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New world of Web Promotion (SMO/SEO)
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New world of Web Promotion (SMO/SEO)


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. The New World of Web Promotion
    Experience the Web in a New Way!
  • 2. What comes to our mind when we think of search engine promotion?
    Getting a good ranking in a search engine.
  • 3. But this isn’t easy!
    Search engines are getting smarter & intelligent everyday
  • 4. So how do you achieve your goals?
    On page optimization is one of the very first step of SEO
    Off Page Optimization
    Advanced/Technical Techniques (HTML, CSS, Java Optimization)
  • 5. on-page optimization techniques
    Title Optimization
    Meta Description
    HTML Tags
    Link Optimization
    Image Optimization
  • 6. Title-the most important website optimization element.
    Should be short but descriptive enough for your visitors to identify you and your business.
    Target you title with the main keyphrase with which you are targeting your page.
    Use Specific keywords in your title you want to rank with.
    Your title should be appealing that it compels clicking.
  • 7. Don’t ignoreMeta Description
    Include your Selling Point. Tell them what you offer and how you are different.
    Including some of your keywords will give you some advantage in Google’s relevancy algorithm.
  • 8. Don’t miss out on impHTML Tags
    The header tags [h1] [h2] [h3], Bold [strong], Italic [em] etc. Use them appropriately to define the page/post titles or the important sections of your website.
    The text inside your header tags (e.g. [h1]) is given very high importance by the search engine.
    Note: Don’t put your navigation, site name, bread crumbs in [h1] [h2] [h3] tags. These tags are to define headlines, so use them appropriately.
  • 9. Don’t Overstuff with Keywords
    Maintain the balance between your keywords & your content.
    Do proper keyword research (some of the tools are SEObook Keyword Suggestion tool, Google Adwords Keyword Tool & Overture Keyword Tool. )
    Try to have a moderate keyword density so that it can help the search engine to determine that your page is indeed related & relevant to the keyword that you are targeting.
  • 10. Don’t Overstuff with Keywords
    Synonyms & Related Keywords: I personally like to use synonyms instead of having a high keyword density. This helps to make my content sound natural but still helps in SEO.
    Try long tail keywords as well to rank high
  • 11. Link Optimization – its imp but still we neglect this.
    Optimize your internal & external outbound links for search engines.
    Try using good anchor text when you are linking to other people.
    A good & clean Internal Link Structure with proper use of anchor text will definitely help. E.g. “Credit Card Application” is a better anchor text compared to “click here”
  • 12. Image Optimization- Make it easy for the spider
    Use your relevant keywords as ALT text.
    always use meaningful file name for your images, use names like “apple-iphone-cover.jpg” instead of meaningless “DSC24045.jpg”
    Keep image file name same or similar to the ALT text.
    Whenever you want to link to your image, use the image keywords in your link text. Example: use “view an Apple iPhone”, instead of “Click here to view” as the anchor text.
  • 13. Some Quick Pointers
    Avoid Link Farms- Make Navigation Hierarchy Easy
    Connectyour important sections
    Define your urlswith right keywords
    Pay attention to content(unique, useful, fresh and keyword optimized )
    Sitemaps, both XML and user facing
    Avoid Common Mistakes(Duplicate Content, URL Variants of the same page, Duplicate Meta tags, Hidden text & links, Keyword repetition, Mirror Pages)
  • 14. Off page Optimization
    Use keywords in link anchor text
    Obtain links from high ranking publisher sites
    One way or 3 way linking but no reciprocal links or paid linking
    Link building (Build quality links with universities/colleges/government/ngo/org)
    Link from article marketing sites
    Link from social bookmarking sites, pr sites, video sites, photo sites, blogs, fan pages, free directories, classified sites, profile posting sites etc…
  • 15. Social Media Strategies
    Clear defined strategies are required to develop a process for SMO activities / SEO.
    SMOon site
    SMO in social space
  • 16. SMOOn site
    Integrate RSS feeds from your related blogs, news or fan pages for dynamic content on your site.
    Generate feed of dynamic content and do feed submissions
    Add social bookmarking buttons to your pages for sharing on social spaces.
    Incorporate third-party community functionalities like images and videos. (eg.
  • 17. SMO in social space
    Directory Submissions (Site and RSS Feed)
    Classified & Press Release Submission
    Article Marketing & Blogging
    Commenting on Blogs, Forums, Yahoo Answers
    Video Posting, Sharing and Liking
    Status updates on social platforms
    Fan pages (urbanfashiontrends), RSS of blog in Notes in Facebook Profile or fan Pages
  • 18. SMO in social space
    Linkedin Group discussions
    Blog submissions in Networked Blogs,, BlogCatalog
    Photo Sharing on Photo Networking Sites (Link Photo Albums on social networks.)( , marble-crafts.com
    Bookmark your social profiles on social bookmarking sites
  • 19. Some common strategies
    Category Content Optimization + Internal Linking
    Related Site Article
    Related Photo Gallery
    Snapshot Posting of article on Blog & FacebookNotes
    Snapshot posting of photo gallery on photo sharing sites and back link to photo gallery page
  • 20. Some common strategies
    Related Article for Blog and Article Marketing Sites
    Identify topics from social search engines (,,, yahoo answers, forums)