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  • This is the way industry and working life seems to be going. With all the off shoring, the world becoming flatter and distributed talent pools, we are increasingly being asked to work in global roles. University and College leavers will probably find themselves working across at least two countries and time zones within the first few years of their careers.
  • Mr Dapper
  • Corporate blogging certainly has it’s place, and in many cases can replace stiff corporate communications. Leadership who take to blogging can convey who they are and what they are about to anyone that cares to take note. Seeing the human side of management and understanding their views and perspectives can add real value to staff understanding and strategy knowledge. Equally, project or status reporting can move away from rigid email or word documents and move to blogs.
  • Tools like BaseCamp really are as simple as it gets. It’s a million miles away from the advanced functionality of MS Project, but it offers enough to be able to manage a project of sets of tasks with a distributed team. The beauty is that no training or installation is required to get working, no matter where you happen to be.
  • This is just one example of wiki usage. What about starting all documents, or requirements gathering sessions in the wiki? Create a stub, send out the link and have everyone contribute, edit and discuss. Low email overhead, big collaboration factor. All the while you are creating that community fatcor.
  • So imagine a sharing all bookmarks on a particular topic with a network interested in said topic Project teams can share links Managers can disseminate links You can access your links on any computer – that’s less of an overhead for tech support in migrations etc
  • So you see another mention to RSS. It really is the glue that holds all of this together. With the podcasting, anyone can tap into Carole’s knowledge or status reporting, listing at a time that suits them, in an environment that suits them. The fact that her podcast get’s re-published by her audience, it multiplies the listener base beyond her own network. This creates awareness and opportunities beyond her normal reach.
  • LinkedIn is a Social Networking site for professionals. When you get back to the office tomorrow, go to LinkedIn and search for your companies name. You might be surprised to see who and how many people have a profile on there. It surprised me to see that it has a high management and above membership base. It almost feels like a secret club of sorts.
  • This really is a key point. A lot of enterprise2.0 boils down to collaboration, or software which enables you to collaborate and communicate.
  • There’s a big difference there, and I wonder how many of us the same applies to? Look at what you were using even last year compared to this year and you will see how fast both the web2.0 and enterprise2.0 landscape is moving.
  • That really speaks for itself, in that it’s almost mandatory for software to be web based to be classed as web2.0 or enterprise2.0. The fact that Internet Explorer is giving way to FireFox is interesting. Here you have an open source, slick, secure, ahead of the pack piece of software taking a big piece of Microsoft’s pie. It’s a sign of things to come. How many Microsoft apps do you see above?
  • So that’s software Initiated by Management which is embraced and implemented (in content and usage) by the users. Simon’s corporate wiki example in the second slide speaks volumes to this.
  • Meet Charlie What Is Enterprise20 29751

    1. 1. meet Charlie what is Enterprise2.0 ?
    2. 2. <ul><li>A.K.A….. </li></ul>
    3. 3. mr. Enterprise2.0
    4. 4. Charlie works here………..
    5. 5. and here………..
    6. 6. Charlie’s Project team are here ………..
    7. 7. so Charlie has to find way’s of working in a global team, in different time zone's and with people he has never met……..
    8. 8. this is Charlie’s boss ……..
    9. 9. Charlie subscribes to his blog via an RSS feed He feels like he knows him real well, and always knows what he’s thinking and where the company is heading. he’s never met his boss in person
    10. 10. his boss subscribes to it via an RSS feed his team subscribe to it via an RSS feed 130 people he doesn’t know subscribe to it via an RSS feed they all feel like they know him and his project real well Charlie also has a project blog
    11. 11. Charlie uses BaseCamp to manage his project……. he assigns tasks & deadlines to team members online team members communicate & check off tasks online Charlie monitor’s progress and workload online
    12. 12. Charlie likes tools like BaseCamp because they are lightweight , easy to use and quick …oh and it has RSS …. No training needed for new team members – sign up and go
    13. 13. Charlie uses the company wiki ….. a lot the wiki is accessible and editable by everyone at the company
    14. 14. to create their own user documentation he encourages the users to use the company wiki …..
    15. 15. that’s less work for Charlie ….. … .and empowerment for the users collaborative documentation …
    16. 16. Charlie stores & tags all his bookmarks on the intranet … . everyone can see them….and he can see everyone else’s
    17. 17. his tags highlight his interests & stuff he’s keeping an eye on he can see who else is interested in the same things by exploring tags
    18. 18. Charlie’s boss & project team use the same Social Bookmarking app…… … ..they subscribe to each others tag feeds via RSS
    19. 19. this is Carole Charlie’s colleague & mentor
    20. 20. Carole normally has lots to say……… so she creates audio podcasts which are aggregated throughout the company
    21. 21. when a new podcast is available from Carole’s blog..... Charlie is notified via RSS
    22. 22. ……… .he then downloads, listens & syndicates the podcast on his own blog
    23. 23. Charlie has a LinkedIn profile……
    24. 24. … .so does his boss
    25. 25. … .and most of his team
    26. 26. … .in fact, that’s how he got the job . Using a Social Network to find contacts and opportunities .
    27. 27. … .if people don’t know what you can do…..why would they ask you to do it? Charlie say’s…….. advertise yourself!
    28. 28. you see…. networking is not just for kids !
    29. 29. from his tags , his blog , his wiki entries and his LinkedIn profile……… people often contact Charlie from different departments and even countries……..
    30. 30. … just to say Hi ….or to say, hey, I work on a similar project, how can we collaborate…? it’s about collaboration
    31. 31. 18 months ago Charlie was using these tools ….. all on his desktop ….
    32. 32. today Charlie uses these tools ….. all through his browser ….
    33. 33. ..ask Charlie what his favourite piece of software is………..? if you were to…….
    34. 34. ..he’d give it some thought……… ..and say it was a trick question ………
    35. 35. ..and answer with……… FireFox
    36. 36. Charlie uses his favourite browser for almost any app
    37. 37. .. ask Charlie what Enterprise2.0 is………..?
    38. 38. ..he’d say he hates buzz words………
    39. 39. ..but it’s most definately Social Software within the firewall…….
    40. 40. ..easy to use software web based bottom up , not top down less feature bloat, more GTD
    41. 41. blogs wiki’s podcasts social networking online collaboration tagging social bookmarking
    42. 42. ..they all have a social element ..they are all browser based…
    43. 43. Enterprise2.0 ….. initiated by those passionate about web2.0 and implemented by people like Charlie ….
    44. 44.