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    Di conf marines Di conf marines Presentation Transcript

    • #PRSA_USMC
    • Colonel Bryan Salas @sharethecourage Director Public Affairs, U.S. Marine Corps
    • Social Media Challenges • Accuracy • Legal • Appropriateness • Personal information/ Privacy • Ethics regulations Act • Personal conduct • Terms of Service • Operational/Industrial security • Defamatory, libelous, • Counter intelligence obscene, abusive, threatening, racially hateful, or otherwise • Network security- malware, offensive material. viruses, password strength • Copyright infringement • Cyber criminals - Social engineered attacks • Inappropriate release of official information. • Political endorsement • Review daily
    • The Marines & Social Media • Overview of the Marine Corps • Planning/Framework • Lessons Learned • Daily Practices • Recruiting & Social Media
    • Major Carrie Batson Strategic Communication Public Affairs, U.S. Marine Corps
    • Global Internet Use Total worldwide: 1.6 billion users Internet User Growth 2000 – 2009 Middle East Europe +1360% +283% 48M North America 402M Asia +132% Latin America Africa +513% 252M +873% 701M +1321% 176M 64M Oceania/Australia +173% 174M Source: Internet stats; UM Wave 4 Study, July 2008 21
    • Marine Corps Demographics 160,000 Millennials 40,200 Xr’s 1,800 Boomers Boomers <1% Gen X 19% Gen Y Gen Y Gen X 80% Boomers
    • Mission Integrate social media into broader communication efforts IOT build understanding, credibility, trust and relationships with publics critical to the Marine Corps’ success.
    • Objectives • Increase publics' knowledge of the Marine Corps • Increase transparency • Protect reputation in social media space • Improve issue identification and response capability • Improve decision-making through feedback • Recruit qualified individuals into the Marine Corps
    • Lieutenant Colonel Greg Reeder • Director, Defense Media Activity Marines • Editor-In-Chief, Marines Magazine • Head, U.S. Marine Corps Public Web
    • Lesson Plan
    • Iwo Jima Flag Raising • Rosenthal snaps it; AP sends it < 17.5 hrs • Pres. Roosevelt: 7th war bond drive; Orders Servicemen identified, brought home. 1 picture • Images goes “VIRAL”: everyone in America would see this picture 5 Marines - over and over. 1 sailor – 7th Bond Tour raised $26 Billion (1945 Dollars) for U.S. Treasury 17.5 hours – Perspective: total US Budget in 1946 was $56 Billion. $26 billion 1 million Retail Store Windows | 16,000 Movie Theaters | 15,000 Banks 200,000 Factories | 30,000 Train Stations | 5,000 Billboards
    • A social Corps – paradigm shift • Gap between old leaders and young Marines – Uncontrolled information; organization demands control – Significant risk in not engaging – Communicate in their native environment • Internal and external communications based on formula used since WWII: “tell” our story with maximum disclosure and minimum delay. • Shift from press release mindset – Empower Marines to share their stories – Distributed release authority – Emphasize guidance and training
    • Accomplishing the mission • Old Model = Tell our story • New Reality = Share stories people want; two-way communication • Loss of market share vs. loss of lives; FRO VTT IA MCCS military advantage; OPSEC OPSEC OCS MCT FRAT O&M SAPP Help Marines / Communicate Worldwide: communicate, reintegrate, operate – Community Services One Source – Warrior Care – Family Readiness Officers – Mommy Bloggers
    • Policy – working with the slippery slope • In the absence of guidance: do the right thing – Administrative Message • aka “executive memo” – Rules of Engagement – Policies and Process – Basic Principles – Terms of Service
    • BEING CUTE Well, It Sounded Like a Good Idea at the Time
    • Take the initiative • Try to navigate open seas of SM • Multiple twitter handles; Facebook duality; unbranded channels • Overcome: – No access – limited understanding and buy-in – policy void @MCNews – chaotic environment @MarineCorpsNews @MarinesTV • Refocus on objectives @USMC
    • Same but Different… • Must look at everyday as Election Day – N/A • Awareness vs. revenue model • Build understanding and support – “America doesn’t need a Marine Corps, America wants a Marine Corps” LtGen Victor Krulak
    • You Want Answers?
