C.I.M.E.2012 Offical Programme 9&10 May


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C.I.M.E.2012 Consumer Insights & Marketing Excellence 9 & 10 May Radisson Blu Rome

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C.I.M.E.2012 Offical Programme 9&10 May

  1. 1. E.N.G.’s 5th senior executive summit c.i.m.e. 2012 consumer insights & marketing excellence 9 & 10 May 2012 | Radisson Blu Hotel | Rome Integrating consumer insights & marketing 3.0 into breakthrough business actions Forecasting tomorrow’s consumer today We are living in an era in which even the smallest business decision must Our 5th consumer insight summit will showcase the true value of consumer be justified and accounted for. To add to the pressure, continued economic insights and marketing; beyond information and research findings, to create uncertainty and ever changing desires of today’s consumer are forcing a actionable opportunities for marketing and brand development specialists. microscopic look at the ROI of all insight and marketing initiatives. How to With real business stories, best practice discussions and interactive debates keep up with consumers and identify the next game changer trends is today’s we address key issues such as: key to tomorrow’s success. • An analysis on the available tools for insighters to manage risk in business At C.I.M.E. you will have the opportunity to look into the latest findings about decisions: From educated judgment to in-market experiments the post-recession consumer as well as innovative approaches to insight • How to maintain effective dialogue with consumers: Building the techniques and marketing. With a close up on the digital world, we will look appropriate communication scheme for a win-win situation between at how marketeers are bridging insights to collect true information from consumers and corporates consumers that will enable them to stay ahead in the race for loyalty and • Leveraging the key drivers needed to transform marketing and insight brand success. capabilities to build a 3.0 organisation • Addressing the growing expectations to “predict the future”: What are next generation consumers seeking and how do they want to be marketed to? With leading senior executive speakers including James Wycherley Murat Demiral Maria Grigorova Sonja Ungewitter Associate Director - Insights & Propositions Global Director, Knowledge & Insight Global Director Marketing College / Mars Marketing Director Nordics University Raimond Schmolze Piotr Szymski Muriel Perret Martin Borrett, Group Client Director Vice President Idea Generation & User Strategy & Development Insights Global Consumer & Market Insight Director Shizuka Pye, Marketing Capability Director Experience Development Director - Poland Erika Fattori Erik Kruse John Gachelin, Senior Vice President, Director Ronald Laan Head of Community Intelligence Strategic Marketing Manager, Networked of International Research Research Manager Consumer Insights Society Evangelist & Senior Expert Consumer Gwen Ishmael, Senior Vice President, Insights Benelux & Innovation Eduarda Taveira Kathleen Peeters Bob van Leeuwen Global Head of Consumer Insights Marketing and Communication Director Innovation Strategist &Trendwatcher C me & C you there! Registration: Fax +34 91 535 9804 | Phone +34 91 535 7087 | Email cime@engspain.comAn E.N.G. summit Platinum Sponsor Silver Sponsor Silver Sponsor
  2. 2. Consumer Insights & Marketing Excellence, Day One: Wednesday 9 May 201208:00 Registration and welcome coffee 14:15 Case study Making use of historic roots: Improving brand power by08:45 Opening remarks from E.N.G. and the chair analysis and revitalisation of iconic elements - The case of Venz Bread Sprinkles09:00 Panel debate - Insightful trend watching 33 pointing the problem of declining sales and the first steps towards Pin Trends in consumer behavior: A close up on the change evolution of the post-recession consumer – What 33Reinventing the brand: Identifying the forgotten iconic elements to conducts will remain? revitalise the brand 33Analysing the evolution of the consumer in the current volatile economic 33 research backed reinvention: The implicit techniques that drove to the A situation: A close up on the social cultural and political factors influencing successful transformations buying conducts 33Measuring the ROI of this brand transformation and the future steps to 33Predicting the impact of financial concerns on consumer behavior: How take for further growth to anticipate behavior patterns in times of social economic changes Ronald Laan, Research Manager Consumer Insights Benelux, 33Linking consumer confidence to changes in brand loyalty H.J. HEINZ 33Purchase behavior in a multi-channel communication ecosystem: The impact of new technologies in both