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Pushpendra singh

  1. 1. A technique to reduce the possibility of conflict ,every social group is given share in administration/Government and included in decision making.
  2. 2. Srilanka
  3. 3. Belgium  Belgium is a small country in Europe which has borders with France, Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg.  It is Smaller than Haryana.  Population-1 crore  Capital-Brussels.
  4. 4. • 59% speak Dutch and live in the Flemish region. • 40% speak French and live in the Walloon Region • 1% speak German and live in the Walloon Region • In Brussels region both French and Dutch is spoken
  5. 5. 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 French speaking Dutch Speaking German Speaking 40 59 1 Percentage of people
  6. 6.  80% in the capital speak French but they are minority in the country  20% in the capital speak Dutch but they are majority in the country
  7. 7. 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 French speaking Dutch Speaking Percentage of people in brussels Percentage of people in brussels
  8. 8. •The minority French were rich and powerful •The majority Dutch got the benefit of economic development and education much later. •This created tensions between the Dutch-speaking and French-speaking communities during the 1950s and 1960s. •Dutch-speaking people was majority in the country, but minority in the capital.
  9. 9.  Between 1970 and 1993 the constitution was amended four times to accommodate social and cultural diversities.  This was done by sharing power as follows. There shall be equal representation from both communities in the central council of ministers The majority Dutch accepted this arrangement because they were minority in the capital
  10. 10. Some special laws require the support of majority from both the communities Many powers of the Central Government have been transferred to State Governments and the State Governments are not subordinate to the Central Govt. There is third form of Govt. called ‘Community Govt.’ Brussels has a separate Govt. with equal representation from both the communities. The majority French in Brussels accepted equal representation in Brussels because the majority Dutch accepted equal representation in the central government.
  11. 11. •Sri Lanka is an island nation, just a few kilometres off the southern coast of Tamil Nadu. •Size -About the same as Haryana •Population-2crore •Capital-Kotte
  12. 12. • Sinhala Speakers: 74%. They are mostly Buddhists • Tamils Speakers: 26%. They are Hindus Christians and Muslims
  13. 13. Indian Tamils • They migrated to Sri Lanka as Plantation workers during the British Rule Sri Lankan Tamils • Tamil Natives 7% of the Population • Consists Christians who speak both Sinhala and Tamil 1% of population • Consists of Muslims
  14. 14. Theory of ruling.[Majority community can rule the country according to it’s wish neglecting minority]
  15. 15. •Dominance of Sinhalese community due to majority. • 1956 Act made Sinhala as the only official language. •Preferential policies favouring Sinhalese in university position and jobs. •Buddhism was made national religion.
  16. 16. •The Tamils felt isolated •None of the Political parties ever considered their needs. •Launched political parties and struggled for recognizing Tamil as an official language •Demanded autonomy Equal opportunity in education and jobs •Political organization was formed demanding an independent TAMIL EELA Min North & East Sri Lanka
  17. 17. • Civil war thus broke out between the Tamils and the Sinhala on 23 July 1983 •Thousands of people on both the sides were killed. •All these created more and more problems.
  18. 18. Belgium SriLanka They adopted a policy of power sharing. They gave equal powers to all communities.. minor or major doesn’t matter. .It solved the problem. They adopted a policy of Majoritarionism.  They gave preferences to the majority Sinhala group alone, disregarding the minority.  It only increased the problem.