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10 Days to DyKnow
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10 Days to DyKnow


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10 Days to DyKnow

10 Days to DyKnow

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. 10 Days to DyKnow: Middle School Faculty Training Created by: Patrick Woessner MICDS
  • 2. What is DyKnow?
  • 3. Day 1: Basic Inking
    • Home Tab: Basic inking tools; can be used like a Smartboard
    • Private Ink: Only visible on teacher notebook
    • Answer Box: Space for students to write
    • Session Tab: Follow Me (thumbtack) will sync teacher-student slides
  • 4. Day 2: The Viewer
    • Viewer: Includes Private Notes and Chat
    • Private Notes : Only visible to student
    • Chat: Whole class or person-to-person
  • 5. Day 3: Monitoring
    • Monitor Tab: Allows you to transfer files, block applications, lock and view student screens
    • Transfer : Send/launch files; saved to desktop
    • Block Applications: Create custom plans
    • Attention: Locks screen and prevents users from using the computer
  • 6. Day 4: Inserting Objects
    • Insert Tab: Allows you to insert panels, objects, input boxes, and shapes
    • Screen Grab: Capture/paste screen selection
    • Link: Link to webpage or file
    • Web Page: Embeds the page on the screen
    • Background: Maps, graph paper, etc.
  • 7. Day 5: Formative Assessment
    • Session Tab: Interaction section of the ribbon: poll participants and request status
    • Poll Participants: Multiple choice, T/F, Y/N.
    • Request Status: Will not be visible to students if using Projection Mode
  • 8. Day 6: Control and Groups
    • Session Tab: Interaction section of the ribbon: share control and create groups
    • Share Control: Makes a student(s) the moderator
    • Work in Groups: Create groups manually or automatically for working on the same slide(s)
  • 9. Day 8: Showing
    • Session Tab: Show section of the ribbon: broadcast screen, pointer, and timer
    • Broadcast Screen: Projects teacher screen to students’ computers
    • Timer: Displays on teacher screen
  • 10. Day 9: Audio
    • Session Tab: Audio sections of the ribbon: record and broadcast audio
    • Record Audio: Will record/embed teacher audio; use headset mic for best results
    • Broadcast Audio: Will send teacher audio to student computers
  • 11. Day 10: Viewing
    • View Tab: Allows you to change views and replay panels
    • Projector Mode: Only the teacher slide is broadcast to student machines
    • Replay: Will replay the content of a slide
  • 12. More Information
    • DyKnow Training Tools: Free and available to members of the DyKnow Community
    • Includes Notebooks, Guides, Videos and Training Tutorials
    • Visit for more information and to join the Community