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Gnci Power Point Pressentation

Gnci Power Point Pressentation






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  • The following may well be seen as an overly-ambitious set of objectives, but it is important to identify the major areas of concerns to be addressed this century, not just in Ghana, but throughout Africa. The term “Non-Profit making” is ambiguous & incorrect. Profit HAS to be made to reconcile losses in order to balance final yearly accounts & departmental audits. It is better to use the term “Not for Profit”.
  • Certificate of Incorporation:
  • Certificate to Commence Business:
  • It would be preferable to establish a dedicated compound on the lines of Gandhi’s community in South Africa. One of the greatest priorities (sadly) has to be the security & protection of resources and high-profile personnel, by force if necessary. One of the many community classes would be in T’ai Ch’I and the martial arts.
  • A nation can only improve the education & welfare of its people through internal initiatives based upon local & regional knowledge & practices, supported by external , accountable & ethical (‘symbiotic’) capital investment.
  • The new drug ASTEMIZOL could be a breakthrough against Malaria. A classic mosquito repellent in the northern hemisphere is DANDELION. Lemon Balm or CITRONELLA is an effective repellent of insects. Urgent Botanical Research is needed in Africa to identify indigenous equivalents to counter mosquitoes and Malaria, along with a radical approach towards improved sanitation, water supply and the monitoring of pools & lakes.
  • If we are to deal with the CAUSE and not just the effects of HIV/AIDS then Governments need to urgently address the patriarchal & sexual attitudes of men, irregardless of cultural, ideological or religious mores that sustain polygamy extra-marital liaisons. Children need to be educated accordingly, for adults may not change! This would also include the tighter monitoring of brothels and the ‘oldest profession in the world’ – prostitution!
  • Petrol & Diesel fuels must now only be used for emergencies. Bio Fuel research & development with its increasing use within communities would encourage much less carbon-emission and better health. Bio Diesel can be produced by mixing a ratio of 11:1 Heating Oil (recycled) with 15/40 Engine Oil. A modified fuel pump is all that is then needed! Like long-life bulbs and the powerful tiny LCD bulbs, this technology has been known for DECADES. Multinational oil companies and governments have not wanted this paradigm to be realized by the general public; but once it was ‘out’, competitive companies rapidly jumped into the new market (to fill the gap of those collapsing) and prices began to plummet whilst the technology exploded. Cheap solar lights and 12v domestic lumination can now be purchased in the cheapest of retailers.
  • The insane movement of raw materials thousands of kilometres for processing, packaging and distribution in the ‘developed’ world MUST end. The world cannot afford to continue long-distance transport logistics any longer. Ghanaians deserve to drink good coffee and eat quality chocolate at fair-trade prices DIRECTLY from plantation cooperatives that bypass the expense (economical & ecological) of world exportation of raw goods. Nationalization may not be the answer, but a network of efficient autonomous enterprises certainly is. It is not the judgement of the consumer to define what is ‘fair trade’, but entirely up to the farmer and their workers.
  • Cannot mention CNN, Sky – due to possible/probable compromise and influence. All supporters must be non-political, whilst maintaining ‘good policies’ and serve ‘the people’ (POLIS) Whilst african children cry out for IT assistance, computers and peripherals are thrown away in the developed world. We MUST encourage national warehousing and logistics to recycle such crucial technology.
  • It may be argued that the migration of youth from rural to urban communities, where there is work and more leisure opportunities, was ‘forever thus’. However, there is a difference between ‘bleeding’ and ‘haemorrhaging’. Job-sharing is one initiative that would make employment more flexible and interesting. The independent media have a responsibility to encourage the youth to respect their frail roots, and the culture of their ancestors. This alone makes for excellent television programming and DVD production, that could be marketed world-wide. In this regard, Ghanaian musicians would hold a key position with film tracks – thus promoting their art globally.
  • The Catch-22 occurs again. Without funds to open a bank account, no funding can be received! Without funding, no wages or salaries can be paid within the remit of a ‘not-for-profit’ NGO/Charity. Without financial incentives, no work can be done or contracted out. This cycle MUST be addressed first and foremost, and URGENTLY!
  • As with Employment objectives, venture capital investment must be found before anything can happen. The perfect historical examples are those of Mother Theresa and Mahatma Ghandi. Jesus remains the enigma! We must appeal to those benefactors and companies that want to be associated with positive human ‘redemption’. As many have quoted: ‘It is not how much wealth one has, but what one does with it – that lasts’.
