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Local to global investor book


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  • 1. PwC’s Accelerator “Local to Global” Expo PwC’s Accelerator is a unique platform designed to accelerate high-growth companies to a global level. Our goal is to help these companies achieve an international reach and becomeContent leaders in their market by combining adequate fundraising, top management team building and logistical assistance.PwC’s Accelerator Activity Report 2 By making the most of the business network and professional expertise of PwC and its corporate members,Agenda 6 these companies can achieve exponential growth.Roundtable 6Pitching high growth Companies 8First Session 8 - 21 WelcomeSensimedVisuol TechnologiesHakisa about the strategic development andOlky challenges of digital platforms. DiscoverMORF Media more about our speakers in this brochure !TechniwoodImmunovia We have included our first Activity Report,Belingoo in which you will discover more aboutNanogap PwC’s Accelerator as well as our membersExpertmaker realisations to date. You will see also the Ecosystem we are striving to build aroundPhosphorus We are pleased to welcome you today at our entrepreneurs now stands.Spallian second “Local to Global” Expo where youUrthecast We hope that this second edition of the will have the opportunity to discover 28 highSecond Session 22 - 35 potential companies from Europe, Russia and “Local to Global” Expo will provide to you the US. These companies have been selected the opportunity to meet high-potentialin-edit companies and prominent players of thePrima Diag based on the uniqueness of their technology, the quality of their management, their European investors community.TagTagCityGem Med ambition to grow internationally as well as We wish you a pleasant Expo!i-snapshot the total size of their addressable market.Stealth SoftwareSuperstand You can meet and further discuss with theseVizerra companies after the Expo during the one-to-Regify one meetings.FLASHiZExcursiopedia During the day, you will also have theMJR Pharmajet Laurent Probst Alexandre Rhea opportunity to listen to high quality speakersBalmartLuxCloud
  • 2. 2 3 Investing in relationships Clients: Results of the 1st “Local to Global” Expo” held on 27.03.2012: First Community events tor for an hour long discussion that was sha- • 200 applications red with PwC’s Accelerator community. TheKey figures acceleration. These companies are in an ear- • 20+ members The first “Local to Global” Expo, which 02.05.12 | Discussion with an accomplished main themes were:Structuring a community of investors and lier stage of expansion and mainly require • 6 companies in acceleration presented 25 fast-growing companies from Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist: Dr.Ossama 1. European/US differences;entrepreneurs coaching and assistance in various fields like • Companies of PwC’s Acccelerator Europe, Russia and the US to 150 potential Hassanein 2. Lessons learned for entrepreneurs; and recruitment, building a strong sales pipeline, have successfully raised more than investors, was held on 27 March 2012, 3. Silicon Valley Trends.Today, more than 200 companies have ap- validating their business plan... This prepa- 4 million euros to date during the official Opening Day of PwC’s Dr.Hassanein is anplied to PwC’s Accelerator programmes. Six ration is systematically being coordinated • 5 hosted clients Accelerator, and was met with approval from entrepreneur, men- Here is an extract from the discussion aboutare in acceleration at PwC’s Accelerator. In by the PwC’s Accelerator team. Members all sides: tor, and venture entrepreneurship: • Recruitment of international Toptheir quest in becoming global, these compa- who need it can also benefit from our hou- capitalist. Over the Executives to execute global • 80% of the pitched companies were able sing offer in company plan last 35 years, he Dr. Hassanein stated: “I love the European to establish business contacts; our Vertigo has managed over entrepreneurs that I met and supported, • Comprehensive approach for • 40% initiated formal contacts with poten- building. This US$1 billion of just as much as I loved their Canadian coun- assisting companies is a key tial investors; gives them the international tech- terparts.” He often wished they would be distinctive feature creating value to added bene- our members • The effectiveness of the event format was nology funds in “more aggressive”. What seems to be lacking fit of meeting praised by 100% of the responders. diverse leadership in Europe is the vibrancy of the ecosystem and mingling roles including EVP that US entrepreneurs enjoy in Silicon Val- with other Community: of Berkeley International in San Francisco, ley, and increasingly now in Los Angeles and PwC’s Accele- • Top-tier investors community of Chairman of Technocom Ventures in Paris, New York. He encouraged European entre- rator commu- 1400 built and qualified President of Newbridge Networks Holding preneurs to go through an “acceleration” nity members. • 50 large Corporates looking for new in Canada, and Chairman of the Rising Tide programme, such as offered by PwC: “Take Overall, the technologies Fund in Silicon Valley. Currently, he is chair- a leave in Silicon Valley, enshrine the faith creation of a man of BDNA Corp in Mountain View, of of entrepreneurship within, and become im- • 30 Service providers offering community Echovox in Geneva, and Zong in Menlo Park, bued with the values you aspire to live by”. services to members dedicated to California. He used an analogy of a “believer” underta- • 10 Universities high-tech is king pilgrimage to Jerusalem or Mecca. It is gaining pace • Relationship with Silicon Valley: On 2 May 2012, Dr. Hassanein sat down with not essential, but could be most inspiring! thanks to Silicon Valley has an unparalleled Alexandre Rhea, the CEO of PwC’s Accelera-nies are in need of a mix of corporate restruc- concrete and positive contacts between all track record in helping build global First visit to Silicon Valley with companies companies, PwC’s Accelerator in acceleration in Juneturing, executive management recruitment, stakeholders, including corporate inves- offers a unique access to this highly 26.07.12 | the reasons to go global, by Becoming a global company regardless ofsignificant fundraising, logistics assistance tors, service providers and universities. As Companies brought to Silicon Valley: attractive ecosystem and diversified Carlos Ramon your size should not be a choice but an obli-in going global, ... As fundraising is an inte- of today, the PwC’s Accelerator community E-Dynamics (Morf Media), LuxCloud, Spallian. network gation. The reasons for this are threefold:gral part of the acceleration process, we have counts more than 50 corporate members, an Besides the opportunity to pitch together About Carlos Ramón:started to actively discuss each of their fun- integral part of our ecosystem, and around • First visit to Silicon Valley with with 25 other US companies in front of 80+ 1. Maximise Shareholder Value- As a CEO of companies in acceleration in June Ramón is today a recognised business consul-draising needs with investors. We have also ten experienced entrepreneurs. We have also investment and corporate funds, our com- any company, regardless of its sharehol- tant helping high tech companies build theirsigned 20+ membership agreements for started to build a network of top-tier inves- panies in acceleration had the opportunity der composition, your main responsibility foundations in beco-companies in the phase of preparation for tors spanning across the globe. to meet on one-to-one top tier Silicon Valley is to maximise share- ming global players. Venture Capital funds, multinational Corpo- holder value. His successes over rate potential partners and Reputable Entre- 20+ years of expe- 2. Know your com-ICT Corporate Members preneurs. The exercise was most successful as they did create solid contacts with both rience of working in an executive role or as an advisory board petition- As the world has become flat, inter- national presence is potential investors and business partners. As Renaud Prouveur, CEO of Spallian, said member for renow- the best way to keep on his way back to Europe, “What they did ned global techno- your competition in in three days would have taken 18 months in logy companies, gives check. Europe”! him unique insight 3. Recruiting the on trends in globali- This journey was also the opportunity for best talent- Having sation. Examples of PwC’s Accelerator to confirm the appropria- international presence and embracing these companies include: PeopleSoft, Aka- teness of our market positioning and targe- international perspectives is the best way mai Technologies, Silver Spring Networks ting. to convince new hires of your company’s and Ooyala. international angle.
  • 3. 4 5Promoting our services within the Greaterregion and ICT Community ICT Spring Welcome International ICT companies Event-Hosting The UNconvention - bringing together some of the most innovative young Europeans Opening-up to future Entrepreneurs PwC’s Accelerator hosts Entrepreneurship Community MembersThe Greater Region Business Days - On the day prior to the ICT Spring, PwC’s The UNconvention was held in Brussels Workshop for Studentspromoting B2B services Accelerator was invited by ICT organisers to on 26-27 June and focused on bringing host a welcome event for 30+ guests of the together some of the most innovative youngPwC’s Accelerator kicked off the month ICT industry. Stemming mainly from South Europeans. Organised by the Europeanof June with a two-day event, the Greater Korea, Japan and France the guests followed Young Innovators Forum with the support ofRegion Business Days on 13-14 June. We a programme organised by PwC’s Accelerator the President of the European Parliament, thehad the opportunity to introduce ourselves that allowed them to visit LuxConnect event was held in a very interactive, informaland network with many businesses, service datacenter in Bettembourg, as well as the and unconventional format to allow for ideasproviders and entrepreneurs in the Greater Vansken and Kabam offices. Moreover, the to flow. PwC’s Innovation and R&D LeaderRegion. The event brought together key guests visited PwC’s Accelerator premises at and founder of PwC’s Accelerator, Laurentplayers from the three neighbouring Vertigo. The serial entrepreneur Jean-Claude Probst, gave an empowering presentationcountries, notably high level political and Bintz (Lakehouse) and Robert Dennewald on the role of Innovation in Europe that waseconomic representatives to share the latest (President at Fedil) welcomed them with a midely praised, evidenced by the number ofeconomic developments of the Greater speech on entrepreneurship in Europe. one-to-one meetings he held following hisRegion. BGL BNP Paribas launched an innovative speech. Social Business called «Lux Future Lab». The idea was born to create a «Summer School»ICT Spring Europe - meeting with the most different market segments such as Digital for High School Students with the followingtalented Luxembourgish and international Life, Smart technologies and Cloud services. objective: to inspire students to think aboutspecialists PwC’s Accelerator had a strong presence, their future and encourage them to open up from a speech given to ICT Spring attendees to various perspectives. In essence, motivateThe third Annual ICT Spring Europe, them to become dynamic actors of their own entitled “From Local Market Traction towhich took place on 19-20 June, drew future by building two main qualities: a grasp of Global Leadership” to the participation in amore than 3,500 visitors from all over the entrepreneurship and innovation. round-table around “Entrepreneurship forworld and 150 international companies. Innovation”. The result left our booth was We organised a full day workshop onOf these companies, four are programmed buzzing with activity. This was evidenced entrepreneurship and shared with these futureto pitch at our “Local to Global” Expo on by the multitudes of visitors interested in business leaders what is needed to take initiative27 September. These companies focus on learning more on our one-stop shop. and start a business. We were very impressed“We can read your enthusiasm “You meet a real entrepreneur’s by the high level of organisation and creativity that was being displayed by the your eyes” need that was not covered before” “Your team really makes us want to work with you” PerspectivesInstitutional Members strateg yandesign Our priorities: • Build and expand the ecosystem • Reach the critical size • Reinforce our relationship with investors • Develop our relationship with other PwC’s Accelerators • Go Accelerator go! strateg yandesign
