Will not be visible to students if using Projection Mode
    Work in Groups: Create groups manually or automatically for working on the same slide(s)
  • 16. Monitor Tab
    Allows you to transfer files, block applications, lock and view student screens
    Attention: Locks screen and prevents users from using the computer
    Block Applications/Filter URLs: Create custom plans
  • 17. Monitor Tab
    Transfer: Send/launch files; saved to desktop
    View Screen: Enlarge one student’s screen
  • 18. Viewing
    View Tab: Allows you to change views and replay panels
    Projector Mode: Only the teacher slide is broadcast to student machines
    Replay: Will replay the content of a slide
  • 19. Audio
    Session Tab: Audio sections of the ribbon: record and broadcast audio
    Record Audio: Will record/embed teacher audio; use headset mic for best results
    Broadcast Audio: Will send teacher audio to student computers
  • 20. More Information
    DyKnow Training Tools: Free and available to members of the DyKnow Community
    Includes Notebooks, Guides, Videos and Training Tutorials
    Visit http://community.dyknow.com for more information and to join the Community