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Google plus vs facebook v4 Google plus vs facebook v4 Presentation Transcript

  • Google Plus Vs Facebook: Who Will Win This Social Media War? Prashant Verma Dec, 2011 10/4/13@techcrunch 1
  • Agenda History • Evolution/Timelines of Social Media Google’s Social Networking Initiatives • What went wrong • Why g+? Launch of g+ • Initial Reaction • Feature Comparison with FB Google vs FB • Statistics • Financials • Future Conclusion 10/4/13@techcrunch 2
  • The History of Social Networking 1971 : The first email was sent 1978 : First BBS(bulletin board System) was developed and data was exchanged over phone lines 1979-80: USENET released, first Online BB was published 1994: First Social Networking Site – Geocities was founded – gave users to personalize their online experience . Posted a record IPO - $850m. Fell to $4m in 3 yrs. 10/4/13@techcrunch 3
  • The History of Social Networking 2000:”.com” bubble burst, stock market crashed. 2002: Launch of Friendster – first real time social networking site – 3 M users in 3 months 2003:Myspace is launched. First version was coded in 10 days!! 2003-04 Many More – Tribe, LinkedIn, Classmates, Netlog etc 2004: Facebook was launched – Initially as a way to connect US college students @ Havard. Orkut was launched in January 10/4/13@techcrunch 4
  • The History of Social Networking 2006 :Twitter – as micro blogging sites 2008: Facebook overtook Myspace 2009 : Google wave – was closed in 2010 2010: Goggle Buzz (closed in 2011) 2011: Google Launched g+ 10/4/13@techcrunch 5
  • What wrong with Google’s offering? Google was never a leader in the social networking offering. • tried to buy Friendster in 2003; • launched Orkut in 2004, a social network that gained some traction overseas, but none at home; • acquired Dodgeball (which became Google Latitude) in 2005, a location-based network for mobile devices, much like the more successful Foursquare. • In 2005, Google launched Gmail and chat, with a number of social network applications that have mostly gone unused; • acquired Jaiku in 2007, a site much like Twitter; • launched Open Social in 2007, an attempt to tie numerous social networks and connections together and list goes on.. Facebook attacked the weakest point of Google. Google unfortunately has not been able to catch on social network due to two inherent weaknesses: • Google is still perceived as search engine company (perception problem) • It still relies on a bot to get its result( no human interaction). 10/4/13@techcrunch 6
  • Reaction on Launch of g+ 10/4/13@techcrunch 7
  • 10/4/13@techcrunch 8
  • Reaction on Launch of g+ 10/4/13@techcrunch 9
  • Reaction on Launch of g+ Bill Gross, CEO of technology incubator Idealab, has predicted — on his Google+ page, no less — that Google will go from 1 to 100 million users "faster than any other service in history." His reasoning: "The service is great. It is timely. People are engaging with it like crazy," – July 11, 2011 Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhry reported that Google+ has as many as 3.5 million sign-ups and is off to a "very strong start.” within days of launch – July 14, 2011. All the things Facebook can do, Google+ can do, and more. For instance, Google Sparks is a simple way to share recommendations… while Google hangout is a place you can video chat with numerous friends at once. Google+ is far from a finished product ….. This could prove to be Facebook’s first real challenge. With that in mind – don’t be surprised if we see the Facebook IPO sooner rather than later, as the company may want to get its payday before Google+ can build too much steam - Ryan Cole Investment U Research Analyst, Monday, July 4th, 2011. 10/4/13@techcrunch 10
  • Feature Comparison 10/4/13@techcrunch 11
  • Feature Comparison An overarching architecture that ties everything Google provides together. Whether you are talking about contacts on Gmail, partners you work with on Google Docs, youtube, recommendations from Google Buzz… it’s central Better privacy?? Everything in one place. 10/4/13@techcrunch 12
  • Why g+? 10/4/13@techcrunch 13
  • Why this kolavari? Survival of the fittest • Google has failed thrice in its attempt to kill Facebook and failed Revenue • Facebook rising revenue is concern for Google Facebook – a paradigm shift • Google believes that this is the future of search. Others believe it’s the End • Social media – Data which you trust is of your relevance. Google reached a 1.25 billion unique visitors worldwide , while Facebook rang in at 85 million. 10/4/13@techcrunch 14
  • Why this kolavari? 10/4/13@techcrunch 15
  • Financial Comparison 10/4/13@techcrunch 16
  • Financial Comparison 10/4/13@techcrunch 17
  • Its not just about social platform .. Facebook vs. Google: The battle for the future of the Web 10/4/13@techcrunch 18
  • Paradigm Shift Larry Page, Google's co-founder was born just 11 years before Mark Zuckerberg, his counterpart at Facebook, the two belong to different Internet generations with different worldviews. In Page's web, everything starts with a search. But in recent years the web has tilted gradually toward Zuckerberg's world. There, rather than search for a news article, you wait for your friends to tell you what to read. They tell you what movies they enjoyed, what brands they like, and where to eat sushi. 10/4/13@techcrunch 19
  • Conclusion .. No one could ever displace office. No one could beat Amazon in e-retail sales. Google remains number on Search Engine leadership. Facebook is here to stay and change the way world has used internet till date .. Until next disruptive and innovative changes .. 10/4/13@techcrunch 20
  • Q n A 10/4/13@techcrunch 21