  • 4. 6 7 Nicolas has a degree from EMLYON, the Lyon business Poste where he was in charge of managing relationships Agenda school and an MBA from the University of Connecticut (he obtained both degrees in 2000). Nicolas’s first job between Groupe La Poste and the start-up ecosystem. In that capacity, Nicolas took part in a number of events was in the United States, where he worked for a start- where he acted as a mentor or member of the jury (e.g. 27 September 2012 up specialising in methods of payment. When he Le Camping, Start-up Weekend, BarCamp). Nicolas returned to France, he spent five years working in specialises in innovative financial services. the market analyst team of software and computing Nicolas joined XAnge in 2012 as Investment Manager to services company Unilog. He then did a five-year help increase the deal flow in B2C internet, mobile services, 10:30 - 11:00 Welcome and registration stint in the innovation division of Groupe La innovative financial services and SaaS BtoB proposals. Nicolas Debock 11:00 - 15:15 Second “Local to Global” Expo 11:00 - 11:15 Welcome speech by Alexandre Rhea, CEO of PwC’s Accelerator & Laurent Probst, Partner and Founder of PwC’s Accelerator Born October 28, 1940 Esch/Alzette, Grand-Duchy of ComputerLand Europe, at the time the world’ largest 11:15 - 11:45 Presentation - “The Economy of Digital Platforms” by Henri Verdier, President of Luxembourg. Holds a Luxembourg Doctorate of Law. PC retailer. Graduated in Political Science at the Institut d’Etudes Has been a member of Parliament since 1984. Elected Cap Digital & Nicolas Colin, author, entrepreneur and finance inspector, Politiques, Paris and at Stanford University. to the Luxembourg City Council in 1987, was Deputy Government Administration* Served for the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Mayor from 1991 to 1999 and Mayor until 2011. 11:45 - 12:30 High Growth Companies’ presentations - First session London, Helsinki and Geneva. Was chief of staff to Prime Initiated the Hotcity project, a public private Minister Gaston Thorn (1975-1979) before joigning the partnership offering fully operational universal 12:30 - 14:00 Walking lunch government as Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Wifi service throughout the city of Luxembourg and 14:00 - 14:30 Roundtable “Building Europe-based successful digital platforms” moderated by Laurent Probst Foreign Trade and Economic Development (1979-1984). partner cities. Nicolas Debock, Investment manager, XAnge Private Equity From 1984 to 1989 was General Manager of Paul Helminger, Chairman, Hot City Paul Helminger Marco Houwen, CEO, Luxcloud Christian Thaler-Wolski, Principal, Wellington Partners Henri Verdier, President, Cap Digital Our experts will be at Christian joined Wellington Partners in 2009. He is his career at ORACLE, the global leader in the software 14:30 - 15:15 High Growth Companies’ presentations - Second session your disposal to discuss an Investment Manager with the Digital Media and industry. In 2007 he joined the management team of on the new “Alternative Software team and his primary role is identifying student loan vendor CareerConcept AG as the Director of 15:15 - 16:45 One to one meetings exciting investment opportunities and building Business Development. Investment Fund Managers relationships with the great entrepreneurs Christian holds an MBA from INSEAD, Fontainebleau, and 16:45 - 17:00 Award ceremony Directive” (AIFMD) during behind these companies. has an undergraduate degree in international economics & one to one meetings Christian brings entrepreneurial and business from universities in Budapest and Toronto. industry experience to his role. He started Christian Thaler-Wolski Roundtable Henri Verdier (born November 24, 1968), former of the board of Paris-Sorbonne University. Student of the Ecole Normale Supérieure, is a French He was awarded the Ordre National du Mérite in 2010. entrepreneur, and currently CEO of MFG Labs, an Aside from this position, Henri Verdier was internet startup involved in social data mining. the founder Director of “Edition Odile JacobRoundtable “Building Europe-based Therefore it is complex to understand all market trend, value chain or regulation. He is also the Chairman of the Board of Cap Digital, Multimedia”, a publishing company in the field of the French European Cluster for Digital Content and e-learning, Executive Adviser for Innovation atsuccessful digital platforms” the challenges and opportunities issued Services located in Paris Region. Lagardère Group and the Director of Prospective from these platforms. This roundtable This is also an open discussion, you will have He is a member of the ARCEP Strategic Committee, a for the Institut Telecom.Faster and faster, digital platforms are composed of investors, entrepreneurs and the possibility to address the panel with any member of the CNIL Strategic Committee and a memberreshaping ecosystems and the way people highly experienced professionals of the ICT question or comment you may have.interact with each other. Switch from community will be the chance to tackle this Henri Verdierprevious business model is massive! hot topic throughout various aspects such as Marco Houwen, together with his partners LuxConnect and traditional and expensive licensing model to the new and affordable Datacenter Luxembourg, founded LuxCloud S.A. in April 2010. SaaS (Software as a Service) model. This partnership sets out to attract international SME and SMI Prior to that in 2000, Marco in association with Xavier Buck, Moderator Laurent Probst, Partner and Founder, PwC’s Accelerator out of the field of Software development to the Grand Duchy. founded the first company of DCL Group, now recognized as one of LuxCloud will put Luxembourg firmly on the International the biggest Internet success stories in Luxembourg with companies Panellists Nicolas Debock, Investment manager, XAnge Private Equity Internet map and delivers services to SMB’s all over including Datacenter Luxembourg but also, EuroDNS, e-Brand Marco Houwen, CEO, Luxcloud Europe. Services and voipGATE to name but a few. Paul Helminger, Chairman, Hot City A market leading provider of cloud computing Passionate about the promotion of Luxembourg, Marco is co- Christian Thaler-Wolski, Principal, Wellington Partners services, LuxCloud allows companies to quickly founder and President of LU-CIX A.s.b.l. and as such contributes Henri Verdier, President, Cap Digital launch and profitably deliver the cloud services actively on the promotion of the Luxembourgish e-commerce hub. demanded by small and medium sized In addition to his role as LuxCloud CEO, Marco is CEO of Datacenter businesses. Thanks to the LuxCloud platform, Luxembourg and a board member of the DCL Group. Marco Houwen companies are able to move from a
  • 5. 8 9High Growth Companies’ presentations - First session Technology Technology The SENSIMED Triggerfish consists of a soft contact lens incorporating Over several years, VISUOL Technologies has developed a complete a patented MEMS sensor and a telemetric system which receives power range of innovative industrial systems for surface quality inspection from and sends information to an adhesive loop antenna that the based on phase-stepped deflectometry. The technology is insensitive to Logo here patient is wearing around the eye, which then stores information in a Logo here parasitic ambient light and vibrations meaning it directly measures portable recorder. surface minute shape defects. SENSIMED AG VISUOL Route de Chavannes 37 Problem Solving Problem Solving 1007 - Lausanne Glaucoma is an asymptomatic, progressive and irreversible disease Technologies The detection of surface defects (shape deviations, waviness, roughness, which leads to blindness unless adequate treatment is provided early on. 8 rue des Feivres aesthetic defects, etc.) is a major concern in many industrial Switzerland Glaucoma affects about 4% of the population over 40 years of age and is 57070 Metz applications. steadily increasing with age. IOP (Intra-Ocular Pressure) peaks are Today, controls often rely on operators who perform visual inspection frequently not detected delaying the diagnosis of glaucoma and leaving France or finger-tip checks. Such controls are costly and suffer from a lack of Short Resume / Description many patients under inadequate treatment and thus progressing repeatability because of their subjectivity. towards blindness. Our metrology systems are especially suitable to render these controls SENSIMED AG is a Swiss company with its Short Resume / Description automatic. They allow fast, objective, full-field whilst non-contact principal focus on the design, The SENSIMED Triggerfish, at the convergence between device, drugs surface inspection to replace subjective evaluation and consequently can development, and commercialization of Everyday, millions of people inspect and information, is a paradigm-changing, non-invasive solution for save millions of Euros to the manufacturing industry. integrated micro-systems for medical surfaces subjectively by eyes, because no continuous 24-hour monitoring of fluctuations in IOP to aid the devices. The SENSIMED Triggerfish® is a others solutions are available. diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma. Both the antenna and the lens do revolutionary solution for 24-hour We provide breakthrough, exclusive and continuous monitoring of fluctuations in not interfere with normal vision; they are disposables, placed and Market validation removed by an ophthalmologist. The recorder is owned by the patented, non destructive surface quality Our products are referenced by more than 60 major key accounts, such intra-ocular pressure to manage glaucoma inspection solutions to replace subjective ophthalmologist. Patients will get 24-hour monitoring sessions as Daimler who have acquired an equipment to improve the production patients. visual inspection allowing a better anywhere between once or several times a year depending on the rate of process of composite SMC decklids of Mercedes car volume production. progression of the disease. understanding and improved quality. Our products are used to check the surface of Boeing Dreamliner Contact: Consequently, for In-line measurement we fuselage and AIRBUS aircraft paint quality, to improve the process Jean-Marc Wismer, CEO Market validation save Millions € to our clients in a wide production of the new LEAP turbofan engine from SAFRAN and GE. Since restricted commercial launch in 2011, the product has enjoyed range of applications (Automotive, It is also used to improve the quality of medical implants from Aesculap tremendous acceptance by key opinion global leaders. Initial targeted Aeronautic, Energy, Metallurgy, Medical, B-Braun, for which we received the First Prize for Innovation from 3 of +41 7 86 36 29 51 commercialisation has generated over CHF 1M with limited sales Luxury…). the worldwide Big-7 orthopedics suppliers (Implants 2012). efforts, showing an increasing rate of repeat purchase of the disposable Our POLISMART Project for Intelligent Polishing has just been Funding: sensors. approved to be sponsored by the French Ministry of industry. Contact: € 13M-17M the next 6 months Competitive Advantage Baseotto Gerard, CEO Competitive Advantage No device is currently able to provide ophthalmologists with the 24- Visuol Technologies provide the only available solution to objectively Revenue forecast: hour profile of intraocular pressure fluctuations they need to make the +33 6 80 03 05 58 control large, reflective, surfaces replacing subjective visual inspection. € 21M in 2014 right diagnosis and to adapt treatment to individuals and to changing The state-of-the-art contactless measuring solution combining conditions. The current state-of-the-art device is a succession of single simplicity, robustness and performance puts us ahead of competition. measurements which itself creates changes in IOP. Thus a continuous Funding: Reach profitability: monitoring device like the SENSIMED Triggerfish addresses a major € 1.5M-5M the next 6 months Why invest? No info unmet need in the field and as such has raised the greatest interest of € 5M-10M the next 18 months Years of intensive R&D led the development of an exclusive/unique the most renowned professionals. A study indicates that doctors have products line; allowing a strategic response to the market need for changed treatment in 79% of the cases when such 24-hour continuous quality control of manufactured goods, while reducing production costs. Management team: information, even though performed manually, was available. Revenue forecast: This need has been confirmed by more than 60 references in large Jean-Marc Wismer, CEO € 1M-5M revenues in 2013 companies. Why invest? In front of this multisectorial demand, we provide the only solutions The SENSIMED Triggerfish is not a marginal improvement but a true from portable to in-line application. paradigm shift just like the Holter device revolutionised heart Reach profitability: The ultimate challenge is to organise our company so as to become the monitoring a decade ago. There is a clear, large and growing unmet 2013 worldwide leader in surface quality control. medical need which costs large amounts to society and leads millions to blindness. The solution is proven, fully industrialised, commercialised, Management team: and years ahead of competition. The technology relies on a solid platform and enjoys strong patent and trade secret protection. The Yves Surrel, R&D Manager company is led by an experienced management team with a solid track record. A lucrative exit is expected in a horizon of two-three years. The company expects to generate revenues in excess of $200m on the fifth year, with an annual growth rate of 25%.