  • Hidden in the memories of elders may well be the answers to those questions that now face us globally with regard to the dis-eases of humanity. We MUST archive the knowledge of ancestors not just for our children’s benefit and welfare, but also as an exciting & stimulating means of marketing global media programming and DVD sales world-wide. Musicians, photographers, film-makers, technicians, producers, directors, actors … all would benefit for such cultural exposure. Governments must encourage more events to attract such tourism (Why is the best venue in Accra only used for political or religious gatherings? Kwame Nkrumah would be appalled at such a waste of a fine resource, built in his memory … but abandoned to all but the pompous)
  • There are thousands of companies around the world who are now investing in ecologically and logistically sound initiatives in Agriculture, Horticulture, Botany, solar-powered greenhouses & polytunnels, production of BioFuels, etc. It is imperative that governments and NGO/Charities bring them on board through mutual cooperation, liaison and ethical promotion campaigns. The G8 initiatives are more than just debt-erasure … MUCH MORE!
  • The ‘slash and burn’ ideologies of multi-nationals and globalized mining companies to maximize profits has laid waste what was once beautiful forests and woodlands, that have a direct effect on ecological balance. It is no coincidence that deforestation has resulted in flooding, the erosion of topsoil … and the creation of DESERTS. Deforestation destroys bird migration patterns that destroys seed distribution … and so the cycle continues. We must educate the people, the industries and the governments to reverse their blinkered thinking for short-term profits … or there will be nothing left to save - or savour. The hedonistic rich cannot imprison themselves into their opulent castles forever! “No man is an island … ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee”
  • Cannot mention corruption, or be seen to make valued political judgements
  • There are many individual groups operating eco-tourism and cultural working holidays. These need to be networked more efficiently, not just on religious grounds. Adoption and Twinning initiatives are crucial.
  • Consider adapting the Live8 ad campaign of clicking the fingers every 4 seconds – to request that companies’ employees (and unions) donate 4 seconds of work per day to help sponsor NGOs and Charities like ours. We need to get in touch with Bono to consider adapting that famous advert so that it is EFFECTIVE, not just hype . Reality TV in the developed world is just a fantasy of fornicating fools. We need to cleanse this filth from our psyches, and give the people of the world a REAL insight into post-colonial Africa, our true birthplace as humans. Companies would be grateful to be able to advertise and promote their services and products with a marketing strategy that 4% of their profits go to honest, diligent and humanitarian NGOs and Charities. So, keep clicking your fingers 4 times, Mr. Bono, Mr. Ure, Mr. Geldof - and all the others who are now silent & inactive!!!!!!
  • It is imperative that GNCI is NOT seen to be yet another NGO/Charity that is exploiting worldwide human compassion primarily for the personal and financial benefit of Directors and their administrative staff. It is accepted that nothing can happen without a well-organised & equipped office with operating resources, and remunerated staff to implement Objectives – but this MUST be justifiable, ‘transparent’ and fully accountable ,
  • What to Victoria Beckham, thousands of hedonistic ‘celebrities’ and millions of others is ‘ bling ’ jewellery … is in reality , the final product of the unethical & immoral line of human exploitation that starts in the open-cast goldmines of Ghana, and carries with it the injuries & deaths of innocent men, women and children who are caught between the greed & control of globalizing multi-nationals, and corrupt local & national black politicians. As Desmund Tutu once remarked: “When the missionaries first came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said, ‘let us pray’. We closed our eyes. When we opened them, the tables had been turned. We had the Bible and they had the land.” It is time to reclaim the birthrights of our ancestors and disclaim those who have violated their homeland.
  • We need to delegate individuals wisely to draw up a ‘hit-list’ of needed resources. This then needs to be reordered in terms of both priority and realistic acquisition. The Lord helps those who help themselves – is the first Law of Manifestation. We must all work to get in touch with key people to turn their hearts & minds.
  • This PowerPoint presentation needs background music and photographs from Ghanaians (black or white, resident or diasporas); and needs to be double-double checked by a solicitor to ensure that it is within the ethos of a ‘non-political’ organisation under the watchful eyes of the Charity Commissioners worldwide. Once cleared, it then needs to be sent as an email attachment and on CD/DVD to as many individuals and companies as possible. The final slide must contain the full address, email, website and bank details for donations, etc.