buying behavior and desired 14:45 Partner presentation communication schemes of consumers Global co-creation leveraging mobile tools & social Panellists: media Murat Demiral, Global Director, Knowledge & Insight Decision Analyst will detail the methodology and present the insights BEVERAGE PARTNERS WORLDWIDE and Muriel Perret, Global Consumer & Market Insight Director resulting concepts from a new product development project conducted GROUPE BEL among young mothers in Brazil, China, the UK, and the United States James Wycherley, Associate Director - Insights & Propositions John Gachelin, Senior Vice President, Director of International BARCLAYS Research Erika Fattori, Head of Community Intelligence Gwen Ishmael, Senior Vice President, Insights & Innovation UNICREDIT DECISION ANALYST10:00 Client case study powered by Bisnode Interact 15:30 Networking coffee break Drawing insights from online activity and/or social media 16:00 Case study and translating them into business actions 33Companies are just beginning to grasp the true power of social data. The The networked society: Decoding consumer behavior to ability to collect feedback without the need for costly market research create a vision of the future studies, surveys, and focus groups is a relatively new prospect. Simply 33Understanding and anticipating game changers as disruptors of business collecting data is not enough, there is a need to identify, surface and and societal activities spread critical ideas throughout your organisation. One of our key 33The need to understand the interaction between individuals and sponsor will explore these ideas through a client case study presenting technology to build the company’s path how they have channelled insight from social media into action and the 33Using personas to create new services and products of the future return of these initiatives. 33Comprehending individual needs and context for innovation to translate Kathleen Peeters, Marketing and Communication Director these insights into concrete actions BISNODE INTERACT Erik Kruse, Strategic Marketing Manager, Networked Society Client to be confirmed Evangelist & Senior Expert Consumer Behavior, ERICSSON10:45 Networking coffee break 16:45 Case study11:15 Case study Creating a crowd for crowd sourcing Maximising the value and effectiveness of insights 33Differentiating between brand communication and product related through optimising collaboration internally and communication: Setting up a platform where consumers feel comfortable externally This session will explore how Beverage Partners Worldwide, joint to express their opinions about topics that matter to them venture 33Balancing the cost of listening with the potential of new product between The Coca Cola Company and Nestlé, have stepchanged the development based on true consumer requests: Analysing the ROI of impact of their insights through a structured process that fosters new CI initiatives collaboration within the company and with external partners. 33Translating gathered information into breakthrough business actions 33How to avoid silos between departments and think ahead about the 33Using your consumer interaction for PR outcome Raimond Schmolze, Vice President Idea Generation & User 33Transmitting your needs and desires successfully: Going beyond the Experience Development theoretical level with a simple, memorable and practical approach DEUTSCHE TELEKOM 33Streamlining communication to optimise actions, processes and business cases within your global organisation and with external partners12:00 Workshop / interactive session Murat Demiral, Global Director, Knowledge & Insights The empowered consumer: Maintaining effective BEVERAGE PARTNERS WORLDWIDE dialogs 33Brand to consumers vs. consumer to brand: Bridging the two flows of 17:30 Interactive recap of the day information to build true insight 33Maintaining meaningful and insightful situations: How to get to a win-win Introducing the core drivers of a 3.0 capable situation for consumer and brand when in dialog and create successful organisation Martin Borrett, Group Client Director permanent engagement 33 Shizuka Pye, Marketing Capability Director Setting up a strategy for the consumer/customers involvement in your BRAND LEARNING business: Collaboration and co-creation at all business levels13:00 Lunch 17:45 Closing remarks from the chair 19:30 Networking dinner for all E.N.G. To register fax registration form to +34 91 535 9804 contact us on +34 91 535 7087 or email cime@engspain.com
