Biomolecule adoption power point s.v.

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  • 1. My Lil’ Phospholipid A baby scrapbook of Frank, the cutest little DLPE molecule ever synthesized By Sam Viknyansky
  • 2. Samuel Viknyansky This is to certify that and solemnly promises to raise, love, and protect said biomolecule to the fullest of their ability. on this 25 th day of September in the year 2010 has adopted the biomolecule Frank the Phospholipid
  • 3. Baby’s First Photo
    • Frank Dilauryl- Phosphatidyl ethanolamine Viknyansky was made (with loving care) from Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus atoms.
  • 4. Frank’s First Steps
    • Although very young, he excels at running very fast with his two lauric acid legs.
    Frank has a good head on his shoulders, one made of phosphate and glycerol.
  • 5. Birth Statistics Functional Groups: Hydroxyl, Carbonyl, Carboxyl, Amino, and Phosphate Height: Really short Weight: A whopping 9.6 x 10 -25 grams Eye Color: Brown
  • 6. Family Pictures
    • Frank comes from the Fat family!
    Mama Butter Papa Donut Grandma Olive Oil Fats Waller, 20 th century jazz genius
  • 7. Family Hobbies The Fats are full of energy, but always take second place to the Carb family Most fats are afraid of water, but Frank is a special case! Our kid is crazy!
  • 8. Frank’s Special Talent Frank loves to snorkel, but hates getting his feet wet. Frank and his siblings make a huge double layer known as the cell membrane and have lots of fun! To deal with this, he and his siblings use the buddy system and hold hands while swimming to stay afloat.
  • 9. Frank’s Favorite Places
    • Frank is quite the explorer!
    • He goes around the whole body, forming protective layers around all sorts of things.
    • These include cells and vesicles (little packages that go around the body)
  • 10. Why I Love Him
    • Frank brings me joy every single day. He also gives my cells the protection they need. When something wants to enter the cells, Frank acts like a bouncer and considers letting it in. Like Frank, I love to travel!
    • We make the perfect team!
  • 11. Thanks for Watching! See you guys around! (Whoah, Frank’s first words!)
  • 12. Sources
    • Campbell, Neil A., and Jane B. Reece. Biology . San Francisco: Pearson, Benjamin Cummings, 2005. Print.