Sas Program For Youth (Overseas Outreach) Dec 2012 Voyageurs International Signed


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Sas Program For Youth (Overseas Outreach) Dec 2012 Voyageurs International Signed

  1. 1. Space Academy SingaporeSingapore Space & Technology Association (SSTA)
  2. 2. SSTA Overview: Mission & Objectives SSTA is Singapore’s lead space industry development association. Its objectives are: • To act as a neutral platform to facilitate exchange of information and communication for government, industry and academia. SSTA Hon. Advisor & • Spearhead major initiatives with the aim of catalysing Singapore’sChairman of the Board: drive to be a regional space hub. Prof Lui Pao Chuen • Drive educational and talent development outreach programsSSTA’s Corporate Members Include: SSTA Affiliated organizations include:
  3. 3. SSTA’s Advisory Board Advisor, National Research Foundation, Former Chief Defence Scientist, MINDEF President, Communications & Director, Centre for Director, Airworthiness Sensors Group, ST Electronics, Remote Imaging, Sensing / Flight Ops, CAAS and President, ST Electronics and Processing (CRISP) (Satcom & Sensor Systems) Mr. Cheong Chee Hoo , Director, Networks Division Director, Strategy, Agency for Managing Director LYK DSO National Laboratories; Science, Technology & Aerospace and CAAS Board Member, ST Satellite Research Board Member Systems Mr. John Lu Executive Director, Economic Deputy Director, Deputy Chief Research & Development Board (Industry Manufacturing & Technology Officer, Identification & Incubation - i3) Engineering (Industry Ministry of Defence Development Group), SPRING Singapore
  4. 4. We Are Hidden By The Little Red Dot ! South East Asia by SPOT 4 Vegetation Instrument •Natural Resources –People –Location SINGAPORESpace Industry in Singapore?
  5. 5. SPACE / SATELLITE ECOSYSTEM IN SINGAOPRE & SUPPORTING INDUSTRIES Satellite Operators / Service Satellite Manufacturers / Providers R&D Equipment Providers Institutions / Organisations
  6. 6. X-SAT MICROSATELLITE Low cost and capable, multi-mission microsatellite platform, proven in spaceo Designed for Sun Synchronous, Low Earth Orbit TTTTTo Designed to support multi-mission, with near real time downlinko Designed and tested for piggy back launch on PSLVo Ideal platform for new capability demonstration and experiments
  7. 7. Calling all aspiring Space Engineers & Rocket Scientists!
  8. 8. Talent Development /Educational Programs
  9. 9. SSTA Talent Development Programs - Progression YOUTH CLUB
  10. 10. Space Academy Singapore (SAS)
  11. 11. Space Academy Singapore (SAS) jointly organized bySingapore’s premiere space training programme conducted with a special focus topromote science and engineering among students and create public awareness in the space industry. All rounded students aged 8 -12 (2 day programme) and 14 – 21 years old (5 dayintensive programme) partake in the programme conducted by current and former NASA engineers/scientists, currently consultants to present-day NASA projects.The rigorous course follows the coveted astronaut selection programme.
  12. 12. Space Academy Focus & ContentSAS Youth Programme (14 – 21 Years Old) • An exciting Space-themed all rounded program for our youth • Science & Math intensive  Re-ignite interests in mathematics and sciences engineering! • Personal and leadership development: Snow City Survival • Political Debate: “Who owns the Geostationary Orbit?!”First and one of its • Industry-focused  a real possibility of a careerkind to be successfully • All done through hands-on, adrenaline pumpingconducted inSingapore and Asia Actions ! Water-Rocket! Rover Mission! Many More!!!
  13. 13. Programme Highlights 2 tp gt p xp  c 1 t ln 1     1  1 gt x 2 Rocket Propulsion p c p  1   ln 1     1  1  p 2 2 – Learn the theory, history and modern approaches to rocket propulsion and rocket design – Hands-on! Working as a team to build high- pressure water-rockets and evaluate your design through a flight test – Systematic review of activity: Compare computer simulation results, analysis, and flight data
  14. 14. Programme HighlightsSystems Engineering- Learn principles of project and risk management- It’s all about putting the pieces together and understanding your choices !The most interesting lectureswere Systems Engineering andRisk Management as I could seethe relevance of the topics to mydaily life.