  3. 3. Consumer Insights & Marketing Excellence, Day Two: Thursday 10 May 201208:30 Registration and welcome coffee 14:15 Case study Promoting and embedding customer insight to influence09:00 Opening remarks from E.N.G. and the chair decision-making How Barclays Bank apply good business practice to increase the09:15 Case study effectiveness of the Insight department, including: Risk taking in consumer insight 33Understanding internal audiences: Making information reach the entire One of the primary objectives of research is managing risk related to company business decisions, yet research is not the only tool that insighters have 33Analysing and improving insight processes to maximise their use in their portfolio to serve this purpose – from educated judgment to internally in-market experiments. With marketing budgets under pressure and 33Packaging and distributing findings growing expectations of “predicting the future” finding the right balance James Wycherley, Associate Director - Insights & Propositions between scale of investments into insight and quality of outcomes BARCLAYS becomes ever more important. This session focuses on some of the non-research approaches that do not require major investments, while 14:45 Case study predict results of marketing activities with solid accuracy. Using online community panel research to create the 33Utilising various forms of experiments to assess the innovations most relevant newspaper to our target 33Leveraging test&learn opportunities within your portfolio 33Setting up a multicultural platform to gain insights from consumers across 33Designing and executing in-market tests to limit the risk the globe 33Balancing speed and level of investment with quality of outcomes 33Keeping Metro Life Panel active: Creating the engagement that maintains 33Taking educated guesses that lead to timely decisions and generates panel member interaction Piotr Szymski, Strategy & Development Insights Director - Poland 33Metro Lite Panel as a supporting platform for the Metro business model: SAB MILLER Its use to advertising 33 ow H Metro International is using Metro Life Panel to drive decision10:00 Strategic insight making throughout the editorial process: Guaranteeing an effective ROI Emotions and how they Influence buyers’ behaviours Eduarda Taveira, Global Head of Consumer Insights 33 power of imprint and are we behaving like goslings The METRO INTERNATIONAL 33 to become better in influencing decisions: the role How of anchoring, framing, social proof, scarcity and complexity of choices 15:15 Workshop Maria Grigorova, Global Director Marketing College / Mars Creating a 3.0 capable organisation University After two days of stimulating insight, perspectives and case studies, this MARS culminating, interactive workshop involves all participants in bringing together the learning. We will brainstorm the critical question of how these10:45 Networking coffee break new concepts and ideas can be put into practice within your organisation.11:15 Panel discussion : Keeping the pace with shoppers This discussion will explore the key drivers of transforming marketing and insight capabilities, including processes, organisation, people, skills and Tomorrow not today: Using next generation observational culture. The goal is to help enable your people and organisations to insights to locate game changer trends vs. fads Insights have always revolved around the here and now, but it is crucial to seize the growth opportunities created by rapid technological and social come up with a scheme to predict what is going to cause consumer change. behavior changes in the near future. Is there any way we can become Martin Borrett, Group Client Director better at foreseeing changes and trends that will occur in consumer Shizuka Pye, Marketing Capability Director behavior? This discussion will explore different approaches to research BRAND LEARNING and insight to enable this possibility. 33Understanding and locating the implicit that lies within the shopper and 16:15 Closing remarks from the chair and E.N.G. how culture shapes shopping behaviour Close of the conference 33Exploring non-verbal consumer insights to keep the pulse of consumer behaviour and anticipate changes 33Preparing a multi-mode research approach and integrating it to your strategy to effectively validate insights 33Different approaches to qualify behaviour patterns as game changer trends Panellist: Piotr Szymski, Strategy & Development Insights Director - Poland SAB MILLER Bob van Leeuwen – Innovation Strategist &Trendwatcher INTERPOLIS Erik Kruse, Strategic Marketing Manager, Networked Society Evangelist & Senior Expert Consumer Behavior, ERICSSON More to be confirmed12:15 Case study Being GLocal: Creating local targets and market strategies whilst managing a global brand 33Analysing the challenges of a global brand when targeting local markets with independent marketing campaigns: Creating synergies between HQ and local offices 33Drawing the line: Where global and local meet and where further insight must be sought to guarantee success 33Driving marketing innovation that connects and adapts to each market’s culture, behavior and customs 33Guaranteeing success by choosing the appropriate channel for each message in each market Sonja Ungewitter, Marketing Director Nordics Thank you E.N.G. would like to thank all who have assisted with the research BEIERSDORF and preparation of this event. In particular the speakers, sponsors and media partners who have supported the event through direct13:00 Lunch contribution. For further information, please refer to our website www.engspain.com To register fax registration form to +34 91 535 9804 contact us on +34 91 535 7087 or email cime@engspain.com