  • 6. 10 11 Technology Technology Hakisa is a suite of cloud based applications enabling easy and In every attempt of execution, SIO4 generates a banking deal by card or personalized usage of digital services combined with an by SDD and informs the supplier of the success or failure about the Logo > intergenerational social media support provided by a trusted and operation. In case of failure, it changes automatically means of payment knowledgeable person. The so called Musher configures a personalized Log or/and by splitting the amount of the order, until complete collection. HAKISA portal seamlessly working on all devices. 8 Place de lHopital hOlky Payment Service Problem Solving 67000 Strasbourg Problem Solving Provider SARL Recovering tasks is the problem of every company, whatever the size Today internet services and content providers cannot serve a growing 1, rue Weischbaendchen and the activity. With SIO4, companies are able to receive payments France and lucrative portion of todays digital market: Seniors victim of Digital from your customers without even having to claim. Stop losing your L-5842 Hesperange Divide due to increasing complexity and usability barriers. Also, those time in recovery, and spend it for developing your activities. categories of users are mainly interested in their local environment LuxembourgShort Resume / Description which the industry has not focused on yet. Market validation Hakiza proposes to fill this gap making internet and its related market OLKYPAY is now using SIO4 platform for about 3 000 transactions aHAKISA provides a Cloud Computing place accessible and useful for seniors. month, for the website and it works!solution for Seniors based on mediation Short Resume / Description This is a typical case of a company which could not perform withouttechnologies and social media. HAKISA is Market validation SIO4 is a platform of intermediation SIO4: with hundreds of customers renting scooters from 3 to 23a software platform hosting a registered The Hakisa platform has entered the market with a beta version which between suppliers and customers allowing months, it would need tens of accountants to manage payment ordersand profiled user database with mediation is the proof of concept and market acceptance phase. to collect orders of payment by SEPA each day. Only one person is needed to work instead with the SIO4functionalities enabling and facilitating Use case is Product Recommendation by Musher : The Musher does the Direct, Debit and by Credit Cards, not platform! There is no need to generate payment orders and no need tointernet usage and consumption for search and qualification on the net of best product, recommends and limited to the treatment of “one shot claim unpaid money. SIO4 performs it alone and greatly reduces theseniors. Universal Designed and Context helps the senior effectively buying the selected product. Also Hakisa will “collections. It administers the return of default rate (less than 5% with a majority of student customers).Aware applications in addition to a trusted provide a communication mediation between family members and the outstanding payments to renew Demand is coming out of various sectors as national centralsintergenerational assistance (The Musher) social networks users like Facebook users. automatically the attempts of collection purchasing, franchisors, international companies or websites and stillreposition the E-Seniors in the mainstream without any manual intervention, this until growing.of internet users. The Musher configures Competitive Advantage the complete execution of the orders of thethe account and remotely manages and  The sign-on to Hakisa is free of charge, secure and private for supplier. It allows creating several means Competitive Advantagepersonalises the seniors internet usage. Users and Mushers. of payment by customer, with hierarchical • Automatic dichotomy: SIO4 reduces the par nominal value to  The intergenerational musher concept is unique in the market. organization of the priorities of use, and increase the chances to collect at least a fraction of the amount.Contact:  The solution is multidevice OS neutral and offers a complete innovative techniques based on statistics to • Automatic recurrence: as long as order is not totally executed, digital usage suite of mediation applications. optimize the chances of collection. SIO4 repeats attempts of collection.Eric Gehl, CEO The association of these principles & the plurality of the means Why invest? payment increase in significant proportions the chances of collection of Contact:+ 33 6 33 13 58 81 Investing in Hakisa is investing in a unique and innovative concept and the orders of the supplier. technology accessing a huge untapped market opportunity but also an Franck Rouayroux, CEO experienced management team which knows how to execute global Why invest?Funding: market strategies in the IT and media space. The financial outlook if + 352 621 458 482 To keep the first mover advantage and reduce time to market! We need € 1.5M-5M in the next 6 months converted will drive high return levels. funding for R&D, marketing & communication, human resources, and to optimize the regulatory aspects specificities of each country. It could Funding:Revenue forecast: be developed first in France and in the BENELUX, and in a later stage € 1M in France across whole Europe. Funding is needed to meet the demand of€ 1M revenues in 2013 € 5M in UE potential customers already interested in SIO4.Reach profitability: Revenue forcast:2014 No infoManagement team: Reach profitability:Eric Gehl, CEO 2014Olivier Audouze, Co-Founder Management team: Franck Rouayroux, CEO Patrick Hautot Yann Le Targat
  • 7. 12 13 Technology Technology MORF Media is a pioneer in advanced 3D game engine development, Techniwood manufactures a patented innovative and energy efficient natural language processing, and artificial intelligence. The company product, which is integrated into a construction system. The company New York . Luxembourg . has developed a highly optimised, high-quality 3D game engine that Logo here has a unique industrial process to create a panel composed of structural Sydney . Guangzhou deploys scalable virtual worlds with social games onto a small footprint, Techniwood layers of timbers filled in with insulating materials. The product can be thin web client for all major web browsers, phones, tablets, and used in many applications for the construction industry (panels, consoles. The company has two product lines: casual social games for Route de Saint Félix structural walls, floors and ceilings). The product has been through the general public and gamification solutions for corporate brands. The ZAE Rumilly Sud several certification processes (ATEX CSTB), and showed strongShort Resume / Description company leverages a wide variety of game mechanics and game play on F-74150 Rumilly technical performances (shocks, fire, gases, smokes, etc.).MORF Media is a pioneering 3D virtual worlds top of its gaming platform for both sets of products.and social games technology company with France Problem Solvingunique, proprietary technologies in advanced Problem Solving Techniwood is the first company to propose a large scale industrial3D game engine development, natural language The competition for audience attention on the web and mobile devices competitive ecological and energy savings solution compared toprocessing, and artificial intelligence. The increases daily. These days, without the appropriate engagement Short Resume / Description traditional building industry products. The company provides acompany develops disruptive technology and platform, it is extremely difficult to catch the attention of a casual standardized solution at competitive prices in a fast growing marketproducts that totally transform the way users Techniwood has developed a large scale visitor, much less turn him/ her into a purchaser or a loyal fan. Brands The company aims at becoming the first major industrial player of theinteract with brands through social games in 3D industrial process and produces a are looking for new and more effective ways to engage casual gamers sustainable building sector.virtual worlds. standardized product of consistent quality and consumers in general. that fills a market gap.MORF Media leverages its 3D Virtual World The future of online and mobile user engagement, advertising and Market validation branding is moving towards “gamification” – a strategy that utilises Major constructions companies want to integrate Techniwood’sPlatform for: game design and game mechanics to make non-game applications more Contact: products into their offers and proposals. They are particulary interested1. Gamification of Brands: Interactive Games fun, appealing, and engaging to a target audience. MORF Media has François Pelissier, CEO in the company’s ability to provide large volume of cleantech in Virtual Worlds for businesses and developed a truly innovative and advanced gamification platform construction solutions with consistent quality. The potential pipeline brands. utilising dynamic 3D virtual worlds and social games to radically includes 176,000sqm (EUR 12m) , 2 tenders won, 25 proposals emitted2. Casual Social Games: Games in 3 D +33 6 03 02 76 38 improve user metrics, stickiness, awareness, and purchasing. or under preparation. For Q1 2013: 4,500 sqm sold (EUR 0.31m). environment, playable on multiple As an example: Techniwood delivered to Foyer Rémois/Vilogia platforms. Primary target market: tweens, teens and young adults (13-35 year olds). Market Validation Funding: Panobloc panels for renovating and increasing size of 480 appartment The gamification market is new and rapidly growing with expected units in September 2012. Micro-transactions revenue model (e.g., Confidential revenues of USD 2.8 bn by 2016. MORF Media plays in the high-end of virtual currency). this market with the virtual game worlds it creates for blue chip Competitive Advantage companies and brands. The company builds, operates, and maintains Revenue forecast: Unmatched:Contact: virtual social game worlds. It receives revenue for the design of the  Technical performances. ConfidentialKimberly Till, Acting CEO worlds and for the on-going operation and maintenance of the worlds  Quality consistency through an integral industrial on a monthly basis. The company has completed several corporate  Industrial performance: significant volume (200,000 worlds and has an attractive pipeline of potential clients. The company Reach profitability: sqm/y) for each line, easy and fast patented joining system,Funding: has also developed its own 3D virtual social game world, MojiKan, Confidential enhancing ability to prefabricate.USD 3M-5M in the next 3 months which currently has 230,000 beta users. Virtual currency sales will be  Economical performance: allows much faster construction the primary source of revenue. and high energy efficiency. Management team:Revenue:  Capacity to answer and deliver international volumes. Competitive Advantages François Pelissier - CEO USD 500K revenues in 2011  Advanced 3D Game Engine Development, Artificial Intelligence, and Dominique Pelissier – General Secretary Why invest?Reach profitability: Natural Language Processing Philippe Weitling – Large scale projects The CEO has already implemented two success stories, and has proven2014  Thin Client, Small Footprint, Browser-Based 3D Game Engine track records. Management team around him is very skilled and Xavier Beauquis – CFO  Cross-Platform Compatibility to Web, Phones, Tablets, & Consoles experienced, and has an extensive network within the industry.  Unique Virtual World Economy System to increase User ARPU Didier Goy – R&D Techniwood manufactures a unique and patented product (9 patents, 7Management team:  Powerful Virtual Social Gamification Platform for brands Pascal Faure – Plant director innovations). The company has an innovative industrial processJean-Claude Petter, Chairman  Ability to raise brand awareness, engagement, and purchase allowing large volumes of production with consistent quality.Kimberly Till, Acting CEO Clément Hiesse – Production director  Access to specific, targeted, transparent, and valuable user data. The wood industry is experiencing significant growth, which willRobert Fong, Founder, COO/CTO Laurent Bourdon – Design office continue given current regulatory framework and environmental Why invest? Christian Chabrier – Process consultant awareness.  Gamification and casual social games are large and rapidly growing market segments  MORF Media has unique and compelling product/service offers for both segments  MORF Media is leveraging its 3D technology platform to generate multiple revenue streams.
