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The Building of Thai Grid

The Building of Thai Grid



This slide present some technical challenges and experiences in building national scale grid

This slide present some technical challenges and experiences in building national scale grid



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    The Building of Thai Grid The Building of Thai Grid Presentation Transcript

    • Building a National GridInfrastructure: A ThaiGridExperiencePutchongUthayopas,Department of Computer Engineering,Faculty of Engineering,Kasetsart University, Thailandpu@ku.ac.th
    • The Need for National E- Infrastructure• Efficient Resources Management for Government• Information dissemination for people• Emergency Response – Natural Disaster: Flooding, earth quake, Tsunami• Better Quality of Live – Environmental monitoring, protection
    • National E-Infrastructure • Fast computer – massive computing power • Large and fast storage for data intensive applications • Fast network – Information sharing – Collaboration • Middleware – Security, connectivity, access • Portal – Hiding the complexity of access, data movement, and execution from usersAugust 29,2008 TGCC 2008, Khon Khan University , Thailand
    • Introduction to ThaiGrid• A National Project under Software Industry Promotion Agency (Public Organization) , Ministry of Information and Communication Technology• Started in 2005 from 14 member organizations• Expanded to 22 organizations in 2008 Objective • Driving better research and education using grid and HPC as an enabling technology • Making Thailand more competitive by applying HPC and Grid TechnologyAugust 29,2008 TGCC 2008, Khon Khan University , Thailand
    • Thai Grid Infrastructure 19 sites 1 Gbps About 1000 CPU core. 155 Mbps 2.5 Gbps 155 MbpsAugust 29,2008 TGCC 2008, Khon Khan University , Thailand
    • ThaiGrid Usage • ThaiGrid provides about 290 Digital years of computing time for Animation members Nano Life science Science – 9 years on the grid – 280 years on tera • 41 projects from 8 areas are ThaiGrid Geo being support on Teraflop Physics Science machine Application • More small projects on each machines Computer Chemistry Science CFDAugust 29,2008 TGCC 2008, Khon Khan University , Thailand
    • Medicinal Herb Research• Partner – Cheminormetics Center, Kasetsart Univesity (Chak Sangma and team)• Objective – Using 3D-molecular databse and virtual screening to verify the traditional medicinal herb• Benefit – Scientific proof of the ancient traditional drug – Benefit poor people that still rely on the drug from medicinal herb – Potential benefit for local pharmaceutical industry Virtual Screening Infrastructure Lab Test August 29,2008 TGCC 2008, Khon Khan University , Thailand
    • NanoGrid Computing Resources Computing Resources2 MS-Gateway 3 1 MS-Gateway ThaiGrid • Objective – Platform that support computational Nano science research • Technology used – AccelRys Materials Studio – Cluster Scheduler: Sun Grid Engine and TorqueAugust 29,2008 TGCC 2008, Khon Khan University , Thailand
    • Building ThaiGrid
    • Challenges• Size and Scale• Manageability – Deployment – Configuration – Operation• Software and Hardware Compatibility
    • Principle Design Goal• Openness• Usability• Functionality• Performance
    • Some statistics about Thai Grid Infrastructure• 21 clusters from 16 sites around the country• More than than ~1,000 cores• A real super computer 4.6 Teraflops machines – 200 nodes of 800 cores of Intel Xeon 3.0GHz• ThaiGrid provides more than 111 years of computing time for member – 7 years on the grid and more than 104 years on tera server• More than 30-40 projects from 8 areas are being support
    • Grid System Architecture• Clusters – Satellite Sets • 16 clusters delivered from ThaiGrid for initial members • Composed of 5 nodes of IBM eServerxSeries 336 – Intel Xeon 2.8Ghz (Dual Processor) – x86_64 architecture – Memory: 4 GB (DDR2 SDRAM) – Other sets • Various type of servers and number of nodes • Provided by member institutes of ThaiGrid
