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Setting-up a Fab Lab in Suriname, a play on three boards
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Setting-up a Fab Lab in Suriname, a play on three boards


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Setting-up a Fab Lab in Suriname, a play on three boards

Setting-up a Fab Lab in Suriname, a play on three boards

Published in: Technology, Travel, Business
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  • 1. FabFuse 2012 is the first international grassroots Fab Lab conference Amersfoort (The Netherlands), 8 - 11 August 2012 – www.fabfuse.orgSETTING-UP A FAB LAB IN SURINAME, A PLAY ON THREE BOARDS Pieter van der Hijden Sofos Consultancy 2012 –Pieter van der Hijden ( - This work is licensed under a Creative CommonsAttribution 3.0 Unported License. 1
  • 2. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Pieter van der Hijden  Fab Lab Suriname  International Fab Lab Association  Fab Academy Course “How to manage a Fab Lab” Amsterdam, The Netherlands Sofos Consultancy 2
  • 3. AGENDA Welcome to Suriname Challenges Stakeholders Three playboards  Mini Fab Lab  Regular Fab Lab  Official Fab Lab Conclusion 3
  • 4. WELCOME TO SURINAME First 3 minutes of “Destination Suriname”, see giY 4
  • 5. WELCOME TO SURINAME  Tropical country  400 * 400 km  Flat coastal strip 80 km  Hilly tropical rainforest with some mountains  Sun & natural resourcesSource: 5
  • 6. WELCOME TO SURINAME Population  80% - urban  10% - rural  10% - forest  500,000 in total Economy  Mining (oil, gold, bauxite, etc.)  Agriculture  Tourism  Offshore GDP pc – Computed by Wolfram Alpha = USD 15.3 per day per person 6
  • 7. WELCOME TO SURINAME Forest – (no maps on Google Earth), small villages far away from city, boat transport, no electricity, low quality education, poor. Rural area – close to city, low education, traditional, b oring.City – Lively, shops, offices,bars, schools, but also manypeople (esp. young man)with little education andjobless 7
  • 8. CHALLENGES Empower adults without education Give all children access to up-to-date education Invention Develop community to fulfill Job Creation its basic needs (electricity, clean water, sanitary Problem Solving conditions, repair) Education Stimulate new businesses Empowerment Support small and medium enterprises to innovate The tower of empowerment (CSIR South Africa) Connect to the world 8
  • 9. Creative Internet University Researchcampus provider institutes STAKEHOLDERS Techn. schools Consulta ncies Colleges Ministry Women of movement education Embassy Training centre Labour Adult union education Govern- NGO mentCrafters Employers Bank ass. Min. of labour & techn. Min. of Big trade and company industry Chamber of Cultural commerce centre Museum Waag Supra society nationals 9
  • 10. STAKEHOLDERS Subsequent initiators  Recurring pattern  Waag Society Fab Lab  Initial interest and claim  Local internet provider of ownerschip  Mixed creative campus  No follow-up actions initiative  Focus shifts to other  Chamber of Commerce priorities and Industry  Our policy  Ministry of Technology  Who is the client?  Government  Which help is appreciated? 10
  • 11. THREE PLAYBOARDS Mini Fab Lab - private Regular Fab Lab - consortium Official Fab Lab - government 11
  • 12. MINI FAB LAB OLPC - One laptop per child 12
  • 13. MINI FAB LAB 13
  • 14. MINI FAB LAB Computer class with open agenda 14
  • 15. MINI FAB LAB Arduino 15
  • 16. MINI FAB LAB Simple cutting tool 16
  • 17. MINI FAB LAB Game maker Drawing by A. Fienieg, 1992 17
  • 18. MINI FAB LAB Internet connectionMovie: Devika (13) (while sweeping) explains the working of telephone line, splitter,adsl router, wifi, mediadisk, ups, etc. 18
  • 19. REGULAR FAB LAB Mixed creative campus consortium (NL-SR) Mixed motives (social, economical) Fab Lab Waag Society involved Long term perspective 1. Raising money for campus 2. Developing campus 3. Developing Fab Lab 19
  • 20. OFFICIAL FAB LAB Government initiated Mixed motives (boosting high tech, connecting to the world) Contacts with various NL Fab Labs Short term perspective 1. Funding available 2. Space available 3. People available 20
  • 21. CONCLUSION Mini Fab Lab  Autonomous and flexible  Experiences in local context  Resources for spreading the word Regular Fab Lab and Official Fab Lab  Stay in touch  Search for synergy  Help where possible 21
  • 22. REFERENCES Destination Suriname; Business model generation; a handbook for visionaries, game changers, and challengers; Alexander Osterwalder et al.; John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken NJ, USA, 2010. Design Thinking for Educators; Design Team Riverdale Country School and IDEO; 2011. International Fab Lab Association; web site; Special report: Manufacturing and Innovation; The Economist; print edition 21 April 2012. 22
  • 23. THANK YOU! Pieter van der Hijden Sofos Consultancy, The Netherlands – Fab Lab - Where to start? International Fab Lab Association 23