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  1. 1. Ray PilaroTestimonial inBeirne’s AdsViolates CourtOrder By Rene Villaroman with PWD Investigative Team Submitted by on January 23, 2012 1/31/2012 James Beirnes Scam 1
  2. 2. On January 10, 2012 L.A. Superior Court Judge SoussanBruguera has scheduled a hearing for February27, 2012, regarding Glendale based Attorney James Beirne’srepeated contempt of a stipulated court order that1/31/2012 James Beirnes Scam 2
  3. 3. he not have any false, misleading, deceptive advertising or communications, or such advertising that tends to confuse, deceive or mislead the public, and to not guarantee or warranty any out on a legal matter, or to use a spokesperson with disclosure of the spokesperson’s title. That court order was issued in the summer of 2011 after it was determined that Attorney Beirne was already repeatedly violating attorney ethics and advertising laws.1/31/2012 James Beirnes Scam 3
  4. 4. It is unknown if Judge Bruguera will send Attorney Beirne to jailfor these repeated violations of the court order.One of the subject advertisements contains a picture andphotograph of a Ray Pilaro claiming he is one of the thousands ofhappy clients of Attorney Beirne. However, in a seemingly clearviolation of law and the court order Attorney Beirne did notprovide Mr. Pilaro’s title in the advertisement. Perhaps of greaterinterest is how Pilaro could be considered ‘happy’ as the first oftwo bankruptcy filings by Attorney Beirne was dismissed by thebankruptcy judge, and Pilaro lost his house in the secondbankruptcy filing, as Attorney Beirne surrendered the PasadenaCalifornia Bungalow style home as part of the second bankruptcyfiling.A reader of the ad, and presumably the judge, are left wonderinghow could Pilaro know Attorney Beirne has ‘thousands’ of happyclients? 1/31/2012 James Beirnes Scam 4
  5. 5. Ray Pilaro has refused to make any comment to’s investigative team, even though he is a public pitch man for Attorney Beirne. He only asked ‘how did you get my cell phone number’? When informed it was on the front door of his business address he hung up. We were unable to ask Pilaro why he was happy that Beirne had to file two bankruptcy petitions for him, and why he was happy with the service even though Beirne was unable to save Pilaro’s house.1/31/2012 James Beirnes Scam 5
  6. 6. Investigation of Ray Pilaro reveals that he is operating under thename of Pillars Financial Services, Inc. The name appears on thefront door of the business at 342 N. Allen and on its webpage, However, Pillars FinancialServices, Inc. is listed as ‘forfeited’ by the California Secretary ofState web page.Review of former editions of Weekend Balita reveal that Pilaroadvertised in Balita Media, owned by Anthony Allen, and hiswife, Luchie Mendoza. Many court filings and published newsmedia reports disclosed that nonlawyer Allen is the generalmanager of Beirne Law Office and Antony Allen and LuchieMendoza are the real owners of the law firm. The advertisingdemonstrates an ongoing business relationship with theBalita/Beirne organization. 1/31/2012 James Beirnes Scam 6
  7. 7. The advertising was for a Kangen Water business, but that is not included on Pilaro’s bankruptcy schedules as a source of income. The only source of income listed for Pilaro was an Exodus Reality, Inc. Even the operating business of Pillars Financial Services, Inc. was not including the Pilaro bankruptcy filing. At press time has not been able to obtain comment from Nancy Curry, the bankruptcy trustee, regarding possible bankruptcy fraud of both Pilaro and Attorney Beirne, as the Balita/Bierne joint business certainly knew of these unreported enterprises.1/31/2012 James Beirnes Scam 7
  8. 8. Attorney Beirne’s recent open letter of ‘Setting the RecordStraight’, which has resulted in dozens of contempt of courtallegations, emphasized how important it was that the firm’s‘friends’ continue to make referrals. The sign outside Pilaro’soffice offers ‘credit repair’ and ‘bankruptcy’ as among theservices provided. As Pilaro is not an attorney, it would appearthat he is part of the Balita/Beirne referral network seekingbankruptcy referrals. is presently unableto determine if this advertising on Pilaro’s office is illegal.1/31/2012 James Beirnes Scam 8
  9. 9. While Pilaro refuses to answer’s questions Attorney Joel Bander commented that in the contempt trial Pilaro cannot refuse to answer questions unless he pleads the Fifth Amendment against self incrimination. Bander initiated the contempt proceeding on behalf of his clients, Diosdado and Janet Duldulao, who lost their house when Attorney Beirne failed to file a bankruptcy petition to save their home, as he falsely promised in the advertising.1/31/2012 James Beirnes Scam 9
  10. 10. beirne%E2%80%99s-ads-violates-court-order/1/31/2012 James Beirnes Scam 10