  15. 15. Programme HighlightsSatellite and Communication– Downlink data from a satellite over Singapore!– Understand how satellite orbits affect global communications– Learn the fundamentals of antennas and ground stations
  16. 16. Programme HighlightsAdvanced Robotics Systems– Moon/Mars Rover Control Mission!– Operate robotics and explore simulated Mars terrain– Situational awareness
  17. 17. Programme HighlightsCore Astronautics/Aeronautics CurriculumChallenges in Space Environment- Covers biological issues human encounter in space environments and countermeasures one should take.Fundamentals of Flight- Covers the history of flight, advancing aerospace technology through the years, principles of aeronautics and flight dynamics, engines, aerodynamics and basic principles of pilot training.Advanced Aerospace Technology and next generation MRO- Covers the latest challenges in aircraft support services, maintenance in a new era ofcomposites and new alloys, studies in lighter aircraft, “green” technology and thematerial sciences behind civil and military aircraft.
  18. 18. Astrodynamics & Robotic Exploration Module (Junior & Youth)- Cover the history of Astrodynamics , deriving related equations and understand thefundamentals of the NASA Robotic Exploration Mission.Satellite Navigation, Location & Tracking (Junior & Youth)- To learn how to process and analyze downloaded imagery from satellites and gain a better understanding of real- world satellite applications through hands on experience with guidance from camp instructors.Fundamentals of Rocketry (Junior & Youth)- Cover fundamentals of rocketry, before designing and building their own water rocket system in groups and finally launching their water rocket,measuring the height of the launch and rocket trajectory.
  19. 19. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Programme (Junior & Youth)- Cover fundamentals of integrating “man and machine” to form a formidable intelligenceplatform, with its relevance highlighted. As part of the programme, participants get to fly anAR Drone remotely controlled via an iphone or computer, and is expected to pass throughobstacles successfully.Space commercialization (Youth)- Cover the realities of risk-taking in space projects, especially with tight schedule andbudget constraint. Informed risk management is now a vital part of mission design andtradeoff analysis. Project personnel must anticipate the risk drivers and mitigate them inorder to support the hard choices to meet cost and schedule goals without compromisingmission objectives.Paintball (Youth)- This fast paced, high tension, team oriented sport is an excellent team building exercise.With a combat scenario similar to astronauts undergoing military training, participants arepressured to make quick decisions, force good teamwork, and hones leadership.
  20. 20. Extreme Environment Training (Snow City: Junior & Youth ; Diving: Youth)- Participants are put to test in an extreme environment of -11 to -14 Degree Celsius at theSnow City. They are expected to work, think and act fast if they want to survive in the cold,with a set of mission objectives to be completed. This activity requires physical and mentalstrength, fostering team work and critical thinking.Students will also undergo high element activities which students confront their fears, and atthe same time, creates opportunities for observing human reaction in negotiating challenges.The objective of this session is to emphasize on the importance of team work as completingsimple tasks will prove to be difficult under different conditions.Industry Site Visits (Youth)- Industry site visits to Aerospace and Space related companies will be conductedto allow them to interact with and appreciate the industry.
