Future of the cloud


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Some thought about the future of cloud computing that I collected.

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Future of the cloud

  1. 1. Future of Cloud Computing
  2. 2. What is really a cloud computing?• Dilbert say it all!
  3. 3. Basic reason for the growth of Cloud Computing
  4. 4. Basic of Cloud
  5. 5. • Currently, there are 122+ NoSQL Databases at the industry. Largely, it covers: – Wide column store like Hadoop, Cassandra, Hyper table, – Document store like Mongo DB, Couch DB – Tuple store like Azure table, Scalaris – Graph database like Trinity, Bigdata – Object database like Magma, Neo.
  6. 6. Future of Cloud Computing• Driving fundamental Change in IT – Infrastructure change – Programming Change – Application Design Change – Business Model Change
  7. 7. Infrastructure Change• Prediction: – The era of power efficient CPU from mobile platform • Global ARM race ( atom/arm war) – Denser from factor server • More efficient internal connection bus that can accommodate many more processors quickly – Tightly integrate and power efficient data center • Container based Data center (example needed) – Superfast interconnection network at terabit scale and scale to ten thousand of node.
  8. 8. Power hungry cloud• Large data center will be moved • near power plant to reduce power cost – Will energy provider become a data center provider? • To colder location to reduce cooling cost• Better management and provisioning strategies must be developed • Power efficient provision of various task – Independent task, workflow • Integration of processor power control/voltage control in provisioning strategy • Economic model of operation and pricing
  9. 9. Intercloud• Technology will be developed for interoperable cloud – Intercloud VM migration across multi-platform • Standardize VM format, environment, virtualized location enpoint – Service interoperability • How to securely invoke services and perform data access over public and private cloud boundary – Common security platform and standard is fast growing
  10. 10. Network technology• Cloud will be more location independent for most applications duw to faster and better fiber optic infrastructure • latency sensitive application such as video streaming which will need CDN or some new technology to be developed• Network delivering plane will be separate from control plane and enable a flexible network configuration using Software defined networking (SDN) technology. This is BIG! – Multiple virtualized network at the global level – Virtualized network so application and services are location independent – Flexible configuration to accommodate cloud• Need to increase in network bandwidth and last mile network bandwidth – Pressure from Mobile-to-cloud based application – 3G is not enough , cloud will be a driving force for 4G
  11. 11. Security• New security technology will be developed – Enable secure sharing – Tracking information through out its life cycle • Creation, storage, access, destroy • Ownership, type, location – Better data protection – Better prevention for internal and external attack
  12. 12. Programming Impact from the cloud• Web scale programming – Programming that is elastic and scale to workload – Software tools will be created to address the need for quick application development on the cloud• Distributed Programming and Data Management will be pushed to a new level – Programming that spread data to large number of computer and distribute query and processing to massive number of computer
  13. 13. Moving up from IaaS to PaaS• Eventually, IaaS cloud will be mature – Easy and cost effective – Only few of very large major providesr such as google, microsoft, amazon, saleforce will exist. (the same as the stability reach in Microprocessor that led to Intel VS. AMD) – There will be a value added infrastructure on top of IaaS for specific need. • HPC cluster on Amazon Cloud. • Ready made applicance for SME• Cloud programming will be done mostly at the PaaS level• One Opensource PaaS will win and become standard cloud development – Like Python or Ruby on Rail
  14. 14. Hybrid Application architecture• Hybrid application – Data on site / Compute on DCCC Site (DSCS) – Data on site / Compute on Cloud (DSCC) – Data on Cloud / Compute on DCCS DSCC Site (DCCS) – Data On cloud/ Compute on Cloud (DCCC)• DSCC and DCCS will need – large bandwidth – Standard and secure DSCS protocol for data exchange
  15. 15. Application Design Impact• Application architecture and software development life cycle have to be re-think to accommodate the presence of the cloud• MFBC (Mobile Front/ Backend Cloud) style application will be dominated – Less power on Mobile device. Processing intensive work will be done on cloud – Demand for network 3G/4G will be increased. – WIFI will be more important as the need to use cloud back end grow with application complexity
  16. 16. Information as an Asset• Cloud will enable larger and larger data to be easily collected and used• People will deposit information into the cloud – Bank, personal ware house• New technology will emerge – Larger and scalable storage technology – Innovative and complex data analysis/visualization for multimedia data – Security technology to ensure privacy• Cloud will be mankind intelligent and memory!
  17. 17. Business Model Change• Fast application startup at low cost – No need to invest in infrastructure• Scalability allow service to be delivered cheaply to million of people• Data is centralized so the sharing and data exchange will be easy. – Service/ Product / Money will be in the cloud totally. Virtual Commerce environment. – Buying movies from amazon using e-money• Long tail service business – Simple small service that serve people for a longtime and keep creating revenue.
  18. 18. Questions for Thailand?• What is the necessary research program that we need to do to keep Thailand competitive in cloud computing? • What in infrastructure level? • What in platform? • What in service and application? • What is in related areas? Big data, sensor network, simulation/hpc? Web scale computing? – What research people are doing today?• What is the cloud engineer is like? How to educate one? How many is needed?
  19. 19. Questions?• What is research and funding mechanism needed to drive the research?• What is the basic infrastructure needed? What we have now?• What is the cloud technology roadmap? Is it needed?
  20. 20. We need yourthought on this!THANK YOU