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GS4D - Gaming/Simulation for Development building and applying games for developing countries
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GS4D - Gaming/Simulation for Development building and applying games for developing countries


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GS4D - Gaming/Simulation for Development building and applying games for developing countries; Pieter van der Hijden; ISAGA, Jachranka, Poland, 2011.

GS4D - Gaming/Simulation for Development building and applying games for developing countries; Pieter van der Hijden; ISAGA, Jachranka, Poland, 2011.

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  • 1. www.sofos.nlISAGA - International Simulation and Gaming Association42nd Annual Conference, 11-15 July 2011, Jachranka, PolandPieter van der Hijden MScSofos ConsultancyGS4D - GAMING/SIMULATION FOR DEVELOPMENTBUILDING AND APPLYING GAMES FOR DEVELOPING COUNTRIES 1
  • 2. www.sofos.nlAGENDA 2
  • 3. www.sofos.nl1. INTRODUCTION 3
  • 4. www.sofos.nl1. INTRODUCTION – ABOUT THE AUTHOR Pieter van der Hijden MSc Sofos Consultancy Ict for development, government and learning A.o. Gaming/simulation, Cyberdam, Fab Labs, Moodle. 4
  • 5. www.sofos.nl1. INTRODUCTION - ABOUT THE AUTHORTitles of assignments as WordleTM cloud 5
  • 6. www.sofos.nl1. INTRODUCTION - DEVELOPMENTSuriname, as example Location: North coast of South America Area: 5 times NL Population: 0.5 million <15 year: 25% Settlements:  70% Paramaribo+  20% rest of coastal strip  10% hinterland (jungle) 6
  • 7. www.sofos.nl1. INTRODUCTION - DEVELOPMENT 25% children 40% primary school or less 50% dropouts in hinterland  education and training for all  no money  limited technology 7
  • 8. www.sofos.nl1. INTRODUCTION – GS4D 8
  • 9. www.sofos.nl2. DEVELOPMENT ISSUES 9
  • 10. www.sofos.nl2. DEVELOPMENT ISSUESCategories: Frame games that can be loaded with development specific content Games on global issues and international cooperation Generic games on development issues Specific games on development issues 10
  • 11. www.sofos.nl2. DEVELOPMENT ISSUES – FRAME GAMES Example: Dharadam, a week in the slums of Dharavi, Mumbai. Goal: sensitize social work students before they go for practice in the slums. Type: online role playing game based in Cyberdam. Author: Pieter van der Hijden & students for ISAGA Summerschool. 11
  • 12. www.sofos.nl2. DEVELOPMENT ISSUES – GLOBAL ISSUES Example: Evoke, a 10- week “crash course in saving the world.” Goal: to help empower people all over the world to come up with creative solutions to our most urgent social problems. Type: social network game. Author: Natron Baxter Applied Gaming http://www.urgentevok 12
  • 13. www.sofos.nl2. DEVELOPMENT ISSUES – GENERIC GAMES Example: HEX, run Hexland during five years. Goal: tool for learning to allocate resources for developing governments. Type: board game on three levels. Author: Richard Duke & students for UNESCO. 13
  • 14. www.sofos.nl2. DEVELOPMENT ISSUES – SPECIFIC GAMES Example: Inside Haiti Earthquake. Goal: experience the earthquake from perspective of survivor, journalist and aid worker. Type: web-based interactive simulation, part of multimedia campaign. Author: PTV productions http://www.insidethehait 14
  • 15. www.sofos.nl2. DEVELOPMENT ISSUES – CONCLUSIONThe examples show: A variety of development issues can be addressed via a variety of gaming technologies Game producers need expertise in both domains, so there is a field like GS4D. 15
  • 16. www.sofos.nl3. DEVELOPMENT CONTEXT 16
  • 17. www.sofos.nl3. DEVELOPMENT CONTEXT - VISION Vision – games can make learning more appealing, effective and efficient; both for children and adults 17
  • 18. www.sofos.nl3. DEVELOPMENT CONTEXT - TEACHERS Teachers – games help teachers learn the coaching role 18
  • 19. www.sofos.nl3. DEVELOPMENT CONTEXT - TECHNOLOGY Technology– limited, but improving “The day the big antenna was switched on, was the most important day in my life” 19
  • 20. www.sofos.nl3. DEVELOPMENT CONTEXT - GAMES Games – yes, when localised! 20
  • 21. www.sofos.nl3. DEVELOPMENT CONTEXT - CONCLUSIONConclusion: Great potential Avoid high-tech and broadband (for the moment) Go for localization 21
  • 22. www.sofos.nl4. BUILDING GS4D 22
  • 23. www.sofos.nl4. BUILDING GS4D - LOCALIZATION Localization = preparing a game for another country, culture or language. 23
  • 24. www.sofos.nl4. BUILDING GS4D - LOCALIZATION How do you use Lego streets?  City  Rural area  Jungle 24
  • 25. www.sofos.nl4. BUILDING GS4D - LOCALIZATION 25
  • 26. www.sofos.nl4. BUILDING GS4D - LOCALIZATION 26
  • 27. www.sofos.nl4. BUILDING GS4D - LOCALIZATION Learning goals Example: Elaboration of the language Learning styles layer: Game patterns  Conventional wisdom Actions  Symbolic expressions Objects  Jargon Visualisation & sound  Slang  Idioms Language  Text 27
  • 28. www.sofos.nl4. BUILDING GS4D – LOCALIZATIONFocus on individual Focus op collaborationlearner Bron: ISAGA Dharadam game-sessieSource: Jeroen van Merriënboer 28
  • 29. www.sofos.nl4. BUILDING GS4D - INTERNATIONALIZATION Internationalization is the process of designing a game so that it can be localized easily. 29
  • 30. www.sofos.nl4. BUILDING GS4D – INTERNATIONAL TEAMS Multidisciplinary team required Local knowledge required  international team requiredIssues: Little face-2-face contacts Intercultural communication Time zones 30
  • 31. www.sofos.nl4. BUILDING GS4D - CONCLUSION Localization is key success factor Localization is more than ICT Internationalization and localization are rather new for gaming 31
  • 32. www.sofos.nlSUMMARY 32
  • 33. www.sofos.nlSUMMARYGS4D – Gaming/Simulation for Development Development issues  Interesting and innovative category of games  Added value for developing countries not always evident Development context  Great potential when localization is OK  Internationalization will be challenge Building GS4D  Internationalization and localization are rather new for gaming GS4D – Gaming/Simulation for Development  Not a new discipline, but a new specialism  Local knowledge indispensable  Internaionalizatiom amd localization become hot 33
  • 34. www.sofos.nlSOFOS CONSULTANCY Thank you for your attention! Pieter van der Hijden MSc 2011 – Sofos Consultancy / Pieter van der Hijden ( - This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution- Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. 34