Maximizing your presentation using power point

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Using ppt for presentations

Using ppt for presentations

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  • 2. PRESENTATION OUTLINE FOR TODAY General What you can do Hands on Guide session with ppt
  • 3. 1. General Guide
  • 4. What makes an audience listen ? Content Visual Audible
  • 6. 3 T -Tips1. Tell them what youre going to tellthem2. Tell them3. Tell them what you told them !
  • 7. The 5 Ps of PresentationProper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance
  • 8. 5 step process1. Pray2. Plan3. Prepare4. Practice5. Present
  • 9. 7-10-20-30 RULE7-points-10 slides-20minutes-30 size font
  • 10. Tips forPresenters
  • 11. 10 Font Tips for Presenters Tip#1- Sharp Contrast Between Fonts and Background o Little contrast = Little readability o Sharp contrast : Easy to read o Poor contrast : Hard to read Tip #2 - Use Standard Fonts o Times New Roman o Garamond o Verdana o Tahoma
  • 12. 10 Font Tips for Presenters Tip#3 - Consistency Makes for a Better Presentation o Stick to two, or at most, three fonts for the whole presentation o Avoids to change fonts in each slide individually, use slide master
  • 13. 10 Font Tips for Presenters Tip #4 - Types of Fonts o Serif fonts are the ones with little tails or “curly-ques” attached to each letter. For example: Times New Roman o Sans serif fonts are fonts that look more like “stick letters”. For example: Arial, Tahoma and Verdana
  • 14. 10 Font Tips for Presenters Tip #5 - Dont Use All Capital Letters o All caps are perceived as SHOUTING, and the words are more difficult to read Tip #6 - Use Different Fonts for Headlines and Bullet Points o This makes text slides a little bit more interesting. o Bold the text whenever possible so that it is easily readable at the back of the room.
  • 15. 10 Font Tips for Presenters Tip #7 - Avoid Script Type Fonts Script Type Fonts o These fonts are hard to read at the best of times o Especially in a darkened room, and at the back of the room Tip #8 - Avoid using italics o Avoid italics unless it is to make a point o They are often hard to read
  • 16. 10 Font Tips for Presenters Tip #9 - Make Fonts Large for Readability o Don’t use anything smaller than an 18 point font o Preferably a 24 point as the minimum size Tip #10 - Make Use of the Dim Text Feature o Use the “dim text” feature for bullet points o This places the emphasis on the current issue
  • 17. The 10 Most CommonPresentation Mistakes1. You dont know your topic!2. The slides are not your presentation3. Too much information4. Poorly chosen design template or design theme5. Electrifying color choices
  • 18. The 10 Most CommonPresentation Mistakes6. Poor font choices7. Extraneous photos and graphs8. Too many slides9. Different animations on every slide10. Hardware Malfunctions
  • 19. Other tips in Using PowerPointEffectively Start by creating an outline Stop the moving text Use visuals instead of text slides Have slides at the end of your presentation Use your time effectively Be ready with supporting data
  • 20. 2. What you can do with power point
  • 21. Simple presentations• Research proposal• Seminar• Conference paper
  • 22. Professional and Business presentations• New product• New company• Political statements
  • 23. Power point presentationBlank presentationsSelf-running presentationsTemplatesDesigns, Transitions and AnimationsAudioVideoNarration
  • 24. Power point and InternetUploading to youtubeOther Internet uses
  • 25. SOME DO’S AND DON’T’S FOR YOUR PRESENTATION DO’S DON’TS  Do come early to venue  Don’t be late  Do have all you need  Don’t come only with USB!  Do a thorough assessment  Don’t assume all is set  Do dress appropriately  Don’t dress like a ruffian  Do slides with main points  Don’t put too much info  Begin and end politely  Don’t frown your face  Do have good body  Don’t have a bad body language language
  • 26. 3. Hands on session
  • 27. Main Objectives• Get acquainted with power point• Prepare power point slides for simple presentations• Use some power point tools such as adding audio, video, etc.
  • 28. Drop BoxGoogle DriveGoogle siteShort and Tiny urls
  • 29. Links sandfaqs/tp/080119powerpoint_font_tips.htm mistakes/tp/080722_presentation_mistakes.htm