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SharePoint 2010 Workflows
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SharePoint 2010 Workflows


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Learn how to build workflows with SharePoint 2010, including what's new for workflow from 2007.

Learn how to build workflows with SharePoint 2010, including what's new for workflow from 2007.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. SharePoint 2010 Workflows Phil Wicklund
  • 2. About Me… • Working with SP since 2004 • Started as a trainer for Mindsharp • Now consulting through RBA in MN • Blog: • Writing a 2010 book:
  • 3. Agenda • Out of the box workflows • What’s new in SP 2010? • Tools used in building custom workflows • Types of Workflows • Office Visio workflow demo • SharePoint Designer workflow demo • Visual Studio workflow demo
  • 4. Out of box workflows • Three State Workflow • Approval Workflow • Collect Feedback Workflow • Collect Signatures Workflow • Disposition Approval Workflow • Translation Management Workflow
  • 5. What’s new with 2010? • Office Visio 2010 Workflows:
  • 6. What’s new with 2010? • Site Workflows and Reusable workflows:
  • 7. What’s new with 2010? • Customizing the out of box workflows:
  • 8. What’s new with 2010? • New actions in SPD WFs: APPROVAL ACTIONS You can start a new Approval workflow instance on this item, or Assign Item For Approval a new/different. You can start a new Feedback workflow instance on this item, Assign Item For Feedback or a new/different. General Task Process Seems to do the same thing as Assign Item For Approval CORE ACTIONS Add a comment Similar to "Log to History List" Set Workflow Status You can use this action to set a custom workflow status column LIST ACTIONS Used to declare an item/document as a record for Records Declare Record management. Inherit List Item Parent With this action you can set the permissions to inherit from its Permissions parent list or folder (first unique ancestor) Remove List Item This action clears all permissions set on this list item – no Permissions access for non-site collection admins Replace List Item This action deletes all the permissions on the item (or breaks Permissions inheritance) and assigned NEW permissions to that object. Undeclare Record See note on "Declare Record" RELATIONAL ACTIONS This action will look at a user's profile and return that user's Lookup Manager of a User manager from within their profile Utility Actions
  • 9. What’s new with 2010? • Parallel steps in SPD:
  • 10. What’s new with 2010? • Task Process Customization:
  • 11. What’s new with 2010? • Workflow statuses with Visio Services:
  • 12. What’s new with 2010? • Workflow Templates:
  • 13. What’s new with 2010? • New Workflow event handlers:
  • 14. What’s new with 2010? • Pluggable workflow services:
  • 15. Tools used in Building Custom Workflows • Office Visio 2010 • SharePoint Designer • Visual Studio • Forms – Out of the box forms – ASP.NET – InfoPath • Workflow Object Model SharePoint FREEWARE SharePoint CONSULTING
  • 16. Types of Workflows • List Workflows • Content Type Workflows • Site Workflows • Publishable to: – Site, Site Collection, Web Application, Farm • Sequential vs. State machines (next slide)
  • 17. Types of Workflows • Sequential vs. State Machine
  • 18. Types of Workflows • State Machine:
  • 19. Types of Workflows SharePoint Designer Visual Studio • Strengths: • Strengths: – Full development experience – Workflow automatically – Supports both sequential deployed to target and state-machine – Custom Forms automatically – Typical Visual Studio generated and deployed debugging techniques • Weaknesses: – Can be used across any number of lists any number – Code free editor of times – Sequential workflows only – Easier connection to external LOB Apps – NO DEBUGING • Weaknesses: – Bound to a specific list at – Deployment Overhead design time – Custom Forms Overhead Office Visio Workflow????
  • 20. Demo: Office Visio & SPD WFs 1. New Visio workflow diagram (Expense Report System) 2. Publish to SharePoint Designer 3. Fill in details 4. Publish to SharePoint
  • 21. Demo: Visual Studio Workflows 1. Demo Sequential workflow 2. Discuss State machine workflow
  • 22. Questions?