  • 8. 14 15 com Technology Technology A unique protein array technology capable of finding patterns of Smart belingoo solution: learn languages through a series of biomarkers in blood to detect disease states with high accuracy. entertaining/interesting books and texts. It allows the user to obtain a L ogo Immunovia’s technology is generally applicable for clinical needs where higher reading fluency mixed with a deeper understanding of foreign here no solutions exist today since it measures changes in the body’s own Logo here texts through short and concise translations of important words. As immune system. studies have shown, reading foreign texts permanently enhances the Immunovia AB Belingoo Media Group S.A. language skills, thus as a learning solution, belingoo utilizes the concept Medicon Village, Scheelevägen 2 Problem Solving 3, Rue Thomas Edison of learning in context with a 100 % relevant vocabulary base. belingoo 22363 Lund Immunovia is capable of diagnosing cancer indications, based on L-1445 Strassen further provides a publishing platform for the fast and international Sweden minimally invasive blood tests, with high confidence during disease Luxembourg rollout of content. development and progression. Pancreatic cancer is today detected too late and a 5 year survival rate is less than 3 percent. Early detection would mean increased survival rates in the range of 50%.Immunovia’s Problem SolvingShort Resume / Description test can be used to screen high risk groups for early detection. An Short Resume / Description At belingoo we have identified two main problem areas, upon which our additional clinical issue is the need to distinguish pancreatic cancer belingoo globally addresses two growth technology provides a solution:Immunovia AB is an early-phase molecular from different inflammations and Immunovia’s test is capable of markets with innovative products, be it:diagnostics company with a clinically addressing this issue as well. language learning & multilingual 1. Traditional language software technologies that provide translationsproven product development pipeline and publishing. are usually very expensive, long and at times not always impressive portfolio of intellectual Language learning volume is now moreproperty. Immunovia’s know-how brings Market validation The products have been validated using patient samples from cross than 80 billion dollars worldwide with Publishing with belingoo:entirely new diagnostic capabilities to translation volume predictions at 16.5currently unmet clinical needs and thus national sources. Next step is clinical trials and registration processes  fast and low cost multilingual publishing billion for the EU alone in 2015.has significant commercial potential. required to release and market in vitro diagnostic tests.  assisted reading (concise translations of important words)  option: All content learnable.Immunovia AB develops blood-based tests Contact: Competitive Advantagefor complex disease, such as: 2. Learners often do not have enough time to dedicate themselves fully We provide diagnostic answers, based on simple blood tests, to clinical Erik Landwehr, CEO• Pancreatic cancer problems where no solutions exist today. The difference to patients is a to learn a new language to a level initially targeted. This is often as a• Breast cancer matter of increased survival. The difference to society is improved result of the fact that they do not efficiently learn the vocabulary (+352) 2020 2430• SLE – autoimmune disease health economics. that they really need Why invest? Funding: Language learning with belingoo:Contact: WHO estimates that 30% of all cancers can be cured, if diagnosed early.  100 % relevant vocabulary base € 1M-2 M the next 6 monthsMats Grahn, CEO Immunovia believes it can offer such possibilities. Our lead product for  learning with interesting content in order to make it more early and accurate detection of pancreatic cancer is ready for regulatory trials and commersialisation. Additionally, a steady flow of new tests Revenue forecast:  improves qualifications and language skills for the work and+46 705 320 230 private life. into Immunovia’s pipeline is ensured and financed through partnership € 7.7M revenues in 2013 with the CreateHealth Translational Cancer Centre.Funding: Competitive Advantage Reach profitability:  Innovative approach to learning a language with a time budget€ 1.5M-5M the next 6 months 2014 (QII) advantage, making it highly efficient. Idea is patent protected  integration of a leading digital publishing platformRevenue forecast:  innovation pipeline supported by DFKI Management team: € 1.5M-5M in 2013  qualified partnerships to facilitate market entry Erik Landwehr, CEO Roman Jansen-Winkeln, CTO Why invest?Reach profitability:  Experienced team that covers all core competencies2016  social Reading, Social Learning, Social Publishing such as facebook all combined as one package  highly scalable business modelManagement team:  powerful products in an existing market, currently in excess ofMats Grahn, CEO 100 billion EurosProf. Carl Borrebaeck, Lead founder  good network with partners (market access, technology, assets);  focused exit strategy  global market entry already well prepared.
  • 9. 16 17 Technology Technology NANOGAPs technology is based on precisely controlled wet chemistry The technology comprises client software (desktop AI toolkit with a which produces innovative nanomaterials including AQC for medical, wide range of AI technologies, e.g. neural networks and genetic optical, and catalytic applications; silver nanofibers and nanoparticles Log algorithms), server-side software to provide large scale reasoning, Logo here for conductive inks; and magnetic nanoparticles for biotech. machine-learning, feature extractors to convert unstructured data to structured data and a big data analysis tool. NANOGAP SUB-NM- Problem Solving POWDER S.A. Silver nanofibers are a much needed alternative to indium tin oxide for Expertmaker AB Problem Solving C/ Xesta, nº78-A2 manufacture of transparent conductive films used in displays and solid St Gertrudsgatan 3 Using the Expertmaker technology makes it possible to replicate human 15895 Milladoiro, A Coruña state lighting as Indium is scarce, expensive to purchase and process SE 211 25 Malmö intelligence online. The technology creates virtual agents which are into transparent films, and has performance limitations. NANOGAP Sweden capable of helping you with various services as for instance; helping you Spain silver particles solve the series problem of long term stability in to deal with situations where you need to navigate through large conductive inks. AQC are a non toxic method of treating cancer, and amounts of data/content, assist you as a help support client, giving their novel optical properties can be utilised for anti-counterfeiting advice on a perfect gift etc.Short Resume / Description: applications. NANOGAPs magnetic nanoparticles solve sample Short Resume / Description The software combines human qualities with computational search extraction problems in medical diagnostic test kits. capabilities and this enables it to provide single answers to complexNANOGAP develops, manufactures and Expertmaker is an artificial intelligence problems.sells novel nanomaterials. Products are (“AI”) software tools company, with the Market validation core development team in Malmo, Swedentargeted at electronics, cleantech, security For sale of products, our closest to market opportunity is in the US with and their commercial focus in Silicon Market validationand biomedical markets. The Company is silver nanofibers for solid state lighting. We are very close to obtaining Valley. The software comprises advanced Expertmaker is currently in the process of deploying large scalepost revenue with strong sales growth, full approval with a 2013 pessimistic forecast of 180k€. In order to gain proprietary AI technologies and big data implementations. One of these consists out of providing an intelligentlicense agreements in place and non- approval we have developed a products specific to their application, analytics to power a new generation of analysis of products embedded into the eBay Red Laser app, which hasdilutive funding secured from commercial scaled up our production process, and demonstrated batch to batch virtual assistants, smart search and been downloaded 20 million times. The eBay Red Laser app is a mobilepartners for joint research. Intellectual reproducibility. Final notice of approval is expected within 4 weeks. intelligent recommendations. The barcode scanner. The Expertmaker technology main feautures areProperty includes eight active patents, four Another product approval process that is underway is with a very large technology is licensed on a volume basis to providing categorization of the products scanned and providingof which are granted and going through ink company. In addition to product sales we have secured large R&D tier 1 customers, primarily within the m- recommendations for other products that complement the scannedinternational extension. All the IP is based contracts from two Spanish companies. We are also exploring a commerce and telecom markets. Major product.on the unique and novel properties of technology out-license opportunity with a large Japanese company. installations in Europe and the US have The Expertmaker technology is deployed in all eBay Red LaserAtomic Quantum Clusters (AQC). recently are in the process of being platforms (iOS, Android, Windows) and for all Red Laser markets. Competitive Advantage commercially deployed. All IPR are black- Expertmaker has a direct relationship is with the Red Laser eBayContact: For silver nanofibers we have a patent that provided freedom to operate boxed. management team in San Jose, CA.Tatiana López del Rio, Managing Director against Cambrios coupled with a low cost base, and the longest fibres of any producer. In conductive inks, we have a patent protected position Competitive Contact: on a low temperature sintering technology, and the markets most stable Expertmaker differs from its competitors by offering the software as a+34 981 523 897 dispersions. All AQC applications are patent protected. Gustaf Sahlam, CEO tool, which is used for rapid modelling and deployment of intelligent solutions. The approach of the product as a tool has as result that theFunding: Why invest? lead times in AI projects are significantly reduced. Expertmaker uses a + 46 73 42 43 020 combination of AI technologies rather than relying on a single We are positioned to make materials that will become the building € 2M-5 M the next 6 months blocks of products that will shape the 21st century, from technology. The technology is up and running in very large scale environmentally friendly lighting, printed electronic devices, Funding: environments, it is definitely not a lab product.Revenue forecast: counterfeit-proof banknotes, to novel methods of detecting and curing € 5M-10M the next 6 months Less than € 1M cancer. Why invest? We have demonstrated the effectiveness and commercial need; We have It is an outstanding opportunity to make an investment in an award strong IP in place; Risk is mitigated through multiple market Revenue forcast: winning, disruptive, breakthrough technology that plays a key part inReach profitability: opportunities and we are targeting are high growth markets. € 1,5M revenues in 2013 the evolution of the intelligence of the internet. The technology is2015 already functioning and sold to some of the worlds most prestigious e- commerce firms, and funds will be used to drive the further global Reach profitability: market roll-out. We are a leading player in the world where virtually allManagement team: 2013 major players out of the telecom, Internet and e-commerce industriesTatiana López del Rio, Managing Director are investing heavily.Arturo Lopez Quintela, co-founder Management team:José Rivas, Commercial Director Gustaf Sahlam, CEODarren Bianchi, Head of US subsidiary Lars Hard, CTO Martin Rugfelt, CMO
  • 10. 18 19 Technology Technology here is a web based broadcasting vehicle, delivering the complete The PHOSPHORUS box incorporates a wide variety of complex studio and broadcast technology to stream live shows. Scalable, technological processes to enable the optimum, and most efficient completely redundant and reliable. offers cloud-based tools for security software possible. Such examples include the following professional live broadcasting of rich and interactive live shows. technology: SMT-Streaming Media Technologies GmbH Problem Solving Logo here D.I.O.D.E - Windows Server Embedded - Cloud Computing - Webdav - Today, there are several mass-market barriers: Remote Desktop Protocol - Web interface - VPN - SSL - SOAP - FTP - Im Mediapark 5 1. Live video streaming events, conferences or TV shows are too PHOSPHORUS ASP .NET - PHP - E.D.I Ergonomic Dedicate Interface - Roll Back 50670 Cologne complicated and expensive TECHNOLOGIES Backup - E.L.C Energy - Low Consumption Germany  offers a flexible, cost-efficient and scalable full service 8 rue françois Fabie solution for live media production 83000 Toulon Problem Solving 2. Lack of viewer interactivity and collaboration Currently on the market, the supply for the security of IT assets is  enables a collaborative production and mixing of France reserved and designed only for large companies.Short Resume / Description multiple media streams into a single live stream by journalists The challenge for PHOSPOHORUS is to become the leader in enables customers to create spread out in different locations; French and more widely, the European market for the security of ITaffordable, rich and interactive live video 3. Frustrating software installation and overloaded user interfaces, assets intended for Small Businesses/SMEs and Professionalsbroadcasts with a collaborative production Short Resume / Description are unsuitable for the mass marketsolution.’s goal is to be the  allows the audience to participate in live programming Phosphorus Technologies launches an The solution is to build a strong sales strategy based around threepreferred solution for the mass-market of with own input streams and a live voting tool innovative box for the security of IT assets distribution channels:live video production and monetization. 4. Existing web based live streaming opportunities lack suitable intended for Small Businesses / SMEs and  Specialized retailers (Office depot, Boulanger, Darty) production and monetization functionality Professionals. Our innovative technologies  Retail (Amazon, Cdiscount, Pixmania)  Fully web-based with an intuitive software. will enable us to become the reference in  Indirect distribution networks (Pro retailers)Contact: Europe in the SMB marketAndreas Jacobi, CEO Market validation An aggressive price strategy combined with an exclusivity of the addresses the needs of the emerging multibillion US$ mass Contact: should allow PHOSPHORUS to quickly penetrate the market.+49 17 22 61 22 42 market of live video broadcasts. There is already exponential growth in Dahman Malik, CEO the field of video live broadcasts in various business sectors. Business Market validation models like ticketing and real-time advertising are about to become In terms of security systems in Europe, 90% of the small and medium-Funding: accessible for content creators. +33 6 59 48 19 60 sized enterprises, with a consideration of their financial means, do not€ 4M-5M the next 6 months Accordingly, is focusing on the following areas: have tools adequately dedicated to their specificities and size.  Events: Meetings, Concerts, Sports Events, Theatre, and PHOSPHORUS Technologies has designed an overall concept Funding: Fashion Shows incorporating equipment and services as a respond to the demand forRevenue forecast: € 3M the next 6 months  Conferences: Congresses, Symposia, Seminars, Lectures and these such companies. € 6,3M in 2014 other Education formats € 5M the next 18 months  TV Shows: Talk Shows, Interactive Call-In and Reality Shows, Competitive AdvantageReach profitability: Hybrids (Radio/TV/Web) With future thinking in mind, the PHOSPHORUS box is part of a long Revenue forcast:  Initially focusing on the US and Europe through partnerships term strategy, providing a reliable total security system to its users2015 € 1,2M revenues in 2015 with relevant multipliers  Attractive reseller program with production companies, Our SMB business solution provides a competitive advantage as:Management team: agencies and broadcast hardware providers (planned); efficient Reach profitability: -It brings an immediate value to the clientMr. Andreas Jacobi, CEO SEO and SEM activities. -It adapts to various situations and is easy to integrate and use 2014 -In comparison with competitive products, it helps with cost reductionMr. Georg Lenzen, COO Competitive Advantage and has achieved an unbeatable price performance ratio Proof-of-concept: has proven its technology as a potential Management team: -It is difficult to imitate our ‘Box & Cloud’ Concept player in the market, as shown in its growing client base. Dahman Malik, CEO -It brings an autonomy and independence to the user.  Its USPs (Unique Selling Point) are distinctive technologies for Sammaritano Didier, Gerneral Manager a market that is about to explode Why invest?  More untapped business opportunities in emerging markets The innovative box technology represents a secure investment, with a  New business models for content creators like ticketing and real good return. Any investment in the development of PHOSPHORUS time advertising will further boost market growth. Technologies will ensure involvement in a technology that aims to become the leader and a point of reference in a well identified European market. It will allow for the opportunity to become linked with thousands of companies across Europe, joining a network of products of services, with no real competition and personal expertise of over 20 years in on this market.