  • Do NOT put the account number of the bank under ANY circumstances. Website to be set up in Ghana with .ga suffix. Enter 3 email addresses, ‘Office’, George, and Graham

Gnci Power Point Pressentation Gnci Power Point Pressentation Presentation Transcript

  • G ye N yame C harity I nternational Registered: Accra, Ghana G-18,114 June 29 th , 2006 “ The problem of humanity is that too many people do nothing because they think they can do so little” (Edmund Burke)
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Certificate to commence Business
  • Mission Statement
    • ‘ Thinking globally, acting locally’
    • To adopt a Ghanaian village community for sustainable eco-technological investment & reconstruction, as a pilot project & guiding model for the regional area – thereby influencing national policy by practical example.
  • Ethos Characteristic spirit
    • To help reduce Poverty in urban & rural areas of Ghana, and to influence other ECOWAS countries, by example.
    • To help alleviate the serious housing problems in Ghana and the sub-Saharan region, by setting up Eco-Housing village initiatives.
    • Fair Trade not ‘spare’ Aid. As the birthplace of human evolution, the plight of equatorial Africa is a global challenge that cannot be ignored by the ‘developed’ world - ethically, morally or economically.
    • ‘ Making Poverty History’ requires the redistribution of wealth and cessation of political & economic corruption, in order that local communities can become more self-sufficient, and less reliant upon imports &/or influences that may undermine their culture & future development.
    • The following Objectives constitute our ‘Charter’ …
  • Malaria OBJECTIVE
    • To induce capital investment through the production of local documentaries for syndication via global media corporations, especially in addressing HIV/AIDS, Malaria , Poverty and Famine.
    • To seek sponsored provision of mosquito netting & re-proofing kits, with the education & resources to maintain effective preventative measures against Malaria .
    • To educate the population on sexual practices to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS, and to seek sponsored provision of free condoms through medical & community centres, churches, schools and colleges.
    • To research the ethno botanical value of indigenous herbs, plants, bushes and trees (such as Neem) in the search towards a preventative treatment or cure for HIV/AIDS
  • Leprosy & Cancer OBJECTIVE
    • To help with the devastating effects of Leprosy, especially in coastal urban areas of Ghana, and to influence other ECOWAS countries.
    • To alleviate the carcinogenic use of palm oil lamps by poor street traders, through the use of solar-powered lighting for economic and domestic use, thereby enabling BioFuel research & development.
  • ‘ Fairest Trade’ OBJECTIVE
    • To attract commercial investment & sponsorship. To encourage ethical profit-sharing, and global advertising for the provision of capital funding, vital resources & technical expertise.
    • To facilitate free-market economics with the ‘developed world’ (re: G8; World Bank; IMF initiatives)
    • To encourage the exportation of arts, crafts, clothing, jewellery, local/organic produce, etc - with the improvement of logistics & regional transport to commercial container ports, etc. (re: ECOWAS)
  • Educational OBJECTIVE
    • To administer such health, information & communication centres based upon solar-powered satellites linked to PCs, SmartBoards and large-screens for mass educational training, qualifiable academic courses and choice programs from the BBC, Open University, etc; using various media formats.
    • To provide formal education for street children, and to support the aged.
    • To train & equip the vulnerable street children & orphans in vocational skills.
    • To advocate the Rights of the Child (UNESCO)
    • To stem the tide of youth migration to the cities (and thus exposure to corruption, crime & drugs) by creating local employment via sustainable initiatives, that can be transferred through instruction to subsequent generations. Ecotourism & the exportation of ‘Fair Trade’ products are key factors.
    • To rehabilitate thousands of street children in the urban centres of Ghana, and to encourage this within other ECOWAS countries.
  • Employment OBJECTIVE
    • To create employment in the construction, maintenance & administration of community, educational and medical centres using solar panels and wind-turbines for power, water pumps & purification, drainage & waste-recycling, with technological equipment, utilities & services.
  • Industrial OBJECTIVE
    • To encourage the local processing, manufacture & packaging of products (i.e. coffee & chocolate), thereby reducing the economically-inefficient costs & environmentally-damaging impacts of exporting raw materials for the demand of world markets, (whilst the importation tariffs and prices of quality consumables cannot even be afforded by the source producers &/or original suppliers!)
  • Historical OBJECTIVE
    • To care for the sick & elderly, whilst ensuring that their unique knowledge is recorded & archived for future reference, through the production of syndicated educational & historical media documentaries.
  • Agricultural OBJECTIVE
    • To establish ecologically-designed greenhouse cultivation of such indigenous plants such as Wormwood to enable research & development into the treatment of Malaria and other diseases.