  4. 4. Consumer Insights & Marketing Excellence, 9 & 10 May 2012Attendees at our previous business summits includeDirector Global Customer Vice President Marketing Director of Research and Head of Innovation Head of E-commerceMarketing PEPSICO Insight RABOBANK VODAFONEEXPEDIA ITV Vice President Knowledge Vice President Consumer Chief Insight Officer Europe International Market & InsightsDirector of Customer Excellence MC DONALDS Research Manager COCACOLAOperations NESTLÉ UNICEFHONDA Global Coordination Social Vice President Strategy Vice President, Head of Media Marketing Peoples Champion Lead & Head of BusinessGlobal Consumer MTV and TMF LUFTHANSA INNOCENT DRINKS InnovationInnovation Director MTV NETWORKS SIEMENS NETWORKSINBEV Head of E-commerce European Marketing Director - Consumer and VODAFONE Director Food Global Coordination SocialSenior Vice President Market Intelligence MASTERFOODS Media MarketingBusiness Intelligence and WRIGLEY Global Director Global User LUFTHANSAVice President Marketing Experience and Strategic Product Marketing ManagerConsumer Finance International Market Interaction Design GOOGLE VP Consumer Insights, IceING Research Director WHIRLPOOL Cream category Coffee&Tea Head of E-commerce EMEA UNILEVER SARALEE Global Head of Online ADIDASDirector B2B MarketingKLM Marketing Director Product Marketing Executive Vice President ZURICH FINANCIAL Director Consumer Insights and Technology Alliances and CTO SERVICES ÜLKER SELLIGENTDirector Consumer InsightsEU Chocolatet PHILIPS INTERNATIONAL Global Strategic Insights Executive Vice President Marketing Director EuropeKRAFT FOODS Marketing Strategy & Director of Marketing Director SCA Department JOHNSON & JOHNSON Insights ManagementDirector Insight Consumer T-MOBILE INTERNATIONAL VOLKSWAGEN BANK Senior Manager Direct-to-Data and Interaction FRANCE Director Consumer Insights Consumer and InteractiveNOKIA Head of Marketing GENERAL MILLS Marketing Western Europe CLARKS INTERNATIONAL PROCTER & GAMBLETestimonials The quality of this conference was extremely high – from Lot of practical information, insightful presenters and the speaker presentations to the attendees, as well as the participants!” overall organisation of the event. I am so glad I came – I am going back to the bank with several new ideas to explore further Interactive and Relationship Marketing Executive COCA-COLA Vice President, Customer Insights WELLS FARGONetworking Dinner Hotel InfoE.N.G. would like to invite delegates, speakers and sponsors to join us The Radisson Blu Hotel Rome is known for its prime Rome city centrefor a networking dinner in a relaxed atmosphere to discuss the issues of location and spectacular modern design. Embracing a minimalist style,the day, exchange ideas and make future contacts. this hotel maintains a modern yet historic aesthetic that creates the perfect urban resort ambience.This evening will provide you with ample opportunity to network withyour peers while enjoying a good glass of wine. Dinner location to be Whether dining al fresco on the rooftop Sette or reclining in theconfirmed. sumptuous spa, guests at the Radisson Blu Hotel Rome are never far removed from the world-renowned elegance of Rome, Italy.Hear experts analyse the foreseen changes in the post-recession consumer Exploring different techniques to stay ahead of social and consumer changesExamine the journey of companies in their search for true insights through the ever growing social and digital spectrum Evaluating the key drivers to transform marketing and insights capabilities throughout your organisationUnderstand the different tools being used to guarantee and maximise your ROI Assessing new approaches to marketing to reach and truly engage the new consumerTranslate other companies’ experiences to your own strategies Optimising the use of your insights throughout your organisationNetwork with the creative minds of insight, marketing and innovation specialists across different industries Analysing different business models and strategies that will increase the bottom line of your business To register fax registration form to +34 91 535 9804 contact us on +34 91 535 7087 or email cime@engspain.com