  • 11. 20 21 Technology Technology Our crime mapping software CORTO® is designed to gather and The technology is based around two cameras: A Medium Resolution combine several databases to produce cartographical and statistical Camera (MRC) used to generate imagery of the Earth and a High Logo here analysis at a local, national or world level. Resolution Camera (HRC) that is used to take videos of the Earth. To get the data to the ground, UrtheCast uses a high-speed data downlink Spallian Group Problem Solving that has also recently been installed on the ISS Russian Segment by 5 rue Abel Many police forces, major cities and even private companies are facing here Energia. The data rate of this data downlink is 100 Mbps, which will be 75 012 Paris challenges when it comes to making decisions. Part of this difficulty received by ground stations located around the world. Once on the arises from an absence of a centralisation of information due to multiple ground, the data is sent to UrtheCasts processing centre where it is France databases and poor analysis tools. Our software undertakes to eradicate UrtheCast processed and the image and video files are moved to the cloud-based these challenges by providing a system able to combine several 2670 - 650 West Georgia St archive so that all data can be sent immediately to UrtheCast web databases of different formats, generating a powerful geographic Vancouver platform.Short Resume / Description business intelligence tool allowing the user to access data through a visual and ergonomic mapping interface. Canada Problem SolvingSpallian is a software company specialised Rather than directly addressing a problem, the UrtheCast platform willin Security, Defence and Smart Citiesenabling the geographic visualisation of Market validation provide a new opportunity to view the world to its client and user base. Our solution has been installed at the French customs department, Short Resume / Description UrtheCast will be the world’s first high-definition streaming video ofBig Data. The Company is experiencing French Intelligence department, and in several French cities. In planet Earth. The application possibilities of the data created from itssignificant market traction and now needs UrtheCast is building, launching, and will soon addition, the Ministry of Interior will also be launching a public tender operations are execute EUR 35M of contracts currently operate the world’s first-ever continuous high for the software soon. The company has a proven track record, beingunder discussion. definition (HD), streaming video of planet able to cite significant references such as Interpol, Orange, Samsung Market validation Earth from space. The UrtheCast platform will and SDS, to name a few. UrtheCast is currently pre-revenue, but has plans to sell its dataContact: provide a truly unique online experience, whereby people will be able to search for video globally. To date UrtheCast has letters of intent totalling over $100M,Renaud Prouveur, CEO Competitive Advantage from data resellers in regions including the USA, China, Taiwan, Japan, footage of specific locations, virtually steer the Our software has various technical edges. We are the only company that Africa, Latin America and Russia. Revenue is expected to start HD video feed, zoom in and out, rewind and fast has developed a comprehensive and global solution, from the mapping generated by mid 2013, from these letters of interest.+33 7 61 00 80 85 forward as they explore places or events of engine to the cartographical and statistical restitution. This firstly interest. ensures data security as there is no need for an external mapping engine Competitive AdvantageFunding: i.e ‘Google’, and also provides an independency from other software The social platform that UrtheCast is building has the “blue ocean” providers. Contact: € 10M of equity securities possibility to create an entirely new market and revenue stream. It will Another competitive edge comes through the speed and volume of data Scott Larson, President combine a consumer-centric website, mobile application for that can be processed within our software system, allowing for the smartphones, and an open Application Program Interface (API). It willRevenue forecast: analysis of large scales contracts (both on a national and international + (604) 812-7869 allow people to experience events unfolding around the world in a new€ 10M revenues in 2014 level). Our other software developments ensure the entire management and highly engaging way. The web platform will have the following of a security information system; right through from the recording and elements: analysis of data, to the access of key performance indicators on a mobileReach profitability: Funding:  A "GoogleEarth" like interface (image data fresh and updated device.Reached Unlike Business Analytic software offered by large IT vendors (i.e. $ 50M the next 18 months constantly, enabling you to see the changes over time) Oracle, IBM, SAS, SAP, etc.) the software created by the Company is  A "YouTube" like experience that shows videos tagged to easy to roll-out and does not require specialist staff to operate. Crucially, Revenue forecast: geographic locationsManagement team: we believe, one of our main competitive advantages is our impressive No info  A real-time social layer added to generate wide consumerAntoine Heimann, Associate, ALthing Board of Directors which includes a former president of Interpol and a interest (website will integrate with popular social mediaYann Suissa, Associate & Head Engineer, former Director of the World Customs Organisation. platforms such as Facebook and Twitter)Armilla Reach profitability:  An open API allowing developers to use UrtheCast’s data toStephane Bouvier, Associate & Head Engineer, Why invest? No info create applications ("apps") for mobile devices.Armilla We have a developed product, short term leads and a wide market with identified needs. The software simultaneously addresses two global Management team: Why invest? markets that have attracted considerable investments in the past and The ability for investors to put their money into an industry with large will continue to see strong growth: namely, the Business Analytics Scott Larson, President profit margins, and few players, is very unique. This rare opportunity market and, the Geographic Information Systems market. Investments George Tyc, CTO that UrtheCast has opened for its stakeholders has caused the best and would mainly be dedicated to capitalising on our competitive advantage Serguei Bedziouk, Vice President, Russian brightest minds within the space and business world to join us. A robust to widen our deployment/sales to an international level and to finance Operations management team and board of directors with vast capital markets, the next generation of the current software. Alfred Law, Vice President, International business development, technology, and space engineering backgrounds Business has helped to provide major credibility and media attention to the project, as well as help de-risk the investment for investors.
  • 12. 22 23High Growth Companies’ presentations - Second session Technology Technology PubliFlow® and Camele’on® are software packages developed in java. The system is composed of a robust and simple XYZ robotic bridge on Besides the architecture client/server/ database, platforms were which one can mount different tools and modules, depending on the developed in order to be able to take into account any client’s needs and Logo here protocols one would like to automate. here specificities, including operational (workflow) and skill related needs. In order to be connected and fully integrated to any open platform, our Primadiag SAS Problem Solving software packages are built up for any incoming and outgoing dataflow Parc Biocitech, 102 Avenue Gaston Our system allows liberating the laboratory technicians of repetitive and with any other parallel data warehouse. Roussel dangerous work in the laboratory, hence improving the global in-edit productivity, security and traceability of the latter. F-93230 Romainville 9, rue du laboratoire Problem Solving France L-1911 Luxembourg The in-edit business case rests on the need, for companies and Market validation Luxembourg institutions, to not only consistently improve accuracy and speed for the Primadiag is selling its product since Mid 2011 and has already signed documents and publications they edit, but also to empower the impact 14 distributorship contracts worldwide since then. of the material they address to their public/clients. The current software Short Resume / Description The park of installed device has reached 30 units in last July and should packages used to treat documents and publications are not adapted to rapidly grow in the coming months/years. Primadiag has developped a versatile and Short Resume / Description answer these needs. All actual tools always required high specific affordable robotic platform for research In-edit is specialised in developing, integrating technical skills which do not allow employees to fully use their Competitive Advantage and diagnostic laboratoires to allow them knowledge, expertise and strategies. With PubliFlow® and Primadiag device brings the optimal answer for low- to medium-sized and maintaining innovative software packages to automate their routine protocols. Camele’on®, in-edit is developing a series of IT tools and consulting laboratories, by offering : related to documents and publications, editing Primadiag sells devices and associated services for the generation, personalisation and management of - a modular device that brings a customised answer to users needs and publishing. The company is currently consummables. recurring and highly structured publications / documents that are - a comprehensive and user-friendly software interface which allows proposing two major solutions: PubliFlow® highly customised as part of a multi-channel and multilingual anybody to use the system dedicated to reliable automated recurrent document generation and personalisation and communication. The level of integration combined with the capacity of Contact: - an affordable price which insures rapid ROI even for modest customisation of the solution for the company’s effective needs in terms Guillaume Lhermite, CEO laboratories Camele’on®, for highly structured documents/ of business specificities as well as employees’ skills and rolls to be publications generation and personalisation. empowered is uncomparable to any actual solution on the market. Why invest? +33 6 28 08 07 35 Primadiag offers investors a balance between risk, which is moderate Contact: Market validation since first commercial results have already been obtained, and the Patrick Hein, CEO In-edit has gained four significant clients in Luxembourg, including Funding: capital gains since the growth of the company is still in its infancy (<12 utilities companies, institutions and one client in the financial services. employees). € 1.5M-5M the next 6 months Most competitors are ERP companies which offer publishing modules + 352 691 580 470 connected to their tools. These modules are very limited in terms of functionalities, layouting flexibility, generation speed, data controls and Revenue forecast: Funding: have almost no personalisation possibilities. In-edit’s solutions appear € 1M in 2013 € 1.4M the next 6 months to be much more adapted to current and future edition requirements. Competitive Advantage Reach profitability: Revenue forecast: 2015 In-edit’s platforms are software packages enabling all kind of € 10M revenues in 2014 integration and interaction with parallel technologies while current software solutions on the market are also much more limited in this Management team: Reach profitability: area. Our solutions are to directly implement In-edit on our client’s Guillaume Lhermite, CEO technologic environment which highly limits the risk of outsourcing No info sensitive data related to their clients. The ROI is fast and effective. Management team: Why invest? Patrick Hein, CEO Invest in order to enable in-edit’s offices development in France, England, and Germany. Each local office would have its own sales force Francisco Moreira, CTO as well as trained IT staff allowing local business analysis and software package implementation. In parallel, partnerships are in the process of being developed working to enlarge in-edit’s sales and deployment abilities.
