ENGAGE NYC 2013 by socialbakers


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Few notes from first 3 sessions of ENGAGE NYC 2013 by socialbakers that I attended this morning (November 21, 2013).

- Jan Rezab, socialbakers
- Katy Philips, American Airlines
- Karen Le, Telstra
- Sam Wilson, Woolworths South Africa
- Yossi Erdman, Appliances Online
- Virginie Cleve, Radio France

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ENGAGE NYC 2013 by socialbakers

  1. 1. ENGAGE NYC by socialbakers– October 21, 2013 New feature from socialbakers platform: Generate ppt directly Engagement rate from every post Analytics mobile application o Pick the brands you want to check o Check the benchmark 2014: All social ads will be content driven ads 70% of interactions in social media will be from mobile  make sure the content will be readable from mobile phone Strengthen connection between online & offline Different channel should have different content Social Customer Service: The team in AA: Telling the content o Social cust service 17 team members o Social customer enagement 4 team members o Social analytics 1 team member  both quality & quantity Mission statement: Build relationship in the spirit of the new American Define the social customer experience with authentic conversation, real time resolution, energy and inspiration. Key Challenges: o Education  Internal clients and stakeholders  land the groundwork  Leadership  make sure the c suite is on board o Resource  Building a team o Training  Hiring for a skill  Setting expectations/guidelines Insights: o Capture relevant data  What’s the volume of the conversation?  Where is the conversation happening?  Who is driving the conversation? Who’s the influencer? Who’s the advocate? Putri Arinda – NYC 2013 1st speaker: Katy Philips, Senior Anlayst Social Communication at AA
  2. 2. o o  What are the main themes of the conversation?  What is the tone of the conversation? If it’s negative, what should we do? Take new information and distribute it correctly Ensure you provide new insight with the right person Inform content, marketing and product development How we approach it: o Educating o Roadshow o Regular reporting o Presentations o Scaling  using volume forecast o Training o Create a formalized program  3 weeks training (grammar, writing skills, tone, etc) o Customer feedback o Tone of choice and word choice  take action instead of apologizing o Connecting social behind the scene with the actual event How we approach it: o Determine meaningful metrics o Establish regular reporting o Customers want us to be available on the channels that they want to talk to us on o Empower your team for success  Train them 2nd speaker: Karen Le, Head of Social Media at Telsra Telsrtra public telco company in Australia o Key highlights:  37k employees  15mio mobile customers (total population 22 mio)  7.8million fixed voice serice  $25.5 bio sales revenue Biggest challenge  66% of very or fairly satisfied (Dec-May 2011) (industry average 68%) Why? Putri Arinda – NYC 2013 The future: o Optimize processes and procedures o Decentralize  Integrating back into the business
  3. 3. o o Communication channels weren’t customer centric Web was marketing based and gave poor customer experience Telstra digital journey: o CEO desire to reinvent the digital marketing approach:  65% of Australians are using socmed  45% of those users access social media daily  7hrs avg time a user spend time daily on FB o Rebuild online channels o Fixed end to end customer experience o Actively drive customer adoption o Strengthen our foundation Soc med channels: o Twitter o Facebook o Crowdsupport The result: o #1 Australian brand on Facebook o #5 Global brand on Facebook o #9 brand on Twitter o Increased customer advocacy What’s next? o Enhance the power of the crowd 3rd speaker: Sam Wilson, Digital Editor at Woolworths Social media team: o Facebook team o Twitter team Putri Arinda – NYC 2013 How do they do it? 3 imperatives: o Increase engagement  14 customer focused campaigns in 2013  change people talk about Telstra Content creation idea  contest of how to video by fans o Growing our platform  Social call to action on all comms, collateral and advertising  CTA  Through the channels ATL, BTL  Advertising  Roadshow, internal communications, campaigns  Internal Advocacy o Exceptional social care  Social Service
  4. 4. o Another team to do the rest (Pinterest, google+, youtube, Instagram) Insights: o Speed of information gathering o One release then bite-sized chunks o Using your influencer networks o Getting a corporate retailer to believe in “graceful transparency” o Not losing your cool o Being thorough Content & Advertising Yossi Erdman, Head of Brand and Social Media at Appliances Online o Social media channels  Channels:facebook, twitter, google+, etc  Activities: Talk and have fun  Having fun in social media is important when the products you sell are not sexy Example: how long can he balance the washer on his head? Tweet to @ao_comChoose your prize  like the prize which is connected to the product page on their website  like on the products increase Suppliers promotion Customer service o Social media team o Call center team  Website integration  put comments from facebook to AO website  What to do when you get bad review on social media: Create “drivers feedback book”  send these books back to the drivers Write personal letters signed by AO CEO back to customers they will then post the letter on fb again! Great cycle! Virginie Cleve, Head of Digital Marketing at Radio France Radio France o 1st broadcasting group made of 7 complementary radios o More than 5 mio listeners everyday Putri Arinda – NYC 2013 AO.com o UK largest online white goods retailers  Washing machine  Dishwasher  Fridge freezer, etc
  5. 5. Most of the digital marketing stuffs (strategy, budget, training, reporting and studies) are concentrated within the brand team Why social media? o Increase visibility o Engagement KPI Reach Traffic to their website Page views/visit on the facebook source Engagement Few mistakes: o Wrong ad positioning  high CPC, poor CTR  Few characters  Low visibility  Not appealing coz it has tiny image o Wrong ad format o Bad/no targeting  Large targeting: more expensive, poor efficiency  Precise targeting: focused o Targeting only your country, not your language o Bad copywriting  headlines are important. The simpler, the better o Wrong pictures  choose beautiful, engaging picture that spark emotions o No analytics tracking What you need to know:  Facebook paid traffic part  The number of generated PVs  What they read, what they listen to, what they do  Who they are What works: o Target similar audience o Ads that woks  Page post link ad  Page like ad  good for long term campaignes  Page post photo & video ad  good for engagement and generating new viewers  Mobile app install ad  good for long term campaigns for existing apps and launching of new app Putri Arinda – NYC 2013 o o o o
  6. 6. Putri Arinda – NYC 2013 2014 strategy o Accelerating on mobile app installs ads o Bringing CRM and social CRM together o Testing new formats  UPPA (Unpublished Page Post Ads) o Performance  10% traffic from social networks, maintaining a great engagement rate without increasing investment.dddefr4