    • To en-courage local farmer co-operatives to set up ‘Fair Trade’ practices, markets & logistics.
  • Reforestation OBJECTIVE
    • To reduce the destruction of woodland through the use of parabolic solar cookers and ecologically low-impact technology, thus promoting generative re-forestation & the stabilization of enriched soils.
    • To plant Neem trees and other plants for research into botanical anti-AIDS properties, and the prevention of MALARIA.
  • Reclamation OBJECTIVE
    • To ‘recycle’ abandoned churches & derelict properties, and to develop the neglected site & land for the construction of ecologically-sustainable housing, educational & social centres, eco-agriculture, and local industry.
    • To prevent the encroachment of water bodies by estate developers, and the dumping of refuse by communities for conservation purposes.
  • Networking OBJECTIVE
    • To link with ‘twinned’ schools & colleges worldwide; and to provide global media corporations with authentic ‘reality TV’ programs based upon the progress & development of the local school & community.
    • Satellite communication with Microsoft Office PC/s, administration, networking & media facilities.
    • To liaise with government and other NGOs to carry out development programmes that will enhance the living conditions of the vulnerable and the marginalised in society.
    • Collaboration with organisations offering work & cultural experience, such as the Peace Corps.
  • START-UP FINANCING Global Appeal
    • Initial Funding & Investment through educational multi-media documentaries of endangered village cultures – to be syndicated & marketed world-wide as true ‘ Reality TV’.
    • Grants from Individual & Corporate Patronage, and Sponsors (e.g. Bono, Geldof, Ure, Gates, Kofi Anan, Microsoft , Nokia , SmartBoard , etc)
    • Ethical bank loan for initial 10 year financial plan, linked to World Bank, IMF, WTO, UN, etc
  • TIMELINE – 2006: Phase 1
    • To confirm Gye Nyame Charity International’s LOGO and Name with the Registrar General’s Office in Accra, by September 2006.
    • To establish an official Bank Account by October 2006, in accordance with Charity Commission regulations.
    • To register & certificate GNCI with Social Welfare office; and to identify immediate priorities by November 2006.
    • To prepare a temporary office compound for both the Board of Directors and Projects Implementation Team (PIT) by December 2006.
    • To find sponsorship for 2 4WD vehicles re: Logistics
  • TIMELINE – 2007: Phase 2
    • To equip the office with at least 5 computers linked to telephone/fax on broadband to the Internet; printers, photocopier, scanner; A/V suite, and SMARTboard equipment, etc - by January 2007.
    • To have established a Website domain, host and Homepage with email addresses by January 2007.
    • To seek, interview & recruit Ghanaian staff & key workers whose professional competencies are critical to GNCI.
    • To begin Networking for funding & support, by February 2007.
    • To implement full Shareholder analysis by March 2007 (the 50 th anniversary of the democratic independence of Ghana)
    • To complete a Motivation & Remuneration package appraisal for Directors, staff & employees by May 2007
  • URGENT Needs
    • Central administrative ‘home’ office complex within secure compound – logistically close to a port; roads; services; utilities; local area inter-networks & telephones
    • Solar panelled roof conversions to facilitate energy self-sufficiency for the home/office & support community.
    • Solar/Wind-powered Water pumps & purification plant/s, with ecologically-controlled Waste recycling.
    • 2 x 4-wheel drive vehicles with trailers; Diesel Turbo Transporter van (modified for Bio Fuel )
    • Construction equipment, tools & maintenance utilities
    • Technical engineers & Servicing advisors.
    • Donated Supplies of:
    • Industrial Batteries & 12v Inverters
    • Solar Roofing Panels & Street lighting
    • Wind-turbines
    • Mobile phones
    • Hardware: PCs, Printers, Scanners & Photocopiers
    • Software: CD ROMs and relevant programs
    • Supply of toner, paper, and office stationary
    • Receptors & Satellite dishes
    • Whiteboards & large-screens with projectors for Educational classes & presentations
    • Medical resources for volunteers/employees
    • “ The greatest misfortune is when Theory outstrips Performance” (Walt Whitman)
    • “ Remember your Humanity – and forget the rest” (Albert Einstein)
    • We are either part of the problem
    • or its solution
    • CHOOSE!
    • For further information, please contact:
    • Graham Russell-Pead, B.Sc.,PGCE,Dip.Sec.,TEFL,MOS , at
    • [email_address]
  • Contact
    • Bank
    • Barclays of Cape Coast
    • Email
    • [email_address]
    • Website
    • www.gnci.co.uk