  • 13. 24 25 Technology Technology TagTagCity is a platform that bridges the physical and virtual world Digital and interoperable ECG and Holter technology. Algorithms based through physical Point of Interfaces (POI’s) and geo-located on artificial intelligence to improve the ECG and Holter screening and information thanks to short URL, Near Field Communication (NFC) & diagnosis. This core technology will bring up the new mobile Health QR bundled with incentives/coupons for its users. It enables the portfolio to carry out the shift from hospital into person-centric care Lgo here location owner to go Social-Local and Mobile (SOLOMO) at a very low Logo health paradigm. cost. TagTag S.A. Gem-Med S.L. Problem Solving Problem Solving C/ Cartagena 243, 1-6 Obsolescence of current standalone ECG and Holter systems in terms of 4, Rue des Peres Blancs TagTagCity offers several solutions to a wide range of users. 08025 Barcelona connectivity, interoperability and standardisation. Lack of cardiac 1040 Brussels  For the city: it provides a widespread platform allowing the city to specialists (cardiologists), the increase of population with cardiac Belgium promote its most attractive (un)known locations. Through Google Spain diseases to access health services and contribution to health care maps the platform shows locations that carry a tag, meaning it can systems sustainability, require more effective and reliable medical be used as a city marketing tool to promote to potential visitors, the services based on clinical decision support systems and mobile health secrets of the city; technologies.Short Resume / Description Short Resume / Description  For the user: visitors of the city can receive multi-media content inTagTagCity brings the users on a journey to real time (rendered to their mobiles or to the web) of the tagged Gem Med provides services and intelligent Market validationthe heart of the city and lets them benefit location; solutions for cardiac monitoring in the Our products have been validated by the market thanks to the design,from many special offers in restaurants  For the location: the ability to distribute at a very low cost, field of eHealth specialised in interoperability, portability, connectivity and competitive products andand shops. Thanks to their Smartphone, multimedia information. electrocardiography (ECG) and Holter. We solutions we make (ECG and Holter and its integration in corporate ITthe users are able to click on Tags, retrieve design and develop medical technology and systems) and the services we deliver (ECG and Holters interpretation atuseful information and get their hands on solutions with the highest level of distance by our cardiology specialists). We are able to perform simplerspecial offers. Market validation integration within the customers corporate ECG tests acquisition, management and viewing, that is ECG and Holter City councils/tourist agencies are the most important customers and IT systems. We offer medical services digitalisation and integration. We have implemented the digitalisation partners for TagTagCity in the first phase. At the moment there are through our intelligent ECG and Holter of the electrocardiography in the region of Barcelona (35 Hospitals andContact: analysis and management cloud platform around 100 Primary Care centers), all of them networked, in whose 7.500 POIs. TagTagCity is about to add more than 20.000 locations allGeoffroy Simon, CEO over the world thanks to Wikipedia API and Facebook Connect API. to those customers who do not have electrocardiograms are directly and automatically stored in the Commercial locations will be first driver of income at TagTagCity. These specialists or require taylor made corporate health Information Systems, from the devices into the locations are a logical evolution once non-commercial locations are interpretation protocols using clinical by one simple click.+32 486 05 02 02 decision support systems. already connected to the platform. The platform addresses all kinds of users thanks to being Competitive AdvantageFunding: technologically agnostic to access the platform. It allows for the Contact: On a business prospective, we cover the whole added value chain: € 500k the next 6 months generation of user votes for locations, the ability for users to create their devices, software and medical services for electrocardiography. On a Jordi Vidal, CEO€ 500k the next 18 months own walks and provides a search feature based on tagging all users that technical approach, our products are based on standard protocols, being are addressed by the system interoperable and ready to plug-in in customers IT systems. Our +34 609 340 895 solutions reduce IT requirements and investment. Our ECGRevenue forecast: Competitive Advantage management platform is user- and productivity-oriented and cloud€ 800k in 2013 TagTagCity’s ambition is a blend of 3 solutions creating a new based. Funding: experience for the end user. Other platforms need to extend into other fields in order to match the services that TagTagCity is able to offer. € 500k-1.5M the next 6 months Why invest?Reach profitability: Furthermore, TagTagCity has a number of distinct features. Related And € 1.5M-5M the next 18 months Talented, expert and specialised team. Disruptive and in-company2013 with the solutions explained in number 41, TagTagCity simultaneously developed technology with an increasing demand of caters to the needs of the cities, the merchants and the users and that is electrocardiography services and solutions. Potential growth of the Revenue forcast:Management team: TagTagCity’s most unique quality. company, at a very early stage of internationalisation. Best moment to € 1.6M revenues in 2013 position Gem-Med at pole position for mHealth eclosion within a largeOlivier Poulaert, CEO Why invest? market moving from hospital-centric care into personal-centric care.Maxime Dewelle, CTO Because, we believe that the sky is not enough. Today the focus of Reach profitability: TagTagCity is on the creation of a mobile multi-media experience. 2015 Tomorrow it will become a mobile sales channel and an efficiency accelerator. What TagTagCity offers to the user is the option to have the world in their hands; to the location owners and the city, a unique Management team: opportunity to shine virtually on the big map. TagTagCity is a dream Joris Vidal,CEO come true of both travellers and locals alike, not only in Europe, but all Dr. Antonio Bayés de Luna, Scientifical Advisor over the world. and co-founder Angel J. Garcia, General Manager
  • 14. 26 27 Technology Technology The technology exists out of three phases; firstly there is the capture of Stealth Software developed a solution capable of separating structured L og the sales visit data in < 1 minute in the field via either a native app or and unstructured data. We circumvent bottlenecks present in the SMS. Secondly there is the reception and management of the data in current architectures with Encrypted (AES256) provided in the o here the cloud. In a third phase the data is analysed and presented based on application layer stage, and business continuity and backup provided at Profile Analysis Ltd frameworks derived out of the 9.5 million records of historical data. the application level. 3 Startforth road, Riverside Park TS2 1PJ Middlesbrough Problem Solving Stealth Software Problem Solving Field sales are key to many businesses and are often one of the main Key problem solving areas of Stealth Software are its scalability and 9, avenue des Hauts-Fourneaux England costs/investments. i-snapshot collects field sales behaviour data in less performance combined with its cost, complexity and management than a minute, compared to Customer Relationship Management L-4362 Esch/Alzette overheads. Stealth Software provides a solution to security, IP (CRM) where it typically takes 10 minutes. This helps i-snapshot Luxembourg protection and compliance issues ensuring business continuity and achieve 95% compliance compared to 50% for CRM. I-snapshot focuses backup for its users. Stealth Software delivers: right through from on itsShort Resume / Description on quantitative behavioural data which allows the identification of the scalability to petabytes. Performance is +30%., with no need for middlei-snapshot is the world’s first mobile Field financial impact of each field of behaviour and so creates the visibility to layers, and TCO -/-30%-50%, with a ROI <12 months.Sales Management solution, it has a unique replicate the optimum behaviour through the team. i-snapshot has Short Resume / Description With multi layer encryption capabilities, encryption before data leavesand copyright protected field collection achieved a minimum increase in productivity of a sales team of 19% in 6 Stealth Software enables data owners to the application layer, with the possibility to store concurrently tosystem and the world’s largest sales months. securely and transparently manage multiple storage devices, or to send seamless as a backup to the cloudmanagement benchmarking set of 9.5 unstructured data. We generated 1.8 Trillion directly from the application layer.million records and drives significant Market validation GBs of data in 2011. In 2015, we will have 50growth to client revenues. Servest (Facilities Management- South Africa) used i-snapshot to gain times the amount of information and 75 times Market validation i-snapshot has delivered a minimum uplift visibility of the team’s performance, they were achieving very high the number of files. Currently, only 1/3 of the A third party application has been developed in Sharepoint with ain field sales productivity of 19%, with an activity levels but they were not focused on the right target or the right data is protected to some degree, whereby at professional services firm to address the market as a collaboration tool.ROI for all first year full costs of <20 level of decision maker. By using i-snapshot data the Company least ½ of the information should be well This company was looking for a scalable and secure solution to theworking days. identified key target industry segments with a minimum level/grade of protected (minimum AES 256 key). The Stealth transferring of data, as much of the data that was to be managed by the contact inside the prospect; as the team moved to this focused approach Software solution is capable of addressing all environment was going to be very sensitive nature, and would be there was a reduction in the overall activity target. such operational and security requirements. mission critical. ING was one of the first customers who made use of theContact: Results; collaboration tool, storing this sensitive data within the tool. It wasAlan Timothy, CEO  The Company doubled sales in the first 6 months and by month Stealth Software that delivered and installed the underlying 8 they reached 120% of the initial target. Contact: infrastructure and security capabilities for the company, and now,  The increase in sales was achieved with 10% less field sales staff. Gerard Warrens, CEO ING has more than 5,000 people on the system globally, with the+44 7766518114  The top 10% of the sales team tripled earnings. solution in use for more than 2 years. + 001 202 549 3556Funding: Competitive Advantage Competitive Advantage€ 5M-10M the next 18 months  Proven and reproducible 19% increase in field sales productivity Stealth Software does not need to use so called webparts/stubs (hooks). with over 95% compliance. Funding: In addition there is no need to use webservers, data repositories,  A field collection mechanism that allows the salesperson to € 1.5M-5M the next 6 months gateways, or appliances. Stealth Software relies on software-only, withRevenue forecast: record the visit in less than one minute on any phone and any file level encryption (AES 256 and FIPS 140-2 accredited) before the € 5M-10M the next 18 months € 340K in 2013 network data leaves the application layer. We cover not only SharePoint but also  Real time analysis and reporting. VMWare Zimbra as well as Windows based applications. This eradicates  A unique quantitative framework for sales management derived Revenue forecast: any issues with SQL.Reach profitability: from the 9,5 million field visits and on-going benchmarking € 10M revenues in 2014No info coupled to an online reporting site. Why invest? Today, there is explosive growth in the unstructured data market, with Why invest? Reach profitability: solid requirements for the capabilities that Stealth Software provides.Management team: i-snapshot is willing to multiply its actual turnover by five. i-snapshot is No info Operational efficiency, security, business continuity, and backup areAlan Timothy, CEO willing to expand their business more internationally to more countries vital; with strong go to market channels, fully addressing the needs ofDavid Gornall, Commercial director and to recruit more staff to achieve their goals. Investing in i-snapshot is users. Stealth Software has been accredited on several major platforms Management team: investing in a fast growing business with bright perspectives. (Dell, HDS), and joint offerings, whereby Stealth Software is paid by Osgar de Laat Microsoft. This resonates the potential and expanding network of John Leggate Stealth Software. In addition, strong partnerships with SIs (Sogeit, Willem Hendrickx AtoS, Avanade) continue to underline growth. Stealth Software has a fast revenue growth with projections to € 200 M+ in 2016. In addition, Joe Alfieris patents for company products and technologies have been filed. Joe Kuhn
