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Slide Deck 1/6/2012

Slide Deck 1/6/2012

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  • this might be better if you start of by sharing your story in the summary slide, and then tell them the bullet points.
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  • 1. Little Amerika
  • 2.
    • I spent the summer on a Scandinavian island in Greece called Kos
    • I met thousands of Norwegians and Swedes
    • They all were fascinated that I was from America and always asked me if I party with “Red Cups” like they see in all the teen movies.
  • 3.
      • Young Adults in Scandinavia fantasize about playing Beer Pong and drinking out of red cups.
      • They want to party like “College” students, but don’t have the supplies to do so.
      • With such a high demand for Red Cups it’s surprising that no one has connected this bridge.
      • That is what we are here to do!
  • 4.
      • Demographic between age 15 and 30 (approximately 1.8 million based on google) are obsessed with movies that depict a party culture: “American Pie” and “Animal House” to their countries.
      • Little Amerika plans on bringing the American culture to the Scandinavian countries.
  • 5.
      • Little Amerika plans on fostering local partnerships with:
        • Events at Bars
        • Travelling bar Schools
        • Local Reality TV Stars
        • Monthly "American College" themed
      • Go To Strategy:
        • Phase I:Red cups, beer pong kits, custom beer pong tables, and floatable beer pong tables (Q1 & Q2 2012)
        • Phase II: Start having American party events like College night and having beer pong tournaments across Scandinavia. (Q2 2012)
  • 6.
      • Brian Kovary
      • Graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obsipo’s Business Administration program in the spring with a concentration in Finance and a minor in Economics
      • Worked with start up company as the Western Regional Director and has management experience
      • Plan to be ground level in Europe after school to handle logistics
      • Rely on relationships fostered throughout Scandinavia.
      • Prashant Vanka
      • Graduated with Dual Concentration: Finance & Accounting
      • Started first company at 14, XIV media and was profitable
      • Worked in Valuations at West Coast Asset Management, and Ernst & Young.
      • Extremely passionate and driven to make Little Amerika a success.
      • Has worked out the logistics and manufacturing in China
      • Founder of Cloud Toutor
  • 7.
      • Martin Fehland- Head of Marketing and Sales in Sweden
      • Manager of West Bar in Kos Greece for 3 years
      • Co Founder of West Bar Academy
      • Took West from an Average club into Scandinavia's favorite party spot on Kos
      • Carl Eliassen- Head of Marketing and Sales in Norway
      • Won Norway’s Paradise Hotel (Reality TV Show) in May 2010
      • Currently Studying Entrepreneurship at BI Norwegian School of Management
      • Extremely popular and well connected throughout Scandinavia
  • 8.
      • Strategic Partnerships:
        • West Bar 
          • Most popular Scandinavian Bar in Kos Greece
        • West Bar Academy
        • Russ Event
      • American Themed events:
        • US College Night-Beer pong tournament, beer bongs, flip cup..etc
  • 9.
      • Local Media:
        • Reality TV Stars 
          • Marius Hagen: Norwegian Paradise Hotel 
          • Mads Kristoffer: Norwegian Paradise Hotel
          • Mats Pederssen: Norwegian Paradise Hotel 
          • Martin Isberg: Swedish  Big Brother  
          • Rodney Da Silva: Swedish Big Brother
  • 10.
      • We plan to make sales in Greece on the island Kos where West Bar is located, since thousands of Scandinavians travel there every summer.
      • We plan to sell directly to Norway and Sweden through our website with door to door delivery service.
      • Strategic Partnerships with West Bar and Bar Academy we can get into contact with local clubs in Norway and Sweden to host bi-weekly Little Amerikan events.
  • 11.
      • Currently there are no companies in this market in Scandinavia.
      • There is a company who has a website called
        • They strictly sell red cups and are located in the UK
        • We do not see them as a threat what so ever since we plan to be much bigger and expand into other areas than just red cups
  • 12. (figures in thousands) Q1 2012 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 2013 Q2 Q3 Q4 Revenue 14.9 17.9 35.8 71.7 143.4 157.7 173.5 190.9 Op-Ex 8.7 10.2 19.7 38.6 76.5 84.1 92.4 101.6 Net Profit 6.2 7.6 16.1 33.1 66.8 73.6 81.1 89.2
  • 13. Funding for inventory and start up cost Start Up Costs (all figures in thousands) Aluminum Tables 4.2 Inflatables 12 Beer Pong Kits 8 Intl Shipping 1.3 Marketing Budget 8 Import Fees 6.7
  • 14.
    • Looking to raise $40k for start up and Operational costs
      • This funding will get us started with the inventory and logistics we’re setting up
      • Covers marketing budget for Q1 and Q2
    • We’d like to raise it as convertible notes with 10% interest with a 2 year convert 2MM cap and 25% discount at conversion.