  21. 21. SAS Alumni Objectives: - Expose themselves to a wider network with industry players - To get heads up of the current trend and space industry in the future - Explore possible opportunities for their future career Initiatives: - Organize networking events and marathon runs for the industry and SSTA Youth Club - Plan and suggest activities or program to enhance their knowledge - Organize and participate in Space challenge and other related events
  22. 22. Participated Schools Anglo-Chinese (Primary/Junior) Raffles Institution United World College Singapore Polytechnic St. Joseph Institution Hwa Chong Institution Nan Hua Primary School Raffles Girls’ Primary Victoria School Tao Nan PrimaryCatholic Junior College National University Ngee Ann Polytechnic River Valley High School ITE College Australian International School Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
  23. 23. Testimonies"A great introduction into the diverse field of space" - Smrithi, Raffles Girls School“The most interesting lectures were SystemsEngineering and Risk Management as I could see therelevance of the topics to my daily life.” … W.Huang, cadet from 4SAS“The program has helped me comprehend ideas andtheories that I have encountered before but did notunderstand.” … Cadet from 4SAS”10/10. Perfect! They were fun!” … Lee J.C, Cadet from 5SAS“The Fundamentals of Astrodynamics class has sometopics that really surprised me.” … D. Ong, Cadet from 5SAS“The survival training was enlightening!” … XY Tan, Cadet from 5SAS“I have learnt a lot from the lectures while having funat the same time!” … R. Cao XW., Cadet from 7SAS
  24. 24. Space Academy Media 28th June 2010 4th December 2010 Latest! 8th June 2011
  25. 25. Instructors Mr. Tim Kauffman
  26. 26. InstructorsDr. Joey Shelton
  27. 27. InstructorsMr. Marc Verhage
  28. 28. Featured in Discovery Channel Magazine Mr. Tim Kauffman
  29. 29. Time Schedule
  30. 30. SAS - Youth (14 – 21yrs) 2012: 5 Days Program Nov Sun Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat 18 19 20 21 22 23 24SPACE ACADEMY 25 26 27 28 29 30DecSun Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat For registration and Singapore Travel: Contact Ms Pushpa Rao,2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Director Voyageurs International voyageursinternational@gmail.com9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Phone no : +91-9920476464.
  31. 31. (Leadership – Thinking – Practical - Experiential) Flight Day 1 Flight Day 2 Flight Day 3 Flight Day 4 Flight Day 5 Program Program Program Program Program Arrival and Check-in Arrival and Check-in Arrival and Check-in Arrival and Check-in Arrival and Check-in Cold Weather Survival Opening Ceremony Techniques Astronautics 101 - part Rocket Propulsion Break (10mins) 1 Unmanned Aerial SPACE ACADEMY Systems - part 1 Extreme Environment Break (10mins) Break (10mins) Training – Weightless Extreme Environment Training Break (10mins) Rocket Assembly Training in Cold Unmanned Aerial Weather Snowcity Astronautics 101 - part Systems - part 2 2 International Rocket Launches - FieldCollaboration Challenge Lunch (45mins) Lunch (12.00 - 12.45) Lunch (12.00 - 12.45) Lunch (12.00 - 12.45) Lunch (12.00 - 12.45) Rovers and quads Satellites - part 1 Systems Engineering Astrodynamics - part 1 and Risk Management - Satellite Image Downlink part 1 Break (10mins)Team building Mission - Paintball Astrodynamics - part 2 Satellites - part 2 Break (10mins) Industrial Site Visit Break (10mins) Systems Engineering Robotic Exploration International and Risk Management - Collaboration Challenge - part 2 Rover Mission "Who owns geostationary orbit” Closing Ceremony Daily Debrief (10mins) Daily Debrief (10mins) Daily Debrief (10mins) Daily Debrief (10mins) End of Flight - Day 1 End of Flight - Day 2 End of Flight - Day 3 End of Flight - Day 4 End of Flight - Day 5
  32. 32. Photo Gallery: Cadets from IndiaSPACE ACADEMYRahul Joseph CecilBlessy Jaya ChandranMichelle Anne GeorgeNarayan SindhuAnilradhakrishnan
  33. 33. Gifted Education ProgrammeSPACE ACADEMY
  34. 34. Graduating Class of National Cadet Corps’s Tri-Service Astronautics Wing Course SPACE ACADEMY
  35. 35. Photo Gallery: Cadets @ workSPACE ACADEMY
  36. 36. Ms. Smrithi (the picture on theleft)participated in the First SpaceAcademy Singapore receivingthe Best Cadet Award from Dr.Mike Griffin former NASAAdministrator when she’s inRGS.Currently studying in RJC andshe is the President of SSTAYouth Club
  37. 37. SPACE ACADEMY Best Cadets
  38. 38. All data, figures & info are accurate to the best of the SSTA’s knowledge. Allmaterials reproduced herein are for information purposes only and may notbe reproduced or distributed without the team’s permission.