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Stearic Acid
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Stearic Acid


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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  • The most biologically important thing to remember about Steric acid is that because it is the free floating,excess fats that we can't break down as easily, they are stored. This fat is a greater source of energy than glucose, and it's reserve energy.
    -- Brian Needles

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  • 1. Saturated Fat (Stearic Acid) Zack Busch Laura Carroll
  • 2. Our First Day She is so cute in all her representations!
  • 3. Birth Statistics
    • Belongs in the carboxyl group
      • Carboxylic Acid
    • Hydrophilic Head
    • Hydrophobic Tail
    • Saturated Fat
    Part of her just loves the water, but another part simply fears it
  • 4. Proud Family Members Aunt Lauric Aunt Lino Uncle P Propanoic Acid Linoleic Acid Lauric Acid Stearic acid comes from the saturated fat family. This family has a range of amounts of carbon from 3-36. there is no double bonds to the hydrogen so the family is all fully saturated.
  • 5. Stearic’s Favorite Places
    • Begins by playing in the intestine
    • Fats taken in through here
    • Finishes playing in the Liver
    • Fats processed in here
    • Eventually she roams through the blood
    • Exist as free fatty acids in here
    • She enjoys animal fat too!
    • Enters the body through here
  • 6. Special Talents
    • Causes the increase of blood cholesterol levels
      • This is a cause of heart attacks and cardiovascular disease
    • Storage molecule
      • The body turns excess sugar into saturated fat
    • Provides fat that the body cannot naturally produce
  • 7. About Baby Stearic Acid
    • Consists of Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen
    • Solid at room temperature
    • Almost all hydrogen are attached to the carbons
    Saturated fats are able to pack tightly together which is why they are solid at room temperature
  • 8. Why we would be good parents
    • Provides insulation for our bodies
      • After converted to fat keeps us warm/cool
    • Stores energy for later use when needed
    • Keep the amount of Stearic Acid and other saturated fats limited to keep healthy
    • Provides an energy source greater than most molecules (our kid is the best)
  • 9. Works Cited