    • CONTENT It Can Be Adjusted Only So Much
    • Compelling? • EWS students tour LOGCOM, MCA • 3/7 wraps up training at MCMWTC with FINEX • Caution urged during start of hunting season • New ACE, GCE in place, ready for Fall Patrol • Flyby:HM2HONNOLL o Marines deliver joy to Afghan Orphanage o Fellow Veterans show wounded warriors new way to heal o Marines Face challenge in unstable Afghanistan o When daddy’s gone: effects of deployment on children
    • SUPPORT Admit It – You Can’t Always Be The Expert At Everything
    • How we’re staffed • The Few, The Proud, did I mention the few? • 3 Marines: – 1 on loan – 1 new – 1 at school – Dual / triple purpose • Print, Broadcast, Online, Media Relations – All dedicated to the mission
    • Plan of Attack • Brand recognition • Maintain organizational values • Dispel misinformation – but still tell the whole story • Provide guidance for Marines – don’t give up terrain to adversaries • Ensure complimentary communications, uniformity, organization and standards
    • DATA ANALYSIS Data: It’s Like A Bikini
    • Data trends / traffic • Causation and Correlation more important – Spike on Haiti earthquake - lull when Marines left Iraq – Lull on human interest - Spike on action stories • Aggregate traffic increased: not a zero sum game – More market share than existed before – Total presence expanded vice increase in activity • How do we tweak the dials to get a response? – Action verbs / Context driven Coca Cola: When you open a Coke, 12352 bubbles are born. Happy birthday, bubbles. Marine Corps: Explosion, Fighting… action
    • Lessons Learned 1. Act in the absence of guidance – make informed decisions and senior leaders will understand. 2. Follow good examples but remain true to your brand – don’t try to full-scale copy success; improvement comes from trying. 3. Content is key, telling it in a compelling way to generate interest is vital. 4. Support: Don’t hesitate to ask for it. None of us are the experts at everything. 5. Data is more than the presentation of numbers – tracking trends, causation and correlation are more important.
    • And still… a work in progress • Plan • Training • Standards • Leverage personnel • Overall organizational policy /mandates • Analysis • PII • Leaders Engagement, Buy In
    • Gunnery Sergeant C. Nuntavong @authoriTHAI Media Chief, Headquarters Marine Corps & Lead Editor, U.S. Marine Corps Social Media Team
    • How we use social media
    • Our goal The MARINE CORPS Story
    • Our audience • Internal • External – Servicemembers – Family •Active – Friends •Reserve – The Media •Retired – Global Audience People who are looking for news and information about the Marine Corps
    • Content & Status Updates
    • Marines.mil
    • youtube.com/Marines
    • flickr.com/Marine_Corps
    • facebook.com/Marines
    • twitter.com/USMC
    • Major Christian Devine @CDevine1 Public Affairs Officer U.S. Marine Corps Recruiting Command
    • Recruiting & Social Media • The objective of MCRC’s social media program is to grow active Marine Corps communities on a National level that engages prospects and key influencers where they naturally congregate with our branding message (the Longer Marine Corps Story)
    • Recruiting & Social Media Listen Engage Measure • Listen: Monitor conversations daily across the web and within our own communities • Engage: Create content experiences that leverage synergies between community needs and business objectives • Measure: Track performance and optimize for future posts
    • Monitoring & Moderation • The monitoring program is used to help shape all communications programs, including social properties • Daily digest of key issues – One-page report for consumption by senior leadership of MCRC – Targeted to issues impacting recruiting – Provides daily pulse for risk management and response
    • Monitoring & Moderation • Social networking sites are moderated daily (including weekends) – Ensures that community members are following established community guidelines – Provides a safe and interactive place for community members to congregate and share their experiences – Ensures that the Marine Corps brand and recruiting story are properly positioned • While communities tend to be self-policing, consistent moderation is needed to guide and sometimes corral the discussions taking place • Identify synergies between community needs and business objectives – Using that knowledge to increase engagement
    • Engagement Content Production • GOALS – Keep communities engaged with a cadence of communications and content – Grow communities by posting content that users are likely to share forward • STRATEGY – Answer frequently answered questions and other user-discussed topics – Relevancy to Marine Corps recruiting – Timing and frequency considerations – Channel- and audience-specific content Paid Media Application Development
    • facebook.com/MarineCorps • Marine Corps Facebook page launched in 2008 • 340,000+ fans • Each content post garners between 300,000 and 800,000 impressions and 1,500 comments/likes • Top 10 for driving traffic to MCRC websites • Top 15 for generating lead form submissions (predominantly officer)
    • youtube.com/OurMarines • Marine Corps YouTube page launched in 2008 • 2,500,000+ video views; 4,900+ subscribers – Discovery and spread of a video after launch is largely driven by cross-posts to MCRC social media properties, specifically Facebook
    • myspace.com/MarineCorps • Launched in 2006 • 70,000 friends – Predominantly male prospects aged 18-24, followed by current/former Marines and influencers – Large diversity audience • Drives a considerable amount of traffic and lead form submissions
    • twitter.com/USMarineCorps • Launched in 2009 • 2,300+ followers
    • Local Efforts in Social
    • Where to find us Marines.mil/socialmedia directory, official policies & user guidelines Marine Corps Recruiting • facebook.com/Marines • facebook.com/MarineCorps • youtube.com/Marines • youtube.com/OurMarines • twitter.com/USMC • twitter.com/USMarineCorps • flickr.com/Marine_Corps • myspace.com/MarineCorps