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Drupal Community Awesomeness - IRC Chatzilla
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Drupal Community Awesomeness - IRC Chatzilla


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This document contains step by step instructions to install chatzilla as a firefox add-on and connect to drupal chatrooms. At the end is a brief cheatsheet and additional links.

This document contains step by step instructions to install chatzilla as a firefox add-on and connect to drupal chatrooms. At the end is a brief cheatsheet and additional links.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Instructions for Installing an IRC Client This demonstrates installing Chatzilla which works as a Firefox add-on. On the last pages you will also find a brief IRC cheatsheet. Pre-requisite: Of course you have to have Firefox on your computer since Chatzilla works as a Firefox plugin! Please visit this page to download and install Firefox – Other Popular Clients you can Try: Colloquy (Mac, has the most “Mac-Like” UI, free) X-Chat (Windows and Linux, free) mIRC (popular on Windows, shareware) Many Others either free or for pay see this discussion on (with links to other sites): Steps: Go to:, then CLICK “Add to FireFox”
  • 2. CLICK “Install Now” Restart Firefox when prompted...
  • 3. Start Chatzilla: Tools->Chatzilla Here is the initial view... (go to next step)
  • 4. We need to tell Chatzilla what we want to use for a nickname. Best practice is to use your username. Select ChatZilla->Preferences... In the Global Settings, enter your Nickname, then click OK
  • 5. Drupal uses the freenode network. There is a link right on the Chatzilla home page! Click the “freenode” link.
  • 6. After connecting to freenode you'll see a tab on the bottom like this... Go to next step
  • 7. Next we need to tell Chatzilla what channels we want to talk in. There are many drupal channels! Select IRC->Join channel... Enter #drupal in the “Quick Search” box. It will take a minute, but then you'll see all the drupal channels. Click the channel you want to join, then OK. (Repeat for each additional)
  • 8. You can see the new tabs at the bottom of the window. You are ready to start chatting!
  • 9. IRC Cheatsheet (Superbrief!!) Note: For additional information the handbook page on how to make effective use of IRC is here – Please make sure to review that! How to chat: Assumption: You have a client set up and know how to connect to a chatroom. Most IRC clients will simply have a one line text box towards the bottom of the screen. Simply type something and press [ENTER]. You should immediately see it in the chatroom. Specific things you can type... 1. Many people may be talking at once about different things. Want to say something to someone specific (for example answering their question)? Start your comment with username: “Username:Your problem can be solved with this module.” 2. Actions. Actions are a fun way to spice up the conversation. They are displayed differently in the chatroom. /me nods /me goes off to find that reference /me rubs chin in thought 3. Going to step away for awhile (but want to keep the chatroom open so you can see what folks were talking about while you were away)? Set your status to away... /away getting lunch Are you back? Just type /away with nothing after... 4. Private Messages. It is possible to send a message to someone and NOT have it be displayed in the channel (a private message). You should always ask first! It is considered very rude to just start a private conversation. Asking to have a private message is as simple as typing “username, pm?” Abusing the private message concept is a sure way to get people in Drupal rooms to ignore you. To give some context I don't remember ever needing to have a private message with someone /msg username message 5. Using the Druplicon IRC bot. Lots to cover here. Best is to hit this page for information... The short of it is that there is a programmed IRC bot called Druplicon that monitors many of the #drupal channels. It (he? She? ;) supports a variety of commands and features that can make Drupal IRC channels much more fun and informative. Note - for some of the below you need to address Druplicon as a user (by typing Druplicon: first), for others not. Couple of quick examples... - Any node number (or full path) by itself and drupalicon will respond! <you> 36602? <Druplicon> => How to enact change within the Drupal community => 17 IRC mentions seen username? (druplicon will respond with when they last made a statement and in what drupal chat
  • 10. room!) Druplicon: tell username whatever you want to tell them (Next time that user posts anything in any IRC channel monitored by Druplicon it will print out whatever you wanted to tell them. Great way to pass a message along. Note I have to type Druplicon: for this one) karma++ (or --), example winstond++ (would add 1 to my karma) Druplicon: karma winstond (would print my current karma points. Note I have to type Druplicon: for this one) It's a lot of fun to interact with Druplicon, and very helpful too. A fun way to practice with the Druplicon is to start your own private conversation with Druplicon. To do this in whatever IRC program you are using (chatzilla, whatever) go to the user list for the channel you are in and find Druplicon. Right click on the name Druplicon and select “Private Message”. This will pop open a new tab where you are communicating only with Druplicon. Use this window to practice some of the techniques and commands for interacting with Druplicon as discussed on However, remember that just because it is a private conversation if you use commands to change karma or tell other users things etc. those are live commands.