    • Grid Software Architecture Grid Applications Programming: Management/ Grid Scheduler: Ninf-G Monitoring: GridWay MPICH-G2 SCMS Globus WSRF (Provide auto-configuration) Grid Middleware: Globus Toolkit 4.0 ThaiGrid RollManagement/ Grid Scheduler: Programming: Monitoring: SGE, PBS, MPICH SCMS, Condor, SCMS OpenMPI Ganglia Cluster OS: Linux / Rocks 4.0 – 4.3 on x86/x86_64 machines UNINET (10Gbps)
    • Production CA InfrastructureCA Operator RA Operator User secure face-to-face VTC or Skype secure Secure Web Online CA RA Interface Repository
    • Experiences• Building a quick deployment technology is a key! – NPACI Rocks is a key technology being used – Collaboration SDSC/ TNGC under PRAGMA – ThaiGrid Roll is built to facilitate the fast deployment time• Building a good infrastructure monitoring and management system – Know what your grid are doing. – Develop system monitoring, accounting, testing tools
    • Grid Monitoring and Scheduling• Using SCMSWeb to monitor and probe for Grid status – Grid services probe is mainly used to categorize services level in ThaiGrid – Used in resource certification system• Grid Meta Scheduler – Meta scheduler is installed in central site – GridWay 5.2 is installed and experiment in some projects • Drug Design Grid • Information is pulled from SCMSWeb
    • Grid as a Super Cluster Middleware Grid Scheduler • Gridway • Globus 4.x • GridWay 5.2.3 • SGE, PBSpro, Condor GCC • SCMS REN H H H C C C C H C C C C C C C C C C C CAugust 29,2008 TGCC 2008, Khon Khan University , Thailand
    • Experiences• Strong standard compliance is critical to make the systems interoperable• Site certification program – Level 1: Network firewall compliance – Level 2: Middleware compliance (MPI/G2, Ninf-g) – Level 3: Job scheduling compliance – Level 4: Data Grid compliance
    • TERA Cluster 2.5Gbps to Uninet Storage 48 TB KU Fiber Backbone• 1 Frontend (HP ProLiant DL360 G5 (1Gbps Fiber) Server) and 192 1 Gbps Ethernet/Fiber computer nodes – Intel Xeon 3.2 GHz (Dual core, Edge Switch 1Gbps Ethernet Dual processor) – Memory 4 GB (8GB for Frontend FE FE WinHPC TERA Anatta SPARE1 SPARE2 &infiniband Sunyata Araya (FE) (FE) (FE) (FE) (FE) nodes) – 70x4 GB SCSI HDD (RAID1)• 4 Storage Servers 96 nodes – Lustre file 64 + 15 4 nodes 4 nodes system for TERA nodes 16 spare nodes clusters storage nodes – Attached with Smart Array P400i Controller for 5TB space 200 Ports Gigabit Ethernet switch Storage Tier 5TB Lustre FS FS FS FS FS 1 2 3 4 August 29,2008 TGCC 2008, Khon Khan University , Thailand
    • Experience• For a large user group, users will cluster them self based on their application interest. Create a divers set of requirement in term of Operating system, Scheduler and End user application – Single large cluster may not be used effectively• Partition large cluster into several set of partitionthat can be modified seems to work well. – We have two set of infiniband for parallel job – Unix and windows for single batch/interactive
    • Future• The world are moving toward Cloud – More cost effective – Better manage through centralized control – More elastic and on demand• Thailand cover with cloud – E-government cloud – National Crisis Management Cloud – Research Cloud – Education Cloud • Support mobile learning• Nationwide broadband infrastructure is needed – 4G/4G , Wifi, ADSL , Fiber to Home
    • Acknowledgement• I would like to Thank you – Dr. VaraVaravithya for being the co-founder of the project and spent numerous hours helping on laying out many technical detail. – Dr. ArnonRungsawang and ThaiGrid staffs for the hard work during the project to prove that we can do it! – All the university contact persons for helping make our dream come true for a while – Kasetsart University that allow me to do this for our country. – MICT, SIPA, NECTEC, NANOTECH, NSTDA for their support• Any honor and award should go to them for their contributions . I can not do this alone!
    • Thank you