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  • 1. Approach to Pre-Roll Video
  • 2. 15-Second Pre-Roll Ads• Pre-roll is a :15 video asset that plays before the consumer engages in the video they were trying to watch. There is total captivation of the audience that is forced to watch the video before they can get to their desired video.• 15-second online ads have proven to keep viewers’ attention and generate much higher click-through rates than traditional banner ads• Pre-roll ads can be re-targeted as well by placing a “cookie” on the visitor’s computer. This allows us to track the user and serve the individual our pre-roll videos for your product or service.
  • 3. Promoting 30-90 second videos• In addition to targeted 15-second ads, we recommend allocating some resources to promoting longer videos via YouTube’s TrueView platform – Viewers can skip our video after watching the first 5 seconds – We are only charged if a viewer watches at least 30 seconds – Each time an ad is watched for 30 seconds, the official view count ticks up, so ads appear to have gone “viral”
  • 4. Higher consumer engagement
  • 5. Pre-Roll Marketing• Demographic and Geographical Targeting• Third party data utilization for a more targeted ad placement.• Ability to remarket pre-video to people who have watched the video, visited your website, and searched for specific key words.• Extensive site list to accomplish our targeting programs• Advanced reporting metrics
  • 6. Approach to Display Banner Ads
  • 7. Display Ad RemarketingOnce the online campaign starts, our website will see an influx of traffic. These visitors are more likely thanthe general public to be consumers looking for more information or close to making a purchase. Banner adsare digital billboards that increase CTRs due to their creative interaction. These ads can be targeteddemographically, contextually, geographically and remarketed.We place a “cookie” on the visitor’s computer. This allows us to track the user and serve the individual low-cost display ads on brand-safe webpages across Google’s ad network. Remarketing Have you ever visited a clothing store online, put an item in your checkout cart, but left the site without making the purchase? Then, for the next week, you see ads for the item everywhere you go online? That’s remarketing.
  • 8. Sizes for Online Display ads In order to generate the most impressions possible, we will create ads in multiple sizes. The majority of ads will be: • Leaderboard • Wide ads at the top of the page (720x90 pixels) • Skyscraper • Tall ads on the side of a page (160x600 pixels) • Large Rectangle • Box ads on the side (300x250 pixels)