Emily Lanum & Patrick Lane--Fall 12 740 MW
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Emily Lanum & Patrick Lane--Fall 12 740 MW



Two Clover Park Technical College CMST&220 (public speaking) students commemorate their experiences in class throughout fall quarter of 2012.

Two Clover Park Technical College CMST&220 (public speaking) students commemorate their experiences in class throughout fall quarter of 2012.



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Emily Lanum & Patrick Lane--Fall 12 740 MW Emily Lanum & Patrick Lane--Fall 12 740 MW Presentation Transcript

  • Challenge Accepted P
  • CMST&220 Public Speaking Fall 2012@ 7:40am M/WMultimedia Class Project Starring… Dr. Phil Venditti!! E
  • This Presentation Brought toYou By…And students hopped up onCoffee! E &P
  • Table of Contents Introducing the Student Speakers Stress Producers What Challenged Us… What We’ve Been Taught…  Pop Quiz Final Thought
  • Introducingthe StudentSpeakers!Note to classmates: Most ofthe photos shown were takenby Dr. Phil, so no one stalk meto my car due to a badpicture!
  • RayAlex Allysa Ernestina Inna Matt Olivia Patrick Chris Linsey Emily E&P
  • Not a student speaker!!!Dr. PhilWhat can I say about Dr. Phil…The man knows his speeches,he loves his students, he adoreshis family and clean jokes, andhe was a great instructor. E &P
  • MelissaAlways friendly anddelightful, always fun to listento her speak.
  • LizbethMade huge strides in herspeaking and never let thedifficulty of not using her nativelanguage keep her fromsucceeding!
  • MarisaBiggest and brightest smile ofanyone in the class.
  • AlexBlew us all away when wefound out that he was a highschool student, and he neverused that as an excuse not todo his work.Always wears his hat…
  • AprilAlways smiling and laughing,even when she would bespeaking and anxious.
  • MattAlways gave a unique speechthat entertained the class.Speaking of Unique…
  • UniqueAlways kept the classlaughing, even if it was duringspeeches…
  • InnaQuiet and sweet, but never letthat stop her from standing talland looking the class in the eyewhile speaking.
  • PatrickAlthough often nervous, healways stood up straight andlooked people in the eye as hespoke. He also spoke verypassionately with any historicaltopic. And did his best to warnpeople when they weren’tmaking their time limit.
  • EmilyNever had a sour face in theclass. ALWAYS had a smile on herface and always kept a positiveattitude. Whenever there was aspeed bump, she went right overit and accelerated through.
  • ChuckAlways spoke very well, verywell studied on every speechhe gave. Very friendly andpositive when asked how otherstudent speakers did.
  • RayVery quiet seeming, but veryvocal when he feels that thereis an injustice.
  • AllyssaAlways smiles and giggles. Shehas infectious enthusiasm.
  • JakePossibly the shyest studentwhen we started this course,but now he’s one of the mostentertaining speakers.
  • KyleGave a lot of speeches unlike anyother, and blew a lot of us awaywhen giving his demonstrationspeech…Then again, he brought his amazingdog.…There appear to be no pictures ofKyle.
  • ChrisAlways added a lot ofpersonality to his speeches. Ialso believe that he was thefirst student to use a videoduring his speeches, whichstarted a trend.
  • LinseyAlways had great eye contactwith the class while speaking,and always prepared!
  • WillPerhaps the class’ most puttogether and well-preparedspeaker. Never seemednervous or intimidated.
  • MaxAlways a character whilespeaking and thought outsidethe box, ensuring that hisspeeches were unlike anyoneelse’s.
  • ErnestinaWas nervous every time shespoke, but always spoke withpassion. Her speech aboutbullying left several classmatesin tears.
  • OliviaWe all know her as the classHoncha. She spent her classhours buried in papers orspeaking with a smile.
  • Chuck Unique Jake Max April Will LizbethMelissa E &P
  • Xanax and a banana required!
  • If these are the bananasyou’re thinking of, youmay have taken too manyXanax… E &P
  • StressProducers
  • MarbleDroppingOne of the most distractingand irritating sounds I’ve everheard, but it made me afraidto say “Ummm” and otherfillers.
  • Time KeepingThe timekeeping device wasbipolar: It was either your bestfriend or your worst enemy…Some of us watched thatdevice more intently than wewatch the Super Bowl.
  • Bell RingingThis wasn’t too stressful to havefor most students. But for me Ijust kept thinking, “Oh mygosh, are they going to knowwhat my topics are? What if I’mnot clear enough?” etc.
  • Video-TapingVideo-taping was actually prettyfun for the ones doing it, but notso fun for the people speaking infront of the camera. It’s evenworse when you watch the tapeof yourself speaking…
  • Being late by 4minutes…I’ve never hated clapping somuch in my LIFE!Which is why when Dr. Philcame to a student counciladmin meeting we all clappedwhen he walked through thedoor…felt amazing!
  • What’s the largeststressor you ask?!
  • SPEAKING INGENERAL!!Speaking is one of the mostshared fears across the Unitedstates. Most people would ratherdo math homework for 4 hoursthan give a five-minute speech.Although Allyssa doesn’t lookstressed at all…
  • WhatChallenged Us…
  • What ChallengedMe…-Emily E &P
  • What ChallengedMe…-Patrick
  • What we’vebeen taught…Ready for a pop quiz?!
  • 1. What’s the best way tostart a speech?A. Your name; people need to know whoyou areB. Your topic; people need to know whatyou’re talking aboutC. Something attention-grabbing, like aquoteD. “Ummm”
  • Answer:C! You want to start every speech with something that will grab the audience’s attention. Most people don’t find speeches entertaining, so surprise them. Add a bit of flare and personality to your speech. Start with a joke or quote to make your speech memorable. E &P
  • 2. What do you have to dobefore entering Dr. Phil’soffice?A. Bring him a StarbucksB. Tell a clean joke to get his attentionC. Start singing, he loves singingD. Take off your shoes
  • Answer:D! Dr. Phil wants everyone to take their shoes off before they enter his office. I’m not exactly sure why… but TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES!!!
  • 3. What is the best numberof main points to have in aspeech?A. TwoB. ThreeC. However many I dang well want!D. Five
  • Answer:B! Dr. Phil taught us early on in the course that a good speech should usually have three main points. It’s just enough to give people an adequate amount of information, but not too much to be grueling.
  • 4.What do you need torepeat in your conclusion?A. Your three main pointsB. Your three main points, your name, andyour topicC. You don’t repeat anything; you wouldn’twant people thinking you’re stutteringD. Say “Thank you!” You don’t want peoplethinking you’re rude
  • Answer:B! At the end of your speech you want to repeat your three main points, your name, and your topic. It’s a great way of reiterating what you’ve gone over, so it’s fresh on everyone’s minds.
  • 5. What should you alwaysprovide while speaking?A. An exampleB. Your Social Security numberC. Your life storyD. Why you took the course
  • Answer:A! Always,always give an example. It’s a great way of breaking down what you’re saying, adding a personal touch/personality, and taking up some time.
  • Thanks! We’llleave you with Dr. Phil’s favorite saying, “The good is the enemy of the better.”
  • E &P