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  • 1. Glycogen’s First Day on Planet Earth By: James Raciti
  • 2. Family Glycogen was born into the storage polysaccharide family. He not the biggest of guys, but he has lots of energy. He’s full of hydrogen, oxygen, and OH.
  • 3. Play Places Glycogen is very playful. He loves going to the liver and muscle cells to have some fun.
  • 4. Friends Glycogen has lots of friends. His main one is glucose. He has lots of glucose as friends which make him who he is. One of his big influences is his functional group of OH. It allows him to group up with friends just like him.
  • 5. Glycogen Activities
    • Glycogen loves to make energy for other friends. He gives himself up to help a friends.
    • Muscle cells are one of his best friends. Glycogen always shares energy with him in quick spurts.
  • 6. Reasons why I’m a good Parent
    • The main reason why I am a good parent is that I know what glycogen wants. It needs lots of food to grow and be there, and I know how to nurture it.
    • Another reason I’m a good parent is because I use it a lot. I give the glycogen something to do all the time because of how active I am.
    • The last reason I’m a good parent is because I adopted a molecule I knew nothing about. I wasn’t intimidated by it and was interested in what info it had for me.