  • 15. 28 29 Technology Technology The main idea behind the technology is the enabling of the transfer of SuperStand is a smart search engine with a propriety algorithm large amounts of complex CAD data within minutes into a 3D enabling investors to find matching contractors, once criteria have been interactive mode without losing any distortion. The cloud based product defined, so as to optimise their stand budget at tradeshows, for which allows users to convert BIM models into real-time 3D and can be shared here SuperStand is a particularly useful tool. 3DreamTeam Inc. instantly between them. from Jordan 505, Montgomery St, suite 1100 Trading GmbH Problem Solving Problem Solving Many of the problems surrounding tradeshows and general stand 94111 San Francisco VIZERRA technology solves problems in AEC (Architecture, Planckstr. 31 optimisation arise as a direct result of a lack of harmony between Engineering & Construction) as well as Industrial industries. As a result USA 47877 Willich contractors and exhibitions. of an instant interactive 3D imagery, it allows massive improvements Germany The goal of SuperStand is to identify these contractors that match the and productivity on project development as previous complex data that requirements of the exhibitor and vice versa. The smart search engine was not seen in a 2D format will now become available. This technology offers filtering capabilities ensuring efficient dealings are had between Short Resume / Description will significantly eliminate all the potential errors accrued before using different parties involved. For example, through the search engine, VIZERRA is the brand name and trademark of VIZERRA.Short Resume / Description contractors can be filtered according to their location: thus reducing any 3Dreamteam Company. Originally founded inSuperStand is a worldwide platform enabling transport or accommodation costs which may have previously been Russia, the company has quickly expanded on Market validationforeign investors coming to tradeshows to incurred. They could further be filtered by language: allowing an ease of to three continents, and is taking a strong foot Our current services are being widely accepted by the market. Theoptimise their participation through an increase communication parties, and can even be filtered with reference to their hold in the US market where it was recently platform is being used exclusively by Olympic Games Sochi2014, Cityin sales combined with a reduction in exhibition financial stability, or through customer reviews/ratings. With the quoted as being in the top-70 fastest growing Architect of Barcelona, City Architect of Skolkovo, as well as manycosts. vastness of people that may be present in one show or at one particular technology innovative companies following the others. Besides these existing services, VIZERRA is on the cusp of event, the idea, and possibility for maximum exposure by leveraging DEMO 2010 conference in Silicon Valley. launching a new product for AUTODESK and Trimble SketchUp, whichWith a proven winning strategy, in the near from the search engine, directly through other exhibitors, provides a Accolades have also been given by Google and will be oriented towards potentially more than 30 million users throughfuture, SuperStand plans to replicate the same useful mechanism for both contractors and exhibitors alike. Forbes in Russia as the company has become a an online distribution network.concept to all companies wanting to expandabroad. winner of the Business Project 2010. The Market validation company has two business models: being Competitive Advantage Our product is currently working successfully in the market place services as well as a cloud-based product The main competitive advantages of VIZERRA are: quick speed inContact: SuperStand has a 40 strong client based in Europe and in North starting this fall. converting large amounts of CAD data, into an interactive 3D model, allPhilippe Jordan, CEO America, and has a registered contractor base of over 250. With half of handled effectively on a regular computer, not incorporated with these contractors registering within the last three months, the relevance, abnormal services and capabilities. The technology has the power Contact: and growth potential of SuperStand is highly present. Since creation, read and display the full data which it collects, taking .it to a new level in+49 2154 937 39 94 SuperStand has had positive results from its smart technology. One Arman Gukasyan, CEO collaboration with the AEC industry and owners. such example being Exhibitor Tri Hawk (Canada) who after registering ag@vizerra.comFunding: with the SuperStand received 3 offers from French stand contractors Why invest? who matched the criteria for which they were looking. + 1(415)806-2012 We have the best team in the area of simulation and mathematics,€500k-1.5M the next 6 months greatly engaged into the business With this top management team in Competitive Advantage Funding: place; we are creating disruptive technologies applicable in wide rangeRevenue forecast: SuperStand is the largest and most complete database of exhibitor lists € 1.5M-5M the next 6 months of areas.€ 1M-5M revenues in 2014 and stand contractors in the world. It is the only portal that addresses the needs of both the contractors and exhibitors; be it finding new and promising exhibitors or optimising tradeshow participation for a given Revenue forecast:Reach profitability: budget. This not only gives us an exclusive market edge, but also gives € 5M-10M revenues in 20132011 us a unique viewpoint into designing solutions to better aid the trade business. Reach profitability: Why invest? 2013 SuperStand is already well established. 5 proven profit centres currently exist under SuperStand, with the company as a whole breaking even on Management team: revenues. This proven history and its market dominance, show that the concept of SuperStand is a winning one, which now merely needs to be Oleg Maddox, CTO duplicated. SuperStand plans to achieve this with the creation of a new Dmitry Soldatenkov, Head of the development sales team for both the EMEA and NA (world class cold callers Alexander Lavrov, Head of R&D outsourced in low-cost countries), as well as plans to release a new Maria Konyagina, Marketing Director improved, more efficient website.
  • 16. 30 31 Technology Technology regify is a comprehensive SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that Secure solution for all channels, POS, e-commerce, invoices, TV etc. works without any additional software, hardware or certificates. Based on QR codes and NFC Compatible with all kinds of smartphones; Our software enables the only network solution for trusted and binding available on iOS, Android and very soon on RIM. It contains a hosted Logo here e-mail communication and digital post. regify will support your dynamic infrastructure within eBRC virtualized servers. business with registered and certified communication by e-mail. regify S.A. here Problem Solving 2b, Ennert dem Bierg Problem Solving Mobey S.A. Majority of the mobile payment systems launched in the last few years L-5244 Luxembourg regify products will help solving problem regarding: and months have been too dependent on the technology (mainly NFC), 14 rue Aldringen limiting the potential market to widely deploy the solutions to Luxembourg  confidentiality of communication exchanged by a channel like L-1118 Luxembourg merchants and customers. On top of this, consumers expect an added- classic email systems Luxembourg value to payment systems, compared to what exists today.  traceability and auditability of all important business With that in mind, FLASHiZ is focused on the user experience and the  communication of the transaction history. flexibility of its system. Being fully software-based, it does not requireShort Resume / Description any additional hardware and can easily be embedded onto a wide rangeThe regify service combines the qualities of It will also allow savings (75% reduction when compared with paper), Short Resume / Description of terminals, such as smartphones and tablets, but also cash-desks,traditional registered mail with the time high productivity with easy control over the transactions, as well as websites, and paper invoices. To extend the user experience with added- Mobey S.A. provides an e-wallet service,and cost savings and the simplicity of e- improved internal processes because of its convenient integration on value services FLASHiZ will embark on the use of schemes such as e- deployed under the registered trademarkmail communication. regify users send and any device and its flexible easy use across departments. tickets, integrated loyalty cards and large mobile marketing capabilities. FLASHiZ. This solution is a brand new way toreceive confidential data with their existing Furthermore regify products are legally compliant with data privacy pay for goods and services in stores, whilst alsoe-mail services without any additional laws and EU directives. Market validation allowing person-to-person transfers, on-lineeffort to be made. regify ensures that in payments and invoicing services. In addition to Only four months after its launch in Luxembourg, FLASHiZ countssuch cases these-mails are handled as Market validation this payment system, FLASHiZ will shortly several thousands of users paying everyday with their smartphone.registered mail. regify is the right choice Today, regify has 25 regify providers who offer and operate the regify launch a set of added-value services such as Surprisingly, this result was achieved without any specific marketingfor everyone who wants to securely services. Large end users can themselves become (corporate) regify loyalty programs & couponing, eTicketing and plan in place since the communication plan started only mid-exchange important messages providers. One example is Fiducia, the IT provider of 750 Volksbanken mobile marketing capabilities. September. with a total of approximately 10,000 branches in Germany. 250 of these The number of merchants and partners using FLASHiZ increases everyContact: Volksbanken use regify services for the b2b communication between a Contact: day in Luxembourg as well as in France, Spain and Belgium. In each of banks financial advisor and its corporate clients.Kurt Kammerer, CEO these countries, pilot phases are starting in targeted cities. The start of Any form of confidential and relevant business communication can be Alexandre Rochegude, activities in Italy, The Netherland and Germany will be announced soon. performed with regify (e.g. extension of credit line) based on the With already more than 9.000 POS compatible with FLASHiZ, our+49 17 28 90 47 37 ordinary, already existing e-mail system. +352 621 326 679 growth and deployment is rapidly progressing.Funding: Competitive Advantage Funding: Competitive Advantage Our 3 layer architecture system (user-provider-clearing) interacts with € 1.5M-5M the next 18 months Mobey S.A. is built around people with extensive knowledge and each other online giving us a particular competitive advantage regarding €10M the next 6 months experience on banking systems and processes. Moreover, thanks to its the security of the transaction. Clearing has anonymous data, meaning strong partnerships in Luxembourg and the pan-European eMoneyRevenue forecast: that user data is only know by their service provider with content Revenue forecast: Institution licence, Mobey S.A. will be able to make its name, and a transfer being entirely handled as an independent transaction, doneNo info strong reputation in Luxembourg and to promote its solutions more outside of the regify solution by a channel such as email. € 25M revenues in 2014 widely all across Europe.Reach profitability: Why invest? Reach profitability: Why invest?2015  Market conditions: There is a large market (USD 150 Bn in 2014 Mobile payment is the next big wave and FLASHiZ has taken it. While postage fees for mailing letters) which is subject to substitution big standard industry players are waiting for an NFC-ready by regify and others. In addition this market is ready (e.g. E-Management team: environment, FLASHiZ has built a solution that the market is ready to Postbrief or De-Mail in Germany). Management team: welcome. Our business model is simple and straightforward, leading usKurt Kammerer, CEO Upgrading e-mail systems to secure and trusted communication Alexandre Rochegude, CEO only towards success.Volker Schmidt, CTO channel adds to the business case.  Global IP that protects our USP of scaling across providers. New Frédérik Evrard, VP EMEA BusinessHans-Peter Kohlhammer, Chairman of the providers and their users build network effects for the wholesupervisory board regify business  Experienced team, able to share knowledge and expertise to allow growth across the regify business.
