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Another session of training at HSBC

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Digital measurement

  1. 1. Digital Measurement More than just number, measuring the value Ridho Putradi S’Gara, Founder of InboundID
  2. 2. Digital Data Huge Volume & Cheap
  3. 3. Even the smallest marketing things we digitally do are measurable!
  4. 4. Where to start?
  5. 5. Basic Website Metrics Visit & Unique Visit Page Views New VS Returning Time on Site Bounce Rates Source / Campaign We can skip this, ye s? 
  6. 6. The Measurement Pyramid Goals Key KPIs User Indicators Progress to achievements Secondary goals and indicators Data that improve process
  7. 7. Goal Increase leads by 10% and lower cost per acquisition by 20% Key KPI’s User Indicators Unique Visitors Page Views Social Metrics Keywords Conversion rates Email responses Cost per leads by channel Key Metrics: # of Leads / % of increase Cost Effectiveness
  8. 8. Keywor ds Brand • HSBC Indonesia • HSBC bank Product • Kartu Kredit • Investasi Competitor • Citibank Indonesia • Kartu Kredit Citibank
  9. 9. Brand search interest over time
  10. 10. Social Metrics Sample - Brand mention (Sentiment) - Fans, Followers, Promoters - Social Traffics
  11. 11. Listen & Engage
  12. 12. More …
  13. 13. It’s about your Brand on the Internet
  14. 14. Or your products..
  15. 15. More importantly, your customers!
  16. 16. Key Take Away Where your audiences is How they responded to your contents Haters, Good Critics, Product Development More ..
  17. 17. Defining Goals First step, asks this questions Who is My Website For? (Remember the personas?)
  18. 18. Have you identified your buyer personas? David Background - Digitalpreneurs - Manage his own digital agency for the last 4 years - Frequent flyer - In relationship Demographics - Male - 30 – 45 - Income: 80 M Rp – 100 M Rp Goals - Own credit card with extra benefit for frequent flyer - Manage his money for future investment Etc …..
  19. 19. What Do I Want My Website’s Visitors To Do?
  20. 20. Pop Quiz How does your website compare? Do you have a clearly defined goal? What stories are you telling?
  21. 21. Website Goals Visualization INDONESIA’S #1 BANK CREATE AWARNESS CONVERT LEADS WEBSITE ENGAGEMENT KPIs: Branded search traffics Direct Visits KPIs: Credit Card Application Loan Inquiries KPIs: Page per visit Time on site
  22. 22. Set your target INDONESIA’S #1 BANK CREATE AWARNESS CONVERT LEADS WEBSITE ENGAGEMENT KPIs: Branded search traffics Target: 10 K / month KPIs: Online Credit Card Application Target: 100 Aplications KPIs: Visitor Loyalty Target: 30%
  23. 23. You Can’t Measure What It Is You Do Not Value – Brian Solis
  24. 24. Bonus Awareness Familiarity Likeability Consideration Action Ownership Opinion forming Research & Short list Action Inquiries Increase Usages Get Attention Connect Inspire Persuade Convert Retain Maximize Quality Optimize Functional ity Optimise Content Maximize Sales Optimise Conversion Rates Maximize Usage Competitive Data Usability test Quality Research Drop-out analysis Surveys Media Drop-out analysis CRM Data Click Stream Unique Visitors Site Engagemen t Content Engagement Conversion Rates Credit Card Usage Funnel Behavior Strategy Objective Data Source KPI
  25. 25. Digital: The devil is in the details ……
  26. 26. Attribution Multi-channel attribution modeling
  27. 27. Last Click Attribution Last Click / Direct Traffics Gets All Credits The only use for last click attribution now is to get you fired. Avoid it.
  28. 28. Linear Attributions Everyone’s Happy Really?
  29. 29. Time Decay Attribution Valued interaction based on the timing
  30. 30. More attribution modeling
  31. 31. Customize Your Attribution • What type of user behavior do you value? • Is there an optimal conversion window you are solving for? • Are there any micro-conversions defined with engagement type goals, tied to the economic value?
  32. 32. Integrating Your On- Ground and Online Marketing
  33. 33. Things to monitor Brand mention Direct traffics Organic contents Event related contents Press Coverage
  34. 34. Key Take Away Understand channel by channel contribution to your sales conversions Define your marketing budget better P.S. You can’t find this on the back of you hand
  35. 35. Ideas for your goals Customer Acquisition and Retention Loan Volume Increases Customer support cost reductions Online document delivery, such as check images and e-statements Reduction of teller assisted transactions
  36. 36. ROI ROI = Your Goals Value / Marketing Cost Marketing Cost
  37. 37. Thank you More discussion @idowebid m +62818435486
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