  5. 5. 9 & 10 May 2012, Radisson Blu Hotel, RomeConsumer Insights & Marketing SponsorsExcellence Name 1 Position Media partner E-mail Name 2 Position Business Opportunities E-mail A limited amount of exhibition space is also available at the forum. Sponsorship opportunities covering luncheons, evening receptions and advertising in documentation packs are also available. For further details Name 3 please contact: Position Pam Walter, Sponsorship Manager +41 445 864 590 E-mail pwalter@engspain.com Complete Organisation Name Company VAT Number To Register Address E-mail: cime@engspain.com Fax: +34 91 535 9804 Tel: +34 91 535 7087 Postcode City Country Tel Who Should Attend This programme has been researched extensively and convened with the cooperation of senior executives responsible for the generation, Fax interpretation and implementation of consumer insights and marketing Date Signature activities. The executives that will realise the greatest benefit through attendance are I agree with the Terms & Conditions This booking is invalid without a signature those responsible for market and consumer research, marketing, brand development, communication and strategy:Conference Fee Senior vice presidents, vice presidents, directors, heads of and specialists in: 2 Day Conference Fee e1995.00 + VAT 33Marketing and/or Marketing Innovation 20% Early Bird Discount e1596.00 + VAT 33Consumer Insights valid until 16th March, 2012 33Market Research 33Consumer, Market and/or Business Intelligence 33Business Innovation Documentation Only e 545.00 33Brand Management, Development and/or Communication 33Knowledge & Insight* Groups of 3 or more booking on the same day will receive 33Consumer Engagement an additional 10% discount 33CRM*3 All delegates to be registered on the sameapply: at the same time.3 To qualify for discounts, these conditions form(s), 33Digital Media/New Technologies33 Delegates must be from the same company 33Multi-channel StrategyDiscounts are not reimbursed for previously purchased tickets.Prices include the conference documentation, lunches, refreshments, the social dinner andservice charge but exclude hotel accommodation. VAT is charged at 21%. Confirmation You will receive an email outlining the details two weeks before the event. For any further information please contact the Operations departmentMethods of Payment at E.N.G. Terms & Conditions By completing this registration form, I/we (the delegate/s) Please charge my credit card hereby agree to the following Cancellations E.N.G. will not be able to mitigate its losses for any less than 50% of each individual delegate registration, even if cancelled within 1 day after booking. Cancellations must be received by mail, fax or email three weeks before the conference. In case of cancellation thereafter the full conference fee is payable. No credit note will be issued if cancellation is received 3 weeks or less prior to an Card holder’s name event. Delegate substitutions are welcome at any time prior to the dates of the conference. Card no. If for any reason E.N.G. decides to amend or to cancel the conference, E.N.G. is not responsible for any costs and/or damages, such as covering airfare, hotel and/or other costs incurred by delegates. In the event that E.N.G. cancels the MasterCard/VISA 3 DIGIT CIC last 3 digits, back of card conference, E.N.G. reserves the right to provide a credit of an equivalent amount to another conference within the same sector. E.N.G. does not bear responsibility for any conference/programme amendments AMEX 4 DIGIT CIC 4 digits, front of card and/or cancellations, such as speaker cancellation. E.N.G. also reserves the right to change the programme as it sees fit. E.N.G. does not provide refunds due to Expiry Date (mth/yr) programme changes and cancellations. E.N.G. reserves the right to refuse at its Signature discretion delegates and companies wishing to attend or register for any of its events. Data E.N.G. is allowed to pass on your delegate details to other companies who wish For other payment options please contact E.N.G. at +34 91 535 7087 to communicate with you. If you do not wish to receive information from other companies, please contact us at info@engspain.com or +34 91 535 7087.Payment is required within 5 days. Please quote SP64 as reference.Hotel AccommodationThe conference fee does not include accommodation rates. Uponreceipt of your signed registration form you will receive an email withinformation on how to secure your accommodation at Radisson BluHotel. Please note that after April 10th rooms and rates will be subjectto availability. To register fax registration form to +34 91 535 9804 contact us on +34 91 535 7087 or email cime@engspain.com.com