  • 17. 32 33 Technology Technology The goal of the technology is the encapsulation of a product and is is an online marketplace for booking activities and achieved when two fine impinging jets containing the different reactants tours where providers of services and customers meet each other. To collide with each other in a gas-filled chamber at the center of the facilitate the booking process, the Company develops and implements microjet reactor. These jets have small diameters and very high various applications and additional services (sms-notifications) for Logo Big World GmbH customers and providers. here velocities, thus creating a very fast mixing process at the point of impact. The resulting precipitants have the ability to encapsulate the Knollerstr 4 Problem Solving MJR PharmJet GmbH product in the interior of the forming particle. 80802 Munich helps customers: 1) to explore, find, book and pay Michel-Souty-Str. 23 Problem Solving Germany for "on-request" activities and tours; 2) to communicate with the service 66740 Saarlouis The production of nanoparticles is difficult to manage with current providers and get all the details on the specific activity chosen; 3) to methods due to the lack of control on the the technical environment in check quality of provider; 4) to book any activity in advance to avoid Germany which they are produced.Short Resume / Description overbooking and secure ones travelling schedule. With our proprietary production method for nano- and microparticles, helps providers: 1) to reach the global market and we are able to control all technical and physiochemical parameters ("the Company") is a present themselves to all possible customers worldwide; 2) to secure Short Resume / Description easily and can offer scale-up possibilities.marketplace for so called "on-request" activities payments; 3) to get the sustainable pipeline of orders. We are capable of producing highly specialized particles usable in aand tours. The service helps users to explore, The symbiosis of microreaction techniquesfind, and book any activity and experience and nanotechnology for the production of variety of applications, including health, food and cosmetics. Market validationworldwide in the most common languages, and smallest particles leads to new approaches There is a booking conversion rate of more than 1.5% for the most Market validationmakes this process as simple and for health, food and cosmetics. popular destinations like Paris, Prague and Lisbon. There are more than Our main product is the efficient development of pharmaceuticalcomprehensive as standard flights or hotels The use of the Micojetreactor-technology 2,750 providers ans 6,300 activities and tours offerings registered in the reformulations based on a nanotechnological approach.bookings. for the production of Nano- and system. This helps our clients create a Generic+ drug and/or perform active life Microparticles for Life Sciences is focused cycle management. We can cover all areas of development from theContact: Competitive Advantage on the improvement of the efficacy of initial project up to an approval, followed by a licence agreement and allows its customers to book any activity (even non- APIs, improved formulations and theKirill Sermyagin, CEO production of the drug as a CMO. standard) as simple as the usual ticket booking process. The service is a design and the production of new, This "one stop shop" business model has been validated by the market current market leader by number of bookings, activities coverage, and drug delivery systems. and approved by different customer projects.+ 49 157 79 14 69 61 interface languages. Our product portfolio includes services, As an example, we opened up a new business segment for a client by development services, commercialisation reformulating a chemotherapeutic. Based on this successful projectFunding: Why invest? of own formulation strategies and products start, the customer decided to follow up with two additional projects in Whilst most travel markets, like flights and hotels, are heavily occupied as well as custom made microjetreactor his main business fields.€ 500k–1.5M the next 6 months by large multinational players, one of the last resorts with chances to production plants.€ 1.5M-5M the next 18 months become a true global player is activities and tours sector. With industry Competitive Advantage giants like Expedia beginning to move into this field, there will be great Compared to competitors, the MJR-Technology is superior in terms of Contact:Revenue forecast: exit options within 3-5 years or even IPO opportunity as a global market flexibility (all application routes, all APIs) and cost structure. It is leader. Dr. Bernd Baumstümmler, CEO€ 1M-5M revenues in 2014 therefore possible to cover the whole drug development chain. We use a continuous "one step" process which can be easily integrated +49 176 32 20 51 15 in given process chains adaptable to specific client needs. The process isReach profitability: reproducible, easy to scale up and can be performed under the highest2013 quality standards (GMP). Funding: € 3M-5M the next 6 months Why invest?Management team: € 5M-10M the next 18 months We fully embrace the increasing importance of nanotechnologies thatKirill Sermyagin, CEO will impact our future.Konstantin Klimov, CIO With MJR, we have an optimal instrument to create a wide range of Revenue forecast:Nikolay Slabukha, CTO different nanoparticles according to your needs. In order to bring € 400K in 2013 nanoparticles into different markets, it is of vital importance to be able to adapt these nanoparticles to fit in the wanted products and produce Reach profitability: the needed amounts at acceptable costs. We have developed a very efficient development platform, suitable methods as well as a 2011 production platform ranging from simple particles to highly complex systems. We can transfer the pharma methods and experiences to speed Management team: up the food business by creating a new spin off company. Dr. Bernd Baumstümmler, CEO
  • 18. 34 35 Technology Technology Balmart creates innovative wireless networks of sensors which monitor LuxCloud runs an industry leading «Parallels Automation» provisioning thousands of environmental parameters focusing on two subareas: platform that has been developed and configured to manage (1) the agricultural developments and water treatment. provisioning of unlimited SaaS solutions and (2) an unlimited number Logo here of user accounts (currently millions of users utilise parallels Problem Solving The solutions proposed by Balmart allow for the managing and LuxCloud S.A. automation). Balmart supervising of external factors which directly impact the effectiveness of 2, rue Léon Laval Problem SolvingCentro de Desarrollo Empresarial UPV the client. L-3372 Luxembourg LuxCloud provides a readily available accessible, white-labelled (own- For example, if the user is a farmer, Balmart technology looks to 46022 Valencia Luxembourg branded) provisioning platform open to any ISV and any VAR wishing decrease operating costs by reducing energy and water consumption by Spain 20%. It will also alert the users when frosts and pests are detected. to enter the SaaS market. LuxCloud has created a market place for the publishing and selling of turn-key SaaS software solutions that fit the Market validation needs of SMBs, hosted in a shared, but secured environment. LuxCloud Balmart is certified by the Spanish government and is ISO 9001 and ISO Short Resume / Description has paved the way for turning “threat” into “opportunity” by leveragingShort Resume / Description capabilities and reducing significantly marginal provisioning costs, 14001 certified. It sells in Spain and in five other different countries. LuxCloud is the only open platform that offersBalmart is specialized in the design, The first international action was deployed in Morocco in 2011 and was integrated management of the whole SaaS ultimately resulting in a competitive and a highly profitable SaaSmanufacture and commercialization of supported by the Moroccan government. For the future, Balmart wants software distribution/Cloud Service Brokerage environment. (Software as a Service) delivery process and haselectronic and radio products. This "seek to target key countries in Europe, North of Africa and South America. created a full service market place for SaaSand find" system enables the equipment to Initial sales are currently ongoing with forecasts sales in 2013 set at 2M Market validation applications, Independent Service Vendorscommunicate in constellation mode. EUR. (ISVs) and Value Added Resellers (VARs) who Technology Business Research (TBR) observed a 47% year-to-yearApplications of this technology include the are able to connect to this market place, quarterly Cloud market revenue growth for the years 2010 and 2011.environmental monitoring of soils, Competitive Advantagebiodiversity, water and atmosphere entering the cloud industry without upfront TBR predicts the total public cloud market will reach $43 billion in Balmart technology is independent, low cost and unlimited, requiring 2012. ISVs have recognised that the demand for professional softwareconditions. Balmart has more than 10 years low maintenance. The company allows users a complete environmental investment or financial risk.of experience in research and development solutions would substantially grow if they were made available without monitoring system, i.e. agriculture at a competitive cost: weather (airin systems of wireless communications, financial commitment and were “on demand” over the internet. temperature, humidity) and environmental conditions (luminosity, Contact:with international patents of its CO2), crop conditions (chlorophyll, appearance) as well as groundtechnology. Balmart is an active member of conditions (soil temperature, soil moisture). The solutions offered by Marco Houwen, CEO Competitive AdvantageFreescale (Motorola) Design Alliance and Balmart are open, compatible and can easily be integrated into other LuxCloud is a truly global SaaS market place that manages the wholewas awarded "best company award based software and hardware technologies (ie. Tele-control S/W). distribution process (from provisioning to delivery). This allows the +352 27 72 12-0on research" in 2008. creation of industry specific, single sign-on SaaS-service portfolios and Why invest? provisioning of single management interfaces for the management of allContact: The company wants to expand its sales worldwide and aims to pioneer a Funding: software available within SaaS-service portfolios. market of high resolution business intelligence agriculture and Up to € 12 MRoberto Milán, CEO environment technologies. The company has an attractive price point Why invest? proposition allowing an IRR of over 50% for the buyer of its  LuxCloud is an early leader in the cloud solution distribution+ 34 6 72 24 40 05 technological product. Revenue forecast: industry worldwide, which is predicted to be one of the biggest The expected turnover of Balmart will be 7M EUR in 2017, but with € 4.2M revenues in 2013 markets by $ value in the near future; appropriate funding, Balmart reasonably aims to achieve figures closerFunding: € 17.1M revenues in 2014  With our single sign on industry specific SaaS portfolios, we can to 75M Euros.€ 2M-2.6M the next 6 months enable any VAR to access any of the cloud services seamlessly;  LuxCloud is a unique and necessary link in creating a global market€ 1.5M in 2013 and in 2014 Reach profitability: place for professional services in the cloud and providing fully 2014 brand-able solutions for reseller channels.Revenue forecast: € 2,1M in 2013 LuxCloud’s ambition is to generate $ 250 million in revenue by 2017, Management team: operate globally on every continent and service 50 top Telecom Marco Houwen, CEO companies, 500 Services Providers and 5, 000 VAR’s.Reach profitability: Lorenz Meis, COOProfitable2015 – Profitable with acceleration Fryderyk Rdultowski, CFO Nuno Miguel Vaz, CTOManagement team:Roberto Milán, CEOFrancisco Ballester, CTOMarcos Martínez, CCO
  • 19. Contacts You are a corporate entity, Venture Capital fund or serial entrepreneur and you want to learn more about potential synergies with PwC’s Accelerator, please contact us: Alexandre Rhea CEO, PwC’s Accelerator +352 49 48 48 6600 Laurent Probst Founder, PwC’s Accelerator +352 49 48 48 6600 Guerric de Kerckhove Senior Manager, PwC’s Accelerator +352 621 33 4142 Prospective clients should contact: Jean-Baptiste Le Caron de Chocqueuse Manager, Corporate Finance +352 621 33 4116 Jessica Duns Senior Advisor, Corporate Finance +352 621 33 4157 PwC’s Accelerator Vertigo-Polaris Building 2-4 rue Eugène Ruppert L-2453 Luxembourg See you in February 2013 for our next edition of PwC’s Accelerator “Local to Global” Expo. Check out the dates on our website:© 2012 PwC’s Accelerator S.à